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The King of Castoridae Island

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Contest The King of Castoridae Island

Post by Rorking February 25th 2022, 10:27 pm

The King of Castoridae Island

"Be calm my son, be calm and give into the great Joneek. Only then can you be reborn."

The Bio

Real Name: John James Weyrde
Villain Name: Father Weyrde
Title: The King of Castoridae Island
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Gender: Male
Race: Mammalia
Hair: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'2
Weight: 200 Ibs
Blood type: Maple A

The Look

John's looks are nothing to truly brag about. Standing at a height of 6'2, His build is something only a tiny bit above average. His hair has been grown into a long and flowing brown Maine plopped onto his head. His chin is hidden away by a beard that grows almost to his chest, his brown facial hair mixed in with gray hair that seems to grow in numbers as he gets more powerful and more popular. His crowning feature is that of his front teeth, a close look shows them as sharp and bulking as the average beaver.

No matter where he goes, John can always be found wearing his most holy of gear. Long white robes that reach down to his knees, The holy Symbol of Joneek can be found wrapped around his arms and at the center of his back. While he used to walk the earth barefooted, he has since chosen to walk with dress shoes weaved together with holy Mahagony. Resting on his head sits a crown carved from the wood of his holy tree to fit his head perfectly, it was made to help him become more connected to his holy lord. His outfit is perfectly designed to convince the heretics of his holy leadership, always using his beyond earthly presence and aura to make those that won't listen betray their corrupted hearts.
The Personality

John can be described by his followers as a very kind and generous man. He is always looking out for the little guy and is actively trying to spread the word for a cause he 100% believes in. he isn't threatening nor is he scary, he is generally a man you can see yourself enjoying having around.

To those outside his group, the book has a different cover. He is seen as a very sketchy individual. He's known to act very abnormally and is always trying to convince anyone who will listen to the way of his god. He is shown to be paranoid, always seems to give off the feeling that he is being watched. The one thing he is never described as however is anything close to mischievous, he always seems like is trying to help anyone and everyone he meets.
The Gospel

In the beginning, There was nothing but a void in space. One day the tree sprouted out of the void and started to grow to an enormous size in a matter of days. From inside this tree crawled out a mighty beaver. Upon seeing the mighty tree he came out of, this beaver instantly crawled into action and started using the wood to craft the world into what he saw fit. Upon completing his task, he found the world to be dull without living figures among the world. To solve this issue he returned to his tree and removed three things from its heart. These three things were the first man, the first woman, and the first seed for the new Grand Tree. As the three grew to their maturity, The beaver found it better to allow his creatures to hit their peak on their own. As he disappeared into the sky, one of his newly formed creations caught his giant tail as it took off into the sky before it cried out "Joneek." It was that day forward that the great creator got his mighty name.

John fell backward as he snapped back to reality, his eyes adjusting to the environment he found himself back in. Looking around showed nothing but rows and rows of trees which reminded him he was in the middle of a forest. As he started to stand up he noticed the thing that had caused his visions. sitting at his feet was a stone tablet with the words "The True Story of Joneek" carved into it. He bent down and picked up the tablet-like he did once before, as he lifted it off the ground he watched as the green goop covering it slowly slipped and fall off onto the ground below. As he stared at the tablet, all of his visions started flooding back to him. tears started rolling down his face as the relation of what he saw dawned on him. John knew from that day forward that he was chosen, he knew that he was the one that would bring the world to its knees to see the truth of its creation.

As the years went on, John found himself being drawn back to the spot from which the tablet fell. No matter how long he preached the word of Joneek and no matter how big his flock got, this spot always seem to call to him. The newly dubbed father Weyrde felt a strange urge to touch the tree, before he could even react he was already touching the hard bark. The ground shook like the leaves around him started to shift. The ground soon erupted as an army of beavers came flooding out from all different directions, They flood out of the earth so quickly they could destroy the whole forest in one surprise attack. They surrounded him so fast he barely had time to react before the tree behind him was engulfed with fur, before long the collection calmed down but in their place was a hollow tree and a totem. picking it up sent a chill down John's spine, this chill was the spark he needed to start his new conversation methods. quickly getting to work, he started to get together the rest of his gear. tearing a branch out of its socket for his staff and some park for his crown. Joneek had spoken to him through his chosen creatures, he had finally found his home.

it wasn't long after that fateful day that people started flooding the island he now called home. Many of his disciples and wannabe disciples wanted to merely be in the presence of god's chosen creature and man. His numbers grew so quickly that humans out populated the beavers within a month. With his newfound power, Father Wayrde decided the best course of action was to officially proclaim his status as king of his new kingdom of Castoridae Island. As its new king, he realized it was becoming quite too small for his followers and his beavers to live together in such harmony. The new Castoridae king vowed to his followers they will find the peace they so search for. he vowed he will bring the lost connection between beaver and mankind back to the forefront. he vowed to save all the heathens and heretics that walk the earth no matter what methods he has to use. He vowed to bring his kingdom into the glorious graces of Joneek as he shines above them all. He vowed that the world will know the love and shining light of the Mighty Joneek and his messiah one way or another. whether they like it or not, the dam has broken loose and the beaver is swimming free.
The Holy Gifts

The Voice of a prophet:
One of his most notorious abilities is having a voice that can sway the mind of any who listens to his sermons. His speeches are said to be so powerful he could not only pull any passerby to join in on his cause but he could bring any hero to their knees in the process (permission-based).

King Beaver:
Hit mighty voice doesn't just work on Humans, it has also been shown to work on the smaller and furrier creatures found around his island too. He has the power to call forth an army of beavers to join in his crusade at any time. No matter how and when he calls, the beavers always arrive to serve their king.

The Pines and Ashes:
His connection to beaver kind has awakened many abilities within him, one major power is that of wood manipulation. this power allows him to craft any nearby wood to his will. He can use this power to build barricades, trap heathens in wooden cages until they have seen the glory of Joneek, and even fire sharpen stakes he carved himself at those that stand against him and his god.

The Hard truth:
An offshoot of his wood abilities is that of his ability to almost turn his skin into a wood-type of material. when he does this, he temporarily becomes invulnerable and can even hit harder than with his skin and bones. This allows him to survive for much longer than he normally could, especially if he finds himself outmatched.

Among his favorite followers
As a last-ditch effort, if he really finds himself with his back up against the wall,  John has a get-out-of-jail-free card. with the snap of his fingers, he can transform himself completely into the form of a beaver. This allows him to camouflage among his beaver followers and make the escape he is after. this form also allows him more direct control of his beaver followers as this form makes orders to said followers undeniable by the law of beaver nature.
The Weaknesses

False Prophet:
While his voice power is very powerful in its own right, it does have its faults. one major fault is the fact he can't lie while he is using it, if he even says a little white lie the whole thing reverses, and snaps everyone effected out if it. it also does not affect those if it tries to touch on the person's stone-hard beliefs, maybe they are religious beliefs or not.

Fall Of The King:
While his power never fails to summon nearby beavers, it doesn't just teleport said beavers to him. it will hit the ears of whatever beaver is nearby no matter the distance but he will still have to wait for them to travel the distance to jump into action.

Lacking the Mahogany:
Out of all his powers, the one with the worst weaknesses is that of his wood powers. With the power being focused around wood, he needs the material to be able to use these powers. if he's in the middle of a desert or somewhere with no wood around. He would find himself unable to use his most powerful abilities.

Soft lies:
While his hardening power is great for trying to level the playing field against the heathen, the wood isn't the strongest. the wood he surrounds his body with is only strong enough to take damage equal to a powerful attack for only a couple of minutes before it starts to crack and shatter. in the case he gets smacked with a powerful explosion-type attack, his defensive power will shatter instantly and he will still take the brunt of the attack.

The beaver among men:
One of the worst downsides to his most useful power is that the changes are long-lasting. upon activating the power, it starts a timer from that second forward. while this timing is ticking away, John is stuck as an ordinary beaver who can only talk to other beavers. during the worst-case scenario, John could see himself being locked up in a beaver size cage for a week until he automatically changes back.
The Items

1. His Totem he carved out of Oak Wood he calls The Grand Tree. It looks like a man with the tail of a beaver.  
2. A staff made out of a branch he ripped from his sacred tree. On the very top sits a stone ball carved from the tablet that showed him the way of the world.
3. His Holy Crown he Personally crafted to allow the glory of his god to shine down upon him.
4. His ceramonial dagger crafted from the fires of Joneek himself. Carved into the blade is the phrase 'In Joneek we trust' Written entirely in beaver.
The Fluff

1. Can speak both fluent Latin and Beaver
2. Has mastered the hobby of wood carving, instead of a knife he uses his teeth.
3. Has two pet beavers named Joseph and Jesse.
The RP Sample

Samantha awoke to the sound of a loud thud in the distance, She would've been more worried about it if it wasn't for her realization that she definitely wasn't in her apartment anymore. Quickly getting to her feet, she saw nothing but stone walls around her with no window in sight. The room was empty except for a single wooden chair resting on its side on the other end of the room. A blinding light filled the room as a section of one wall swung open. A cold breeze filtered into the room before a figure appeared in the doorframe.

"Welcome to my domain, my child." the figure spoke as it walked into the room. His white robes almost blinded Samantha until the door swung shut once again. "Good to see my good people were able to find just the person I was hoping to see."

Samantha looked at the figure for only a moment before the face instantly started ringing all sorts of alarm bells. "It's you!!!!!" She screamed as he heart started to race "You're that cult leader that was arrested for kidnapping." She quickly stepped backward before looking behind the figure at the spot where the door opened. "what do you want with me?"

The figure smiled from the recognization before he walked to the other end of the room and put the chair back upright. He looked back at her and offered her the chair but when she declined he took it himself. He only sat and watched her for a moment before he spoke again.
"The reason you're here is exactly why you know me, my dear." He reached into his robe and pulled out the newspaper before tossing it at her feet. "does that look familiar to you? It should since you did write it."  

As she glanced down at the paper, a chill ran down her spine. She felt her heart race even faster as his correct statement came to light. "What do you want from me then? You expect me to recant my statement or something?" Anger started growing within her "I AM A JOURNALIST YOU FREAK, I WROTE THE TRUTH OF YOUR SCAM!!!" She yelled as she charged the figure and slapped him across the face. The fear that engulfed her when the figure merely stood up after was beyond description.

Samatha was expecting some kind of return attack but when none came, she looked at the figure in shock. Before she could strike again she saw his hand take a rest on her shoulder and in a calming voice said "All I ask of you my child is allow Joneek into your heart." As his words hit her ears, she felt herself become lightheaded. almost like all her thoughts just left her head and she was left was simply what he told her. She realized at that moment that he was right, Joneek was the way.
"I want to let Joneek into my life" she replied back in an almost monotone voice. The smile on the figure's face only grew as he saw another join his flock.

"I'm glad to hear that my dear but I have to say this is only temporary." Was the last thing Samantha heard before she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her gut, looking down she saw a wooden stake was being stabbed into her by the figure. She felt her legs give out as she collapsed to the floor.
"Don't take it personally my dear but you're too much of a high-profile target." He bent down to make sure she was looking at him before he continued. "if you showed up in our meetings the press would have a field day. The least I could do was open your heart to our savior first."
Samatha could only sit there and watch as the figure turned around and walked back out into the brightness outside this room. the blackness was coming onto her quick but need down she was happy to see it come for her. it just meant she could meet Joneek faster than normal. as the pain faded away and the blackness filled her vision, only one thought came across her mind as it faded away. Just before the blackness took it she realized the chair was missing its backing.

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Contest Re: The King of Castoridae Island

Post by Zonkes April 16th 2022, 8:12 pm

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