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Pest Control

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Pest Control Empty Pest Control

Post by Jotan February 19th 2022, 3:19 pm

Pest Control

"Insert Character Quote or Title here"

The Bio

Real Name: Samuel Curry
Villain Name: Pest Control
Title: King Bee, the Pestilence
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Short, Black and curly hair
Eyes: light brown
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 125 lbs
Blood type: A

The Looks

Samuel is a tall, stick-thin man with short, curly black hair and brown eyes. He has large eyes, and a very expressive face. His skin has a light brown colour.  

In his supervillain persona he wears a light grey bodysuit made of spider silk, with black armour panels made of bug’s exoskeletons, layered and stuck together with more spider silk. His costume has white and electric blue highlights. His mask is designed to resemble a bug’s face, complete with fake mandibles. It has light blue lenses that filter out bright lights. His gloves have clawed fingertips, and his costume has a utility compartiment in the back.
The Personality

Samuel Curry, in his civilian life, is a shy, socially awkward person with a keen sense of management and perfection. He doesn’t have a lot of friends, but doesn’t seem to need them, as he is happy while alone and reading or working. He is a perfectionist to some degree, but can control himself if he knows he has to.

As Pest Control, Samuel thrives in chaotic situations, improvising his way through them. He is very good in keeping oversight in the cases where everybody else is overwhelmed. His powers have adapted his brain to have a superhuman talent for multitasking, and this enhances his oversight even more. He is able to hold multiple thought trails active at once.

Samuel has an intense hate towards ‘the system’, not because he is an anarchist or anything of the like, but because he sees the system as immensely corrupt and incompetent.
The Story

Samuel was born to an interracial couple, with an American father and an African mother. He grew up in a rather conservative village, and was discriminated because of his heritage. He endured this throughout his childhood and teenage years, telling himself that the isolation their village offered made the people short-minded. When he finished secondary school, Samuel applied for college, and got in. He moved to the campus, and faced discrimination again, both from students and teachers. After a few years, Samuel finally got his degree. He searched for a job, only to find that most employers turned him down. Eventually, he found a job that left him overworked and underpaid.

Samual lived on, and survived. Until the day his bucket was full. Something inside him snapped, and suddenly, it was as if Samuel had a thousand bodies, all moving, seeing, hearing and feeling, and all those senses, all that information, got fed directly into Samuel’s head. He felt all those bodies like his own, and he felt their strange, alien biology.

Samuel passed out, and entered a catatonic state. He couldn’t move his body, could only sense what his other bodies where sensing. Some bystanders took him to a hospital, and after three days, his mind adapted to his powers, giving him respite. He learned he could control the bodies, and after some experimentation, he discovered they were bugs.

Samuel left the hospital after he left the catatonic state, only to discover he had been fired due to “health issues”. Angry and bitter, Samuel decided to take the heft in his own hands, and became a superpowered mercenary.
The Powers

Arthopodokinesis: Samuel has an extremely fine control of bugs within 300 feet of himself. He can control them to the finest move, and has an innate understanding of their biology. The word “bugs” is defined as in what Samuel sees as a bug, and such includes spiders, worms and snails. He can’t control skin mites and other microscopic insects.

Arthopodoscience: Samuel can precisely sense the location of his subjects, and can sense anything they sense as wel.
The Weaknesses

Pesticides: Samuel’s bugs are still bugs, and aren’t durable at all. They can be killed efficiently by anyone who has the correct resources. Examples include chemicals or flamethrowers.

Range: Samuel can only control the bugs within 300 feet. Outside of that range, he has no power at all.
The Items

Samuel always carries a utility  compartiment containing EpiPens, a pen and a notepad, a tube of pepperspray, a little bag of chalk dust, a handgun, a rope made out of spider silk, change, smelling salts, needles, a collapsible baton and a combat knife.
The RP Sample

Pest Control smiled, and gave his minions the order to attack as walker by the cringing security guard. He wouldn’t sting with enough poison to kill, but just enough to incapacitate him for an hour or two. He blocked the view of the security cameras with more bugs, and then proceeded to place spiders in the necks of the civilians at the scene. Before anyone could react, he made his subjects buzz in unison, emulating a voice saying:”The spider just placed in your neck is a female black widow. One bite is enough to kill a fully grown human, and if you make one move towards your phone, I will make it bite you.” Not stopping to see how they reacted, Pest Control started walking again, using bugs to find his goal: the safe.

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