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Terri Saffron

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Terri Saffron Empty Terri Saffron

Post by PsychoEllodere January 27th 2022, 7:35 pm

Terri Saffron

"You hear me!? I'll be one of those heroes! I’ll wear spandex, have a stupid gimick and kick ass regardless!"

The Bio

Real Name: Terri Saffron
Hero Name: [to-be-gained]
Title: [to-be-gained]
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Auburn]
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 166 lb
Blood type: O+

The Looks

Terri stands proud at a height of 5'11, between the line of thin and chubby, if not toned in physique. Auburn colored hair hangs from her head, touching her shoulders, as brown eyes stared forward from a resting disgruntled freckled face.

The Personality

A simple and accurate label to give Terri is "hot head". She is easy to irritate and easy to get on the bad side of, though to her the bad side may just be her normal side. While it may not seem like it, Terri is attentive and strategic when she gives herself the time. Of course, impulse in the face of danger gets in the way of that ideology.

The Story

It wasn’t her fault.

Terri [17] had gotten in trouble with school staff, for something was not exactly her fault. So she would claim, at least. It was really a sort of joint effort of antagonization, and Terri was just the only one actually caught punching the other. A feeling had been welling inside of her, making her more prone to these sorts of things, something that became pent up quickly.

This was around the time when her metagenes activated, granting her her abilities. It was not as strong as it was in the present times. And thank God for that, otherwise she may have been charged for murder as she accidentally knocked out her principle with a file binder. It was no accident that she hit her, no, she was just pissed, it was an accident with how much force she applied. The principal had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance on a stretcher.

It was no surprise to anyone that she was given time in a juvenile detention center. What was a surprise was for how long she stayed. She was given a fair trial, a fair sentence, but her antics did not stop within the prison walls. She beat up other prisoners, got into further trouble. It was around this time she actually figured out she had abilities, and so she spent time figuring out specifics and applications, all through juvie through her transfer to a state prison. It was also during her time in juvie that she decided a possible goal, although on an impulse choice as a reaction to her fellow inmates.

She was going to become a hero.

…Fat chance.

The Powers

Potential Charge-Up: Terri wields what should be a simple idea of ability, but can get complicated in the actual physics and technique of. Basically, when Terri is stationary or in a still position, and if she wishes, she can charge up more potential energy in her body than normal. Once she moves with enough force, the energy is translated to kinetic force and becomes unleashed.
Often, the ability can be used in two different ways: Attack and Maneuver. Attacking consists of releasing the energy directly at a target, often with the added bonus of Terri’s own strength. Attacking in this manner, at maximum, could bend thin steel with a single strike at 10,000 pound-force, or send a person flying at a speed of 125 mph. Maneuvering applies the same principle, except the force is instead applied to a fixed object [such as the ground], launching herself in leaps, often at similar speeds she can send others with.

Energy Resistance: A secondary ability to assure Terri didn’t accidentally kill herself, her body can naturally withstand the energy of her own attacks and blows, despite how most blows at maximum would tear her muscles and maybe even break her own bones.

The Weaknesses

Still-Life: In order to charge up her abilities, she needs to remain mostly motionless. Any disturbance in this can either cancel or even release her ability in a certain direction without her control. Furthermore, to reach the energy she can output at max, she needs to stay still for 10 seconds [think 1,000 lbf for every second]

Casual-State: If she is not given the chance to charge up an attack or counter, she is essentially a normal human being.

Burst-not-Hold: Due to how the ability works, it is not recommended to try and lift heavy objects or do any activities that would require sustained strength. Once the energy is unleashed, that’s it, that’s the blast.

Too-Close-to-the-Sun: Terri holds an intuitive idea of her “maximum”, at 10 seconds no more. If she were to somehow fight her given instinct, likely painfully, then while she can potentially throw out more force than normal, she also risks breaking her own body in the process, to a point where it is not entirely worth it.

The Items


The Minions


The Fluff

When charging energy, Terri’s body and immediate surroundings begin to heat up, especially to close-by magnetic metals.

There is a slight range aspect to the energy Terri propels, only it is so close to her body that it’s practically non-existent. Slight control with this aspect makes it easier for Terri to choose whether she just hits an object or sends it flying, though it is usually both either way

The RP Sample

Boston Juvenile Detention Center
12:43 pm

She was within the detention center’s walls, poking food with a spork. What was with sporks, anyways? They’re just spoons, but with tiny prongs at the end. The prongs were too short to really be used as prongs though, so what was the point? Just give out normal spoons, it’s probably a step less than making a spork-

A pair of hands from a woman walking past snatched her tray, turning away along with it before Terri could realize what was happening and stop her. She only stood up, in which the girl, now a few tables away, smirked and looked down as if she didn’t notice her. She wasn’t alone, one or two others had already joined her. Terri’s own table had others as well, they just didn’t even look up from their food or however they chose to pass the time after they’d finished.

A turn of her head, and she would see that the cafeteria was for the most part empty. There probably was some sort of sludge, as stereotypical detention food went, or something that nobody particularly wanted. But there was surprisingly good looking food there.

She hadn’t even started on her chicken.

And weren’t people who let these things happen to them treated like shit in the movies?

Terri got up from her table and walked to the trio.

The following events ensued:

1. The confrontation.
2. The smirk.
3. The rising of a surprisingly tall girl on the other’s side.
4. ???
5. Resume:

Terri yelled as she was kicked in the side. There was a laugh, and Terri fell with a slight leap to the side, holding the side of her abdomen. Painful. The laughter grew greater, as somebody around the table she had fallen against pushed her up and towards the thieves. A swelling feeling was beginning to make itself apparent, though not directly in her side. Something internal- familiar?

Somebody grabbed her shoulder. The one who took her tray.

“Really think this is worth it? Come ooon.”

She looked behind her, at the table.

“How about this-”

She was shoved lightly towards the side, towards one of her lackeys. She may have been startled, because she stumbled as Terri collided into her. There was a guard to the side she now saw- was nobody looking when that happened?

She didn’t have time to ponder it, as a piece of broccoli hit her face. The thief had the more healthier options she’d grabbed in her hand as a ball. Terri lurched forward, but a punch to the gut stopped her. Her hands were held behind her. She was punched with the vegetables, for pete’s sake.

“Open your mouth~.”

She held up the ball of health, expecting the girl to abbide. Fuck that.

The feeling was welling inside of her again. It rose, every second she stood staring.

“...Hellooo? Earth t-”

Terri lunged forward, headbutting the opposing person. She heard a crack from both her front and back, mostly a scream behind her. The girl who held her had let go and was holding her wrist, meanwhile the one holding her vegetables was sent back, falling onto her back, nearly hitting another seat.

The energy welled as she just watched and listened to the world around her. The turn of her head was enough to dispel it momentarily, as she saw the taller girl punched her straight in the chin.

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Terri Saffron Empty Re: Terri Saffron

Post by Zonkes January 27th 2022, 11:36 pm

Another excellent application! Welcome to SHRP!
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