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Post by Adom November 23rd 2021, 3:51 am


The capitol city of the state more well known for its rural farms growing soy, and corn, was actually a haven for small crime. Being a little bit more than 5 hours away from Chicago, meant that the gangs and criminals tended to move between the two selling guns, drugs, and whatever else. As it so happened, I took a liking to this. Many would come to my shop. Seeking to work with us on selling some of these drugs for them. I mean, we sold legal stuff easily, and being on a corner of a plaza that was between two of the busiest roads into town, meant we had a lot of traffic.

Normally, we had repeat customers who came in to get vape, or smoking stuff they needed to stock back up on. Others were new people wanting to learn more, or just to try something new. It was part of this open venue, that allowed criminals to come in. Hoping to find someone unaware, and take them for a spin. Selling them something under the table, and get some serious cash.

This, is where I liked to shine. People came in trying to undermine my profits. Hell, we even had times when drug deals were going on in broad daylight, in the parking lot just out the window. While sure, I was all for the idea that anyone could use whatever drug they wanted to get their fix, I was not happy about them stealing my customers.

So, on this bright Friday afternoon, I saw a nice muscle car that had been clearly taken care of, roll up next to a beater car. Windows rolled down and making the exchange. I stood up from my little bar stool, walked out the door, and sauntered over to the two vehicles. Inside the beater car, was two women. They have had their fair share of drug use. I could smell it on them even from this distance. Their skin sickly and barely on their bones. They guy in the muscle car though, was well kept. Dressed nicely, and clearly used in private just on occasion, rather than all the time like these junkies did.

A quiet argument went between the two parties. Probably over the price of the deal. Standing now between the two opened windows of the vehicles. I waved to the women. A small smirk shown to them with a wave of a hand.

"I need to talk to him."

One of them started to speak up, but the other, stopped themselves. Putting it into drive, they went off. Turning to the man, he tried to put it into drive. However, he was unable to do so. My hand gingerly placed on his vehicle. Stasis, holding it in place. He would be unable to move. His eyes filled with a fury I rarely saw in humans. He might have a power, but he wasn't showing it off right now.

"Sorry to interrupt, but this is my store. I don't need drug deals going on right outside. So, either I can give you a warning, or I can end it."
"Fuck you!"
"Warning it is. I like your attitude. Typical."

Without warning, a gun was drawn from between his legs. Kept there to not slide around, I saw him reach for it. I took a mere moment to reach my hand out, and as he was drawing the weapon, his body froze in place. Now he, and his vehicle were unable to move. While he had a gun almost drawn on me.

"I'll take that. A fine addition to my collection."

Taking the pistol, funny enough, a Kimber 1911. Well made pistol brand, but not my style. Tossing it to the ground outside his car. Clanking at my feet.

"I said, a warning. Leave, and don't come back."

No words were said, as my hold was released. Car thrown into drive, and sped off nearly ramming into another vehicle along the way. Either he would hold to that warning, or he would be bringing people back. And honestly? I was not sure what situation I wanted.

Going back into the shop, a repeat customer walked over. Looking at me and what happened outside.

"Just a friend. Been a while. Anyways, how can I help you?"


The day was over. Shop was about to close. Having only ten minutes left, the store owner, Tom was in the back doing paperwork while I was sitting here at the register counting up our profits for the day. While it was only cash, the profits by card, or member rewards were not tallied in this. The door flew open with a group of men. One of their faces looked familiar.

The guy with the muscle car.

And all of them, drew firearms on me.

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