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Adom Everly

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Adom Everly Empty Adom Everly

Post by Adom November 19th 2021, 5:02 am

Adom Everly

"Stop, in the name of... Love or something. "

The Bio

Real Name: Adom Everly
Hero Name: None Currently
Title: That Tattoo Guy
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 27 Years
Gender: Male
Race: Vampyre
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: Six foot Even
Weight: 165 lbs
Blood type: O - positive

The Looks

The Personality

Former criminal, Adom is rather hardened to many things in life. Holds to himself. Says little, stays in his own lane, and just does what he can to enjoy whatever freedoms he has. Yet, as someone who has powers, and abilities that could be used to aid many others, becoming an actual Hero to the people, Adom opts to living his life on his own terms. Sure, someone has a broken down car, he'd stop to help them fix a flat or make sure they were okay. Adom, is not the World's or the Hero to a society. A man who only wants to live life every day, to come home after work, and fall asleep on the couch watching Television, or just relaxing with a couple cigarettes burnt out on a tray.

Its this blasé attitude towards the world, that has kept him out of the limelight, and out of trouble most of the time. However, that will change soon.  

The Story

Born in Rural Indiana, of the United States, Adom grew up in a religious family upon a livestock farm. Many of his earliest memories are waking up before the crack of dawn, taking care of chores, the animals, running errands for his parents, all before having to go to school for the day. This life of hard labor since early childhood has made him into a rather independent individual well before his full maturity into adulthood.

However, that does not mean he has not made poor decisions. Living in a rather religious family, caused the young man to become sheltered to much of the outside world, and its complications. Being told his entire life how to live, how a straight and narrow path needs to be followed for one to live with their god, has made him slowly over years, doubt and question all around him. So many other people who didn't follow the faith, were doing well, were fun, were good people. Yet they were looked down upon by those around him.

In secret, and behind his family's wishes, Adom began to delve into these vices. Using and selling drugs, weapons, and the like. Stealing for the thrill of being able to get away with breaking the law. Getting tattoos, piercings, against the religious teachings. While many would see this as just a stage, or a phase for the young man. It eventually became his life.

A drug deal gone bad is what set this off.

Wrong place, wrong time. Adom had met up with a "co-worker" who were attempting to make a sale on some high profile drugs, and substances. It was during negotiations on the price, that the buyer, was becoming upset with what was going on. Instead of taking the deal, he and his men shot Adom and his partner. They were upon the list to be gathered by Death. It was the intervention of Kallee, that allowed him to live.

She gathered their bodies, and took them to a place unknown to either man. A structure deep and hidden within the bowels of a broken, and hidden abode. There, she kept them alive by cutting her wrists open and feeding them her blood. This sustinence turned them into slaves to the woman. A form of Stockholm syndrome. This blood, this serving of live to him, caused weird sensations to become not just an indentured servant to the woman, but to become her pet, her play toy. Her dredge. He feasted upon her life stream every chance he could get. The act alone giving him a reason to continue living.

It was during this, that there was a turn of power. A shift that which none of them expected. Kallee had drained Adoms partner dry. Using all of what he was and enveloping it into herself.  She laid her lips upon the man. Giving a final wish to the man, to see his loved heart crushed by the Vampyre. Following this, Adom saw his turn coming next. Accepting his fate, Adom leaned into the kiss himself. Wishing to absorb all that she was in return. To show his true love to this woman who had complete control over his emotions and life. Yet, as he did this, they opened their eyes to find neither was dead. Adom could feel a burning within his mouth, down his throat and through his core. He felt a fire within him awaken unlike anything before.

He had become a Vampyre of his own choosing. Freightened by this application, Kallee attempted to kill Adom before leaving. Yet, he lived. Dragging himself from the depths, He escaped this dungeon of terror. He had awoken to find that Kallee was no longer in control of him. He found his thoughts were his own. How his friend was dead. How he was treated as a slave, and a toy. His attempt to go after Kallee was met with no leads.

It is however, that he met a few others by chance. They found him lying on the road. Nearly dead from starvation, and fed him life energy. Showed him the way of being a Vampyre. As well as a very critical part of information.

Kallee, was the Mother of the Vampyre species. She was the only one who could bestow this gift of life to others. Never before had a person taken this gift as their own. Now searching for her to find answers, and to learn, Adom seeks out Heroes, Villains, and even Renegades to maybe help him in finding this Kallee woman.

The Powers

Defiance: Named directly for the capability of being able to defy, or counter an attack directed at Adom. Able to deflect back at the source of the attack, it is able to act as a mirror of the ability used against him. The act of Defiance can be performed quite easily and with little energy consumption for smaller, or more minute strikes. The more powerful an ability, the more energy Adom will need to expend.

Stockpile: Damage done unto Adom, can be accumulated and stored, or sent into a stockpile in which can be drawn upon and used at his choosing. Akin to the usage of Defiance, Stockpile is instead of reflecting an attack and being nearly unharmed, is instead allowing himself take damage in order to generate one, or multiple massive strikes back at the attacker(s).

Helping Hand: Lending his own strength, and capability, Adom is capable to interact with others who may have abilities, powers, or magic around him, and enhance their powers. Conventionally, it is just a power boon given to the user so that their strike, or power, will be stronger by having a secondary source of energy to draw from. Acting as an Energy Battery for the user. Requiring Adom to be in physical contact with the user of said ability.

Stasis: Adom is able to generate a field, wall, or physical barrier in which can inhibit or outright stop ranged projectiles, bursts of energy, or powers from injuring himself, or even others. This Stasis is most often layered where the projectile will slowly come to a halt, or expend energy attempting to reach Adom and thus fizzle out, or lose energy and drop to the ground, in the instance of projectiles such as bullets, or physically thrown objects. It is not a Hard Construct that stops items dead in its tracks, but instead slows it over a distance to make attacks become less than lethal, or entirely stopped. This can also affect individuals preventing them from moving towards Adom, or wherever this stasis field is placed. Strong individuals can still move, but in a much labored fashion, and might require more energy to do so.

Kinetike: Akin to using stasis, Adom is able to generate small "bolts" or otherwise projectiles, or constructs that can act akin to stasis. Where when they are shot out against an enemy, it can severely hinder movement, or even throw the individual from knockback of having a sudden impact. These bolts are fairly slow, and can only affect one individual. Providing no Area of effect. It would be likened to being in a high speed environment, only to have a sudden stop. Causing G-Forces to act upon the individual afflicted.

Dauntless: Able to be without Daunting tasks, or whatever lay before him, Adom is able to concentrate himself to form a stalwart barrier around only himself, in which he can become "The Eye of the Storm" or to be unmoving. Anchoring himself to what is around him, preventing someone from moving him, inflicting damage to him, or otherwise harm only him for a period of 1-8 seconds. This effort of concentration is the pure form of a defensive power, in which can allow him to withstand much that can be thrown his way.

Vitae: As a member of the Vampyre species, Adom has the capability to receive sustinence via life force of other living beings. This can be drawn from in many forms. Typically blood, powerful energies, or even consuming flesh can provide a wealth of power for Adom. This draining can be done either by absorbing energy from an individual via physical touch, or to consume high concentrations of parts that are known to house potential energy. Such as consuming a heart, drinking blood, eating the brain, eyes, or other vital organs necessary for life of the individual or being in question.  The more powerful this source of energy, the more energy Adom can obtain.

The Weaknesses

Oppression: Defiance is an ability that requires active use of Adom's energy. Reflecting, or sending an attack back to the source requires the energy, to be a physical manifestation. Such things as Mental manipulation, Spiritual manipulation, or affecting anything other than the physical form of Adom, cannot be reflected. Attacks generated from Mental powers, such as Telekinesis can be redirected, but someone who would have persuasion, cast illusions, or perform acts upon themselves cannot be redirected. A side effect of using Defiance, is a build up of energy upon an appendage, or around the personage of Adom. This energy expresses itself as a haze of smoke, or a fog that seems harmless. For keen eyed combatants, one would be warry of this. Secondly, just because Adom is able to reflect attacks, does not mean that he can accurately, or correctly use them. Its certain that he would not know how the attack interacts with the world and could very easily miss, or otherwise fail to use the attack properly. An example would be someone attacking him with a power that has a range, yet when he uses it, he is too far away and thus the attack will fizzle out, or the enemy can entirely dodge him.

Overdrawn: Storing up energy can be dangerous. Taking damage in order to accumulate power over a period of time means that Adom is taking damage, and can get way in over his head. A High Risk, High Reward situation where massive damage that can kill Adom, could be inflicted, and not be used due to death, or hinderance. Adom is not able to take massive destructive powers to the face and then use it for his own. Considered a suicidal power, due to the nature of being near death, in order to gain a possible upper hand, advantage, or High ground.

Overdoing It: Being able to lend a hand to those around him, Adom can currently enhance the powers of others, however at the cost of his own life and energy. Performing the action would make Adom the primary source during the process. Meaning if the individual was using a power that can only be done by sacrificing their life, Adom enhancing the power would instead, be the one to sacrifice his life to make the attack stronger, while the afflicted individual would not be meeting the same fate. More over, Adom can only enhance powers that require energy output. Thus powers in which someone drains another individual, performs an incantation that doesn't siphon power from the user, and the like, would not be enhanced. (As a power that directly affects individuals by touch, Writer permission is required to perform this action)

Broken Layers: Stasis is a layered defensive ability which can inhibit or stop many objects within its influence. However, it cannot be a single physical barrier that outright stops attacks. Thus powerful attacks, or actions that can pierce defensive powers, would be able to pernitrate through these defensives as well. While energy could be lessened, and the attack become non-lethal, the attack can still injure and harm. At the current time, Adom can only hold a stasis field for a couple moments at a time. Holding for a period of time longer than necessary, or expending massive amounts of energy to stop incoming attacks, can outright kill Adom in his attempt.

Impact Zone: Using a bolt of Stasis like ability, is not the best form of a projectile. While it can knock back an opponent, or cause severe damage in the case of speedy individuals suddenly coming to a stop, An individual who is able to overpower such usage with a shield, or armor could reasonably be able to withstand such bolts. Or users of an anchoring ability preventing them from being moved.

Statue: Dauntless is an ability to become a physical barrier in every sense of the word. This means Adom is the barrier himself. Requiring him to be anchored, staying still, and concentrating upon the task of doing so. Unable to move, perform other abilities, actions, or otherwise, means that an observant foe could just wait for this ability to end, before striking, or provide an area of effect around Adom as he is anchored that he cannot escape from. Such examples of poison clouds, change in the environment at his anchor point, or a time-delayed strike.

Implications: As like any kind of Vampyre, eating or consuming intelligent beings is not really looked at in a good light. Carnism the necessary way of consuming flesh in order to obtain nutrients, power, or energy. If this flesh is an animal, its considered okay, but consuming ones own race, or other intelligent beings can be rather nasty to deal with on a societal level, as well as a mental level for the individual performing the act. More over, draining power from individuals who are much more powerful than Adom can cause his body to become overloaded. Unable to contain it could spell his death in many horrific ways.

Sealed: A unique trait that is mostly unknown to Adom, is that many of the Tattoos upon his body, are seals, and limiters of his powers, capabilities, and even memories. These seals are well hidden within his energy signature, and look to be harmless tattoos upon his body that any other human may have. Thus removing them is currently out of the option, and would have to be done by an individual who knows what they are doing. Otherwise, opening these seals could bring dangerous results to Adom, and those around him.

The Items

Carry Permit: As a sovereign Citizen, Adom is allowed to carry concealed firearms with him. Due to this, Adom does carry with him a .40 S&W Pistol/Firearm. A Steyr C9-A1. A firearm sporting a 12 + 1 capacity, a unique trapezoidal iron site picture, double action, striker fired weapon. Easy to use, very reliable, and has been his weapon of choice for a number of years as a human. While he tends to carry it less and less due to his powers and abilities, Adom still carries it as though it were a safety for him.

The Minions

None currently.

The Fluff

Cigarette smoker, Vaping. and drinking are all very common vices of Adom. Considering his Vampyre physicality, these don't really affect him in the way they used too. Its mostly done as a form of a coping mechanism. One in which can reduce his stress and help him focus. While others would drink coffee, Adom uses hard drugs, and cigarettes to calm him.

His attempts at being a normal human, landed him with a job that is of manager at a Vape/Cigarette/Cigar shop where he can sell these kinds of products legally unlike years ago. Part time, and working only a couple hours a day, but as the owner, Tom, is friends with him, Adom is able to do quite a lot on his own. Having to skip a couple days here or there to search for Kallee is entirely possible and doesn't conflict with his work life.

The RP Sample

The vapors escaped my lips, wafting from my mouth as I exhaled. Sitting in traffic in my truck, waiting to make it to work. Up ahead, was a car crash. Some D-class hero was there trying to do whatever he could to help. Making vehicles move to the far left lane to go around the accident, and even using his powers move cones, and caution tape around the vehicles as he stood there. My busy mind, just wanted to get to work. But the officers were well behind me and unable to reach the crash due to the rush hour traffic. Turning on my left turn signal, I moved onto the shoulder of the road and brought the black and red pick-up truck to a stop.

Hazard Lights came on as I got out and closed the distance to the accident. Leaving the Vape in the truck and making sure to grab my pistol to be concealed carried underneath my black denim vest. As I drew closer, the Hero wearing rather strange attire told me to return to my vehicle. Shaking my head, I opted to do something good today. Do my good deed as a citizen.

"Calm your tits, I'm here to help."
"Citizen, return to your vehicle."
"Dude, I am a Hero. Keep the traffic in control. I'll take care of the injured."

He wasn't happy, but finally I closed distance to the woman in the small sedan. The door had been crushed inwards and was pinning her inside. Vehicles had crumple zones to lessen the impact of crashes and it saved lives. However, it meant people could get stuck in there. She was a little out of it, but smiled despite the blood on her face.

"Oh hello stranger."
"Hey there. My name is Adom. I am here to help."
"Well, I am stuck, so not much you can do."
"Just relax. Breathe easy for me."
"A little difficult to do that."
"I feel a pain in my chest."
"Alright. Just hold still for me. I am going to check you out and make sure you aren't in serious condition."
"Thank you Adom."

Taking a moment, I pulled up my long sleeves and reached inside the vehicle. I placed my hands on her arms, and her thighs. She seemed to have a broken left arm, but nothing bleeding out onto the floor other than from her head. Likely hitting the steering wheel. My hands avoided her chest for now, and instead felt up along her neck, and back of the spine. I wasn't going to move her right now in case she had damage to the spine I couldn't see. Instead, just feeling for bleeding, or other possible injuries.

"I wish I wasn't in such a rush to work."
"Its okay. Mistakes happen. We learn from them."
"I was dangerous though. Swerving in and out of traffic."
"Like others haven't?"

She stayed silent as I felt around her jaw and the base of her head. She probably had a concussion as I looked at her face. Eye dilation was going back and forth from tightening to opening.

"Well good news."
"It seems you only have a broken arm, couple bruises, and a concussion. However, I am not going to move you."
"Why not?"
"Incase there is a spinal injury. "
"That... makes sense. I guess."
"What is your name?"
"Well Audrey, I am going to pry the door off of here so you aren't stuck. I won't move you till Paramedics get here. Sound good?"
"Its gonna be loud."

Moving from the driver side, to the passenger side, I reached out my hand through the window. and closed my eyes. Concentrating on the door, A small field of energy formed around the door. Form fitting to it, to not disturb Audrey. With a small movement of the Stasis field away from the frame of the car, creaking and groaning of metal bending and snapping ended with one final loud pop. The door being held into the air and then dropped to the ground.

Her eyes went wide as she saw what happened. It took little effort, but I make sure to take my time to not injure her further, or send the door flying.

"That was amazing."
"Perks of being a Hero."
"Thank you."

Taking a moment to move closer to her, back to the driver side, I knelt next to her for the next ten minutes. Waiting for Paramedics and police to arrive. Just talking to her. Keeping her active, and thinking. Asking questions and making sure she would be alright. When the Paramedics stepped in, I backed off. Police walked up to me and thanked my aid, and then attempted to clean up the accident amid the chaos of traffic.

Walking away from the incident, I was headed to my truck when the Hero came over to me.

"Hey, Thanks."
"I just did what anyone else would do."

Walking back to my truck, I turned back onto the freeway and off to work. A little late as usual.

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Adom Everly Empty Re: Adom Everly

Post by Zonkes November 20th 2021, 11:36 am

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