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Rai's First Advancement

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Rai's First Advancement Empty Rai's First Advancement

Post by Demonhunter November 8th 2021, 7:51 pm

Item/Character Advancement Name: Tenacity
Item/Character Advancement Description:
As a Reaver, Rai is supposed to accept death. If she dies, the citadel necromancers will create ten more of her kind in her stead. However, coming to this world has given Rai a reason to want to live. So when Rai encounters the real possibility of death and refuses to accept it, rather than regenerating as she would normally have to, she can have a 'last stand'. She gets a twenty second window to deal as much damage as she can before succumbing to her injuries and taking a much longer time to heal than normal.

Basically a sugar rush, with a sugar crash.
Item Power(s):
*Rai's normal ability to dash instead turns into a blink. Technically while she's traveling she has no mass, therefore grabbing her mid blink is impossible. Her scythes will float behind her and make attacks at her command.
*Rai's strikes will do loads more damage, on top of her being faster in general.
*Rai can ignore pain and injury during this time as if she doesn't feel it.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):
*She only gets 20 seconds, make it count
*Rai can only use tenacity when she is either about to be forced to regenerate or if she knows a killing blow is about to be landed
*When tenacity is over, Rai immediately loses consciousness. She could be unconscious from anywhere from a day to a week and her healing factor gets slowed to almost a halt. When she wakes up her body will be healed the bare minimum that it needs to heal to be functional and will slowly heal itself over the next 24 hours leaving her very vulnerable. Her body markings will be grey and grow darker and be black again when her healing factor is returned.

*When Rai uses Tenacity, she has a red glow rather than a pale green one when she's about to dash.
*for some reason it will occasionally rain white feathers for no reason at all
*Rai's normal markings are black, however the edges of them will turn bright red when tenacity is happening and will fade to a very pale grey when over
*when unconscious from using Tenacity... somebody talks to her.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 5
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