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Lincoln Raun

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Lincoln Raun Empty Lincoln Raun

Post by Eteru November 8th 2021, 1:12 am

Lincoln Raun

"Sorry I’m late friends, I was on a enthusiastic walk around town."

The Bio

Real Name: Lincoln Raun
Villain Name: Captain No-Beard
Title: Former Overlord of the Seven Seas, The Sea Shepherd, Drakul of the High Seas, The Unofficial Greatest Pirate of All Time
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 6,000 years old at least. Possibly older.
Gender: Male
Race: Unknown Strain of Vampirism
Hair: White
Eyes: Deep Blue
Height: 6’3 Ft
Weight: 185 lbs
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks

Lincoln is not the image that people will picture when they hear the term Vampire. Nor does he come across as someone who has lived long enough to see the entire breadth of human history. There is a strange lightness to his posture. Loose and relaxed, even in the most dire of situations. The spring in his step and the gleam in his eyes are signs that he hadn’t become like other vampires who became worn by the woes of their existence. In fact, it seems his Vampiric simply reinvigorates him. Sporting rather ‘boyish’ traits. The biggest being a spray of freckles across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. A swirl of more freckles across his shoulders. What prevented him from being assumed to be some random college student is his tall stature and toned yet slim musculature. Granted he would still fit in a college basketball team.

He bears Caucasian features, even the same flush skin tone despite being a Vampire. Eyes as blue as the cerulean sky he sails under. One odd trait that makes him recognizable is his short white hair, paler than fallen snow. As noted he’s rather odd for a Vampire. His heart beats, he can breath and hold warmth in his body. Even his reflection appears in reflective surfaces. Making it more easy for him to interact with humans.

The Personality

The most despicable soul to have graced the olden land. There’s no bound to the evil he can commit. Just what nefarious acts have he committed to be described in such a way? For starters, he drank milk straight from the cap and put it back in the fridge! Jaywalk across busy streets! Tilt every picture in an art museum! Made a movie projector play ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ in a movie theater! Truly a heinous icon of evil. Or rather, that’s what Lincoln likes to joke himself as. Having come to fully embrace his villainy in the sense of being extremely selfish and free-spirited. This is what led him to sail the high seas to live a life of piracy, to live a life of unbridled freedom. Constraints such as borders and laws are in a sense foreign to him. To him, life is vibrant and glorious. One that is mirrored in how he acts. With a shining passion for everything around him.

The one serious black stain on his soul that certainly labels him as a villain is his hunger. Blood less so but instead for other forms of bodily fluids. In short, he’s likely the biggest casanova in existence. Brothels are always the first place he goes to whenever he docks at a port. It’s fortunate that he’s a Vampire or he would have been dead a hundred times over from the possible diseases he could have gotten from places like this. When he and his crew go on coastal raids and pillaging he always ensures to secure spoils that he enjoys the most. Aside from quenching his extreme levels of thirst. He enjoys using his vampiric charms to play tricks on people like making them tie their shoelaces together without realizing it. In short, Lincoln can be quite the jerk.

Perhaps the most contradictory trait in Lincoln despite him stripping another person's free will away is his dedication in spreading the message of freedom. Toppling oppressive governments, killing tyrants, sparking the fire of revolution, and the like. He’s very much aware of this hypocrisy. To him, he’s simply a monster who prefers to hunt monsters. Never would he claim that he’s a good person.

His perverse traits are not visible when he interacts with his crew. Instead he treats them as if they’re his own blood kin. Giving them genuine fatherly affection. The biggest thing he makes sure is that everyone is having fun. Because to him that’s what a life of piracy is. As a Captain he’s laid back. Even to other people on the waters. He’s very practical and pragmatic, the sort to think much on the long term.

The Story

Lincoln doesn’t know the exact year he was turned. But he does remember the event. He was born in an age of stone. Not sleeping well he had wandered out into the field. Looking at the stars above him. Then he saw a star seemingly swooped down until it hovered over him. The air whipping around him. A strange hum fills the air. Enraptured by the strange sight he witnessed someone stepping out of the bright light. The stranger gave a smile before pulling him forward. Lincoln felt teeth sink into his neck. He fell, convulsion as his body underwent a change. When he came to, he would see that the stranger and the ‘star’ were gone. He never told anyone about this. Feeling it would give the people who believe in the concept of ancient aliens validation if he did.

Since then he has discovered many of the changes the stranger gave him. The biggest being his immortality at the cost of requiring to drink blood from life forms. Enabling him to see the world change around him in the passing millenia. His travels eventually led him to live a life in the open seas. Sailing all over the world to his heart content. The adventures he had are numerous. To the point that he can fill out an entire library. Whether the recounts are non fictional are open to debate. One thing for sure, he had left quite the mark throughout history.

In ancient times he was the undisputed overlord of the seven seas thanks to the power he possessed. He could up against an entire fleet and still win at the end of the naval battle. Some speculate that he could have been a part of the Sea People that led to the Bronze Age Collapse. While people did quake in fear at the sight of his ship coming to their port. He’s not as feared as other famous raiders who ransack settlements with all their worth because Lincoln is the sort to leave places with little damage done to them.

Across the ages he became more chill. Accepting requests from nations to assist their ships to track down pirates that were harassing them. Hijacking the nefarious slave tribes and bringing them back to Africa. His influence began to fade when the population grew and as such so did the amount of ships out in the open waters. He’s still remembered largely because of accuminalting very large bounties on his head. Such as one in recent times from the UK when he stole many relics from the British Museum. He was quite fond of that heist. The tales of Captain No-Beard spread once more when he lived through the two world wars. Word of his exploits against the naval forces of the Central Powers and the Axis brought him into the spotlight.

With the rise of Metahumans in the 21st century he mostly went back to lukewarm activities. Having come to enjoy a new form of piracy, watching free movies and tv-shows off illegal streaming sites. Even found one without intrusive ads! With warm bodies in his bed and a theater set up in his bedroom, he was pretty much set for life. He went on long enough periods of inactivity that people don’t think about him when they're out at sea anymore.

Recent changes have started to light a fire under his butt. Development in technology that resists psionic influences meant the tactics he used for millennia were no longer reliable. Making it much more difficult to defend himself from official naval forces. Forcing him to start to whip himself into shape and for once in a very long time, prompt him to start learning about the blessing he was gifted with.

There’s come a time where he learns the inescapable truth. All ships sink eventually. At midnight his ship was besieged by several flying airships. Something which in hindsight he is very flattered by to be treated so seriously that they needed so much firepower to take him in. Who said people were some branch of the USA armed forces. He was simply overpowered by soldiers geared up in advance technology that he doesn’t know how to deal with. Once he was restrained, the captain of the squad, a woman, took her sweet time beating the moonlights out of him. It would seem that she and the others know of certain facts regarding him. Yeah, he very much deserved that.

They brought him to a secure site where he would be imprisoned for a little over a year. Having come up with a way to successfully escape through manifesting new powers that the security features were made to counter. Free once more, he would lay low on land for a few years considering they would expect that he would go out into sea again. After some time he started to feel like sailing again. So he went around to hook up with some of his old vampire acquaintances since he needs a new crew and ship. One thing of note is that he's not back in his prime yet. His containment had left lingering effects on him. Weakening him to the point that he lost a majority of his powers.

The Powers

Unknown Vampire Physiology: Lincoln is an unknown strain of vampire. This is apparent given he lacks many of the traditional weaknesses. Once he was physically imposing as he had excellent strength, speed, senses, endurance, and agility. After his imprisonment however, the conditions he underwent there left his overall physical parameters on par with an Olympian athlete. He’s still highly resistant to damage, being able to take at maximum of a dozen RPG’s to his face at once. Aside from that, he possesses the agelessness that all Vampires have.

Unknown Vampire Senses: Lincoln has very powerful vampire senses, albeit very lessened due to his injuries. Nonetheless, he's still a great hunter. He can keep track of a scent in heavy downpour, hear a person's heartbeat within a block of him, sight on par with a hawk, phenomenal sense of taste. One of the techniques he manage to still perform is being able to see a person's circulatory system.

Unknown Vampire Regeneration: Lincoln possesses a greater degree of regeneration than typical vampires. At his prime, all of his wounds healed almost instantaneously no matter how severe. His immune system could repel nearly all forms of hazardous substances. Missing limbs took only a few seconds to fully regenerate. However, continuous regeneration will increasingly make you thirsty for blood and will tire him out. Furthermore, since his imprisonment he could no longer regenerate as fast. Deep and severe wounds now take minutes to properly regenerate completely.

A Master of the Mind: Lincoln had long honed his vampire compulsion ability to be his bread and butter. Only a few among vampires have it down to an art like he does. He can compel people en masse, without the slightest need for eye contact, he can trick them into illusions, make them think their own desires are acting up against them, or even steal their memories or rewrite them. Compulsions placed by him are practically extremely hard to be fought against, even by experienced and capable individuals with centuries of experience and strength. Even mystical souls, depending on how powerful and capable they are, can be snared by his powers. The minds of others are nothing but wet clay in his hands. Since his imprisonment, like with other aspects of himself. This has been severely hindered. To the point where he can only muster enough mental energy to speak telepathically. [Strictly Permission Based]

Ethereal Beauty: Even though he doesn’t sparkle, thank the gods, Lincoln dancing in the light of the pale moon could turn a wicked man's heart half-circle, make a pious priest fall from grace, his smile could charm dozens and his laugh could make someone want to protect you. His appearance is nothing short of breath-taking, beautiful in a strange yet primal sort of way, with either youthful attractiveness found in only a small number of human beings, or a terrifying sense of awe for a being that could not possibly be human. This nature manifests in two ways, at will or depending on his emotions. [Strictly Permission Based]

Generation of Celestial Energy: An odd manifestation of a power for a denizen of the night. Lincoln knows little about this ability nor much experience. Whenever he first ‘charges up’ the veins in his forearms and hands start to emit a golden radiance. He can do two basic things, enhancing his punching ability significantly, enough to send a full grown man flying across the full length of a football field to firing concussion beams that can melt through most substances.

The Weaknesses

Lingering Wounds: Lincoln continues to suffer from his brief confinement. Not only had he been imprisoned, but also studied upon. The scars of these experiments continue to have lasting effects on him both physically and mentally. If he wasn’t a fighter before, he certainly isn’t one now. Fighting for more than a minute is enough to make him feel winded. In which he’ll be unable to fight due to exhaustion and dizzy spells until he rest for two minutes before he feel stable enough to continue.

The Dark rejects the Heretic: In a strange twist, anything of unholy and/or malevolent nature is super effective against him. Being struck by weapons or objects infused with such energies will quickly sap away his energy. Even if the attack doesn’t physically injure him. Entering sanctums dedicated to worshiping black forces will give him a burning rash.

Tinnitus Has Nothing on This: Having very strong and sensitive hearing often comes with a flaw in not liking loud noises. The same is the case for Lincoln. He doesn't do well with extremely loud noises. Sonic weaponry and powers can easily daze him along with giving him a hell of a migraine.

Wasteful Movements: He's very inefficient with the manifestation of his new power. Not to mention not properly conditioned yet. He can only throw ten charged punches and fire three concussion beams before he runs out of juice. At that point he'll be unable to produce anymore for up to a hour.

Garlic is not The Only Thing: Lincoln has a very sharp nose. But it's a double edged blade. Yes it means that garlic is effective against him. But not only that, but any strong, bad smell can make him gag and cough. Even a mere garbage can is able to make his eyes water.

They have no Mouths and yet they Scream: Lincoln have been using his psionics to hear the thoughts of others for so long that he finds it difficult to turn it off. Which leaves people to take advantage of it by having loud and obnoxious thoughts which would distract him easily. However, the surefire way to make him extremely distracted is by having lewd thoughts/mental images. First he'll blush, then squint his eyes to get rid of the image but can't, and is now focused on that lewd thought for the net minute before managing to dispel it. Leaving him very open in the time being.

The Items

He doesn’t carry anything fancy on him beside a nice waterproof smartphone.

The Fluff

Progenitor of a Sireline: If he were to make another person ingest his blood, they would undergo a transformation into a vampire of the same strain he possesses. Lincoln has a great amount of control over his thralls both physically and mentally. As well having a distinct feeling of where they’re at in the world. [Requires Permission from both Player and Staff]

Multilingual: Having come to live for thousands of years and circled the globe dozens of time. It's safe to say that Lincoln not only knows a plethora of languages but is able to speak them.

Nautical: As a sea-faring soul for millennia, Lincoln practically knows all about living out on the open waters. From sailing, giving a vessel maintenance, naval warfare, you name it.

The RP Sample

Lincoln was craving a candy bar for no particular reason. He just happened to be in the mood for one. Especially a hershey bar. He quite loves chocolate so that’s part of the reason. The other was that there was a convenience store nearby. And given he had nothing else better to do at the present moment he figured why not.

Strolling over he went through the door. Not many were inside, a slow day he mused to himself. Sauntering over to stand containing the surgery goodies he got himself two bars of chocolate. At first he thought to just shoplift as usual. But decided to just pay for once. He wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere.

Getting himself in a line of three. His eyes drift over to a woman that disturbed him. She carried herself as if she were nothing but a corpse. Her eyes were dim and empty. A husk of a human being that has been battered by the elements. What could have possibly happened to her? He then realized that she was the store clerk.

”That explains it.” He withheld a shudder. The hell that was retail was a place he wouldn’t damn his most hated enemies to. The amount of horror stories he heard from those who either worked in retail or had buddies who did. To him, Retail seems like the place you would work in exchange for having any hope for simple courtesy and decency from other people.

Seeing that it was his turn to purchase he proceeded to do so in a simple manner. Not wanting to bother the tortured soul for long. Then he made his way out of the convenience store. Peeling off the wrapper of his first chocolate bar before proceeding to snack on it.

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Lincoln Raun Empty Re: Lincoln Raun

Post by Zonkes November 21st 2021, 11:15 pm

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