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Papercut Empty Papercut

Post by liuxess July 18th 2021, 5:49 pm


"Papers please"

The Bio

Real Name: Peter Strikenbrow
Hero Name: Papercut
Title:  Paper Boy
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Caucasian
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Yellow
Height:  191cm
Weight: 76 kg
Blood type: AB +

The Looks

The Personality

Peter mostly defines himself as cheeky and playful, but mostly kind-hearted person. He‘s not afraid to bite verbally and point out things about people just for fun, even if it risks looking rude, but he tries to stay away from interactions going physical, with the rare exception of a well timed prank.

He become hot-headed in personal matters, but can keep a steady head in most other situations. While not having a wide basis of knowledge, he has some innate understandings of the natural sciences and is quite sharp. While he understands topics easily, how exact will his memory be varies from case to case.

When it comes to other people, he tries to keep a wide specter of friends and normally tries to help them out as much as he can. However most of the time this arises from his inner wishes to be recognized and liked. In addition, Peter loves listening to people‘s stories and being the listener, although this can be attributed to his curiosity as much as to his empathy.

The Story

Peter has never seen his father, and deep down, that has left a taste of ‘unworthiness’ inside of him. Growing up with a single mother he was a kind and calm boy, as he always felt the need to help in any way he can, even if all of that was coming from a need to be noticed and loved.

Peter’s mother always had a way with plants. Her flowers would bloom faster and longer than others’ in the neighbourhood, and her garden always had the biggest and most ripe vegetables according to all the guests they had. His mother constantly was jumping between jobs, even changing cities from time to time, and while her time at home varied, the two of them cherished each moment they could spend together.

The moments without his mom were the ones that would turn to define Peter. Reaching school age, he would still get babysat, but he was starting to grow a conscience and the babysitters paid less and less attention to him. Through trial and error, it seemed the best way to get attention was to intentionally prank or annoy people that were watching him, and while his mother suspected something, he was still an angel in front of her.

As he got a bit older, the babysitters would mostly just make sure he had food to eat and went to bed on time if needed. His rationale of having fun with people had been pushed to the negative spectrum, where he would harass and make fun of people watching him. However, one girl in a new location didn’t handle that very well, resorting to physical abuse, to the point of drawing blood from his lips. As his mother came home, a verbal fight started between her and the babysitter with Peter crying in the corner, understanding the situation arose because of him. As papers started flying randomly around the house, the babysitter fled in shock and anger, as his mom seemed to be surprised and irritated by the day’s events.

After that, Peter started manifesting his control of paper. It was a horrible start, as he would mess up the room, even with documents and important papers flying everywhere across. However, with support he was able to start learning control. Still moving from one location to another, his innate need for attention and recognition, as well as setting the goodness of his mother as an ideal for himself, Peter, dawning the name of Papercut, has decided to try and make the world a little bit better by putting himself out there.

The Powers

Paper Control: – Peter can mentally control paper around him, with it‘s respondance being similar to a limb – nigh natural, but still being adjustable and improvable.

This Control gives him a few abilities that he has honed through the years:
1. Paper telekinesis – Peter is able to manifest control of any piles of paper within a 100 meter radius to him. This control mostly extends to having the paper fly to him, but in close range, he can have the papers pile up and change into various shapes or even objects. While concentrated, his control can reach up to 1 km in a single cone direction.

2. Paper configuration – Peter can mentally change some physical attributes of the paper, like either making it slimmer and sharpening the edges, making it sturdier, or stickier to surfaces. This extends to an ability to form objects from the paper with extended physical qualities.
His main methods of using this in offense:
1) Having sheets of paper swarm around opponents in flat-positions trying to cut up his opponent;
2) Curling the paper into ball projectiles for bludgeoning damage;
3) Making himself a weapon like a sword or a spear that would have sharper edges, and above-paper durability, similar to what the weapon might initially have.
In Defense:
1) Having the paper serve as some kind of a shield, either using layers of paper to defend from incoming attacks, or layering it under clothes for reduces damage to body.
2) Sticking it to opponent, to either restrict movement or vision for a few split moments.

3. Increased Movement abilities  - by combining the previous two abilities, Peter manages to compensate for his relatively human body. Using the paper attached to his body, as long as h eis able to mentally comprehend his own or opponents actions and react accordingly, he can launch his full body to the side by pushing it with the paper or limit the movement to limb by limb, to increase his running or athletic abilities. Since paper already responds similarly to his limbs, the synchronization between the two demands almost nil-focus. In addition, he is able to use the paper as platform to stand on and fly as long as the platform‘s paper weight does not exceed the weight of whatever is it carrying.

4. Origami Beasts – Peter, with enough amount of paper provided, can create paper beasts from his mental images. These beasts act according to Peter‘s interpretation of them, and combines with the first three abilities, can be similar, or close enough to the animals they represent.

The Weaknesses

1. No more paper – Paper is a limited resource, and Peter cannot manifest it at will. While he carries some below his clothing or in a backpack, once it‘s out, or he‘s unprepared, he needs a source of it in a nearest vicinity which might prove impossible when fighting in a non-urban area.

2. No distinction – Peter cannot draw distinction between different sheets of paper. His mental commands mostly call upon either stacks or areas of paper, and he cannot yet give a command to a single sheet without risking affecting the whole stack. He also does not receive any real feedback from paper other than having a feeling were it is.

3. Flammability – Paper is easily flammable, and while burn speed can be limited by making the paper sturdier and harder, once it‘s on fire, Peter has to take active measures to stop the fire with even more paper.

4. Need of Focus – The powers only work while Peteri s fully conscious. Any effects to him mind, even sleepiness, can directly affect his ability to control paper or even nullify it completely. It‘s directly tied to how well he can control his limbs. (Physical paralysis would not have an effect, but a mental freeze would).

The Items

Mostly a bacpack used to carry some printing paper and maybe a few decks of cards

The Minions


The Fluff


The RP Sample

With the black clouds deciding to not cry on to the city today, the sun finally peaks out through a gap in the sky making drivers squint is the streets as they must adjust their sight to the light. Luckily Rush hour traffic seems not to rush anywhere, with the snail speed of movement giving the perfect chance for some to put on sunglasses or lower or put down their car sun blockers.

 Timing it almost perfectly with the rays reaching the stage, the cannon shoots out vertically into the sky as some people in the crowd stop to watch the cards scattering in the air. Quick draw with a bow and arrow, seemingly random shot, and card get pierced as the arrow pins it against a setup cushion wall.
  As the performer runs up to take out the arrow and delivers it to the volunteer from the crowd, Peter is taking notes in what seems like a small handheld notebook. As he lifts his gaze, the crowd cheers and claps as the participant reconfirms the performer has the correct card.

The strangest thing in magic acts is how well they need to strike a balance between not revealing the trick, but having it be simple enough for people to believe it’s not actual magic. As Peter notes a few key points of the show down, his mind passes through a wonderful idea. idea: switch paper deck with plastic deck mid show noting down as fast as he can, the crowd starts scattering, bumping into him on the way, with a couple of people heading towards the magician’s direction to either give some money for the show or receive contacts.

Each man needs to provide, even if that providing would be for himself. Doing actual work most of the time means making somebody else even more money, and facing mandatory weekly hours and expectations, so of course Peter would search for a way around the system. With his latest interest being magic acts, he has been practicing small scale showmanship that might be able to help him get a few bucks on some corners during the day. Noting down key points from shows he can catch live seemed the best way to prepare for him.

As the show starts packing up, Peter sighs and has the notebook slide down into his backpack, and turns to head home.

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Papercut Empty Re: Papercut

Post by inquisitor July 19th 2021, 7:07 pm

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