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Arrowman Empty Arrowman

Post by Arrowman June 23rd 2021, 8:47 pm


"As Long as i'm still standing, I wont let you hurt people"

The Bio

Real Name: Dilly Dillson
Hero Name: Arrowman
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 16
Gender: Non Binary
Race: Human
Hair: Pastle Blonde with a messy hair style
Eyes: Bright Blue
Height: 5,0
Weight: 120lbs
Blood type: B+

The Looks

The Personality

While out the costume, Dilly can come off as either shy or very energetic depending on the people they are with. Dilly spends a lot of time doodling idea or just for fun mainly to relive stress from pressure of being a hero.

However when they are Arrowman, Dilly becomes more care free but on the inside they are terrified especially while alone and uses jokes and sarcasm to hide how scared they can be sometimes. They love teaming up and meeting new heroes, they may be a little nervous at times but in their heads, he likes making friends.

Dilly wants to help people, no matter how big or small the problem is, so they try and keep a light hearted mode to make people feel safe.

The Story

Dilly grew up in the uk for around 12 years, they grew on loving heroes with poster and actions figures all over their room. Once Dilly turned 13 they won a ticket to become a foreign exchange student in a America, unlike most parents who would be scared of the fact that their child is going to another country, they were actually excited at the fact, as well as Dilly. With the help of their parents, Dilly bought a small apartment that is paid for by their parents.

While at the new school In New York, Dilly took up extra classes in P.E and Science, Dilly had a goal, they were finally in New York , the city of superheroes and now it was their chance to make a difference and help people. They spent the next 3 years, training with a bow to the point where they finally felt ready to go out into the city at night.

Dilly created the persona of Arrowman, the idea came from a joke name their friend made back home. The name also help with protecting their real identity, as Dilly is Non Binary but since their persona os called Arrowman, it lest likely for people to think they are Arrowman.

The Powers

Arrowman is just a regular human kid with no power, they can take a punch and have decnet acrobatet skills but other then that, they are vulnerable.

The Weaknesses

Dilly make try and put up a tough front but in reality, they can get scared and startled pretty easily.

Dilly can sometimes be too eager when it comes to being a hero which often leads to them not thinking things though and get in trouble.

Dilly only has a set number of arrows on hand, so once they are gone, they are out unless they are able to retrieve them.

The Items

Dilly has a small quiver that can carry up to 12 arrows of their choice and a sheath to store their custom bow that they designed.

Dilly has 12 trick arrows in their quiver has, they don't like using normal arrows as they are scared they might hurt someone.

2 surveillance Arrow that they can use to listen into buildings and any nearby surroundings in a small reduce that Dilly can hear though a small hear peice. This arrow has a small blinking light that could be spotted easily and makes a small noise that could be heard in quite rooms.

2 Grappling Arrow that Dilly can to attach to buildings or peoples, Dilly could use this to attach a person to a building to subdue them but it could easily be snapped due to weight.

They has 2 explosive arrows that they can use to create path ways and solve problems on the fly. The explosive are small and light, the explosive  are unable to leave major damage to people. The explosives are detonate remotely though a small button on his bow but the trigger can be shorted out or the signal could be jammed.

And lastly they have 6 Taser arrows that they can use to disarm and take down targets however, if they don't hit the target directly on impact they the trigger may not go off, causing the arrow to just bounce off the target. And anything above human durability isn’t hurt by the Tasers.

Dilly also have two wrist mounted gauntlets that containe spare taster arrow and short range grappling hooks. These are still work in progress so Dilly tries and limite the amount of times they use them.

The Fluff

Dilly has a high pitch voice, while being Arrowman they try to make it deeper but too little success, some people might not take them seriously so Dilly feels like they need to try more to prove themselves.

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Arrowman Empty Re: Arrowman

Post by Zonkes July 14th 2021, 1:49 pm

You know what? This is pretty good. I’ll approve it!
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