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Rai Empty Rai

Post by Demonhunter September 22nd 2020, 11:37 pm

Sa’Rai Osgho’l

"Humanity’s bastard"

The Bio

Real Name:Sa’Rai Osgho’l
Hero Name: Rai
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age:Appears in her early twenties
Race:Reaver- A race of humanoids created by the necromancers of Dis to have qualities of the undead, but the sentience of man.
Hair:Black, mid back length and the ends seem to fade into smoke
Eyes:Piercing blue
Blood type:N/A

The Looks


Rai is interesting to look at, her skin pale white with flourishing black markings. On her head sit two spiraling horns much like an antelopes that are about 5 inches tall.

Rai wears the standard reaver’s black leather armor tightly bound across her torso and a light pauldron covering her right shoulder. At her waist usually sits her two scythes and a whip and at her back is occasionally her Estoc, although the whip and sword are typically on the horse. She is never without her scythes. At her waist are many cloth skirts that obscure her lower body almost entirely. Her look is finished off with standard black boots.


The Personality

Up front Rai can best be described as dry and at first glance almost seems to have no personality at all, opting for just a blank slate. However this begins to unravel through more meaningful interactions. Just because Rai keeps the thoughts and the vast majority of her feelings to herself, does not mean she feels nothing. Rather she buries everything and opts to be seen and not heard.

In Dis reavers are second class citizens at best and are closer to slaves than people. They’re viewed as bastardizations of humanity and are seen as more of a tool than people. They are kept in line with strict rules of conduct and any misstep comes with the risk of being labeled defective.Being labeled as defective gets you led to the pyres to be disposed of. Therefore she thinks that it isn’t normal at all to have emotions and hides the fact she has them. She pretends to be the stoic statue all reavers are expected to be, seen and never heard. She speaks only when spoken to and says only what is asked of her.

Within Rai’s psyche number one rule of all reavers is echoed daily: Reavers are expendable. Their lives are meant to be spent protecting humanity, if one is to die 10 more take their place. A reaver should never do anything out of self preservation alone and if they must die, they will. Therefore, there is absolutely no fear of death whatsoever in Rai for better or for worse. In her own mind her life is worth way less than a humans if it has any value at all. In fact she doesn’t even know if she has ‘life’ or a ‘soul’, perhaps a bit of time being treated like a person would change that? Who knows.

The Story

In another dimension called Dis, the world is not nearly as safe as it is in this one.In Dis, corpse-like creatures reign supreme. Bloodthirsty demons rule with an iron fist, fighting for territory with one another and forging creatures that hunger for flesh. Some fly, some run, all slaughter.
Humanity, after being dropped into the hellscape long ago, had to use their adaptability to defend themselves. They dabbled in necromancy and created a race of creatures that were human enough to not be hostile toward people, and would be strong enough to fight the undead creatures in their stead.
These ‘reavers’ as they are called are varied in their perks, some are incredibly fast, some are incredibly strong, but all are more suited for battle that normal humans.

So Rai’s story begins as any other reaver, in the mass graveyard used to generate them. She formed as normal as every other reaver, passed her training and graduated to a full fledged reaver, which is a process of about three months. Once a reaver is trained in combat and on how to behave in society they are to select their three weapons (one magical and two non-magic) and are sent out to start their lives as humanity’s shields.Rai has been a regular reaver for 20 years, doing just the regular things a reaver does, escorting traders, guarding towns and participating in raids against demon lords who may be weak enough to take out completely.

Rai’s life was literally one of several thousand, following orders and killing monsters until one day she was assigned to a rather sizable hunt with 3 other reavers. Kill the Strygan, a monsterous worm-like creature that had already swallowed one town hole. Rather than burrowing into the ground like one would suspect, it burrowed into the crawl spaces of dimensions making it capable of popping up anywhere. This thing was known for eating up pieces of worlds and spitting them out elsewhere and had tpo be disposed of before it ate any human settlements.So the fight was on, for days the small party tracked the Strygan but little did they realize the beast was much smarter than they’d given it credit for. They’d gotten ambushed, killing two reavers instantly, leaving only two left to fight, Rai and another. The fight carried on for a bit before the strygan grew tired of their pestering and opened a wormhole to leap dimensions once again, this would typically be the que to run and find the strygan another day, but not for Rai. Rai had tracked this damned beast for three days and watched it kill two of her companions, she’ll be damned if she lets it get away that easy. She chased the monster into the wormhole, fully expecting to end up elsewhere in Dis and having to fight the monstrosity on her own. But she found no strygan and no Dis. Rather in the middle of a strange city full of humans… and a wormhole that was suddenly hemorrhaging monsters into this new world behind her.

This new world was strange, full of lights, sounds and more people than she could ever count. She had no way that she knew of to get back to Dis… so maybe this place would be a new home?

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Strength
3. Endurance
4. Reaction

The Powers

Reaver Physiology -Reavers are essentially a malevolent crossbreed between man and devil.They have aspects of both species however their biology makes them literally bred for battle. Their Physiology includes:

Durability: They are piercing, slashing and bludgeoning resistant, their bones are much stronger and resist being broken. They do not need food, water or air to survive.

Healing Factor: The most fundamental piece of a reaver would be their healing factor. When a reaver is injured to the point their body doesn’t function anymore (ie- major organ damage, massive head trauma, being maimed to the point they cannot keep their insides on their insides) they go into a catatonic state in which the damage gets healed rather rapidly, depending on the damage a wounded reaver could stay down anywhere from 3 minutes to a full hour, in which time they look completely dead.

Devil Sight: Reavers have the eyesight of the Dis creatures they’re bred from. They do not see the world as shapes and objects, rather unoccupied space is black and inanimate objects are white.The closer the object the brighter it is. However, living beings with souls show up as a silhouette of their body with colorful light being emitted from them. Their souls. Rai can only identify people by their souls. She cannot tell what people physically look like and can only discern very rudimentary personality traits from the soul which isn’t super useful, but the more useful part of it is the fact that she can see souls through thin obstacles (Less than 8 inches thick) So simply hiding behind a wall won’t hide someone from her.

Tooth and claw: Reavers are again, part Dis demon. This had some effects on their bodies. They all have horns, sharp claws and strong vestigial teeth. They are considered vestigial as they aren’t super useful for a fight except in the rare instance hitting someone in the face with your horns may be useful.
Strength/Speed A reavers speed and endurance fall on the peak of what is achievable by human beings, however their strength is much more. At a deadlift Rai could lift 500 pounds without struggle. 800 is close to where the upper limit of what the species is capable of without assistance.

Dash - A reaver can dash up to 60 feet in a singular direction in the blink of an eye, flashing forward and sometimes getting a good strike in on the flyby. This is incredibly useful as Rai’s main tactic is not to overpower an opponent, but to outmaneuver them. Fights with Rai are death by a thousand cuts while she looks for an opening to jump on an opponent and do heaps of damage in a swift engage. Problem being once she’s going, she cannot choose to stop her dash, she must finish it out and it is a dash and not a teleport, she can be hit which would be incredibly painful as she’s going almost too fast to be seen by the naked eye leaving just a green blur in her wake.

Grimorrah as a byproduct of producing a Reaver, they are manifested with a mount. These wraith-like-horses are bound to the reaver’s very existence. Grimorrah can freely pass between dimensions as he pleases, however he cannot take his rider with him (Or at least that’s never been attempted). Grimmorah, though bound to Rai and incapable of taking initiative on his own accord, does have a personality of his own. A reaver’s horse is considered their only true friend as sad as that is. And their one friend is literally just an extension of themselves. Grimorrah can be summoned into whatever dimension Rai is in at will and can be dismissed at Rai’s will as well. Reaver’s horses are considered full blown undead and never need to eat, drink nor sleep. They can run at a constant pace for hours without needing a break or can sprint speeds of 80 miles per hour in short bursts. Grimmorah cannot be killed unless Rai is killed, however he can be forcibly dismissed into the abyss if he takes too much damage, to which Rai must wait 12 hours before she can bring him back.

First advancement!

Item/Character Advancement Name: Tenacity
Item/Character Advancement Description:
As a Reaver, Rai is supposed to accept death. If she dies, the citadel necromancers will create ten more of her kind in her stead. However, coming to this world has given Rai a reason to want to live. So when Rai encounters the real possibility of death and refuses to accept it, rather than regenerating as she would normally have to, she can have a 'last stand'. She gets a twenty second window to deal as much damage as she can before succumbing to her injuries and taking a much longer time to heal than normal.

Basically a sugar rush, with a sugar crash.
Item Power(s):
*Rai's normal ability to dash instead turns into a blink. Technically while she's traveling she has no mass, therefore grabbing her mid blink is impossible. Her scythes will float behind her and make attacks at her command.
*Rai's strikes will do loads more damage, on top of her being faster in general.
*Rai can ignore pain and injury during this time as if she doesn't feel it.

The Weaknesses

Silver - Silvered weapons are the absolute bane of a reaver. Even touching the metal burns their skin, flesh and eventually chars their bones. The absolute worst thing to encounter is silvered projectiles. A silver arrow to an extremity begins to turn surrounding flesh to dust and poisons the reaver’s blood. They’ll die within hours if it is not removed, the affected flesh removed and all blood drained to cleanse them. It is a very painful process that some Reavers would honestly rather die than experience. Even after treatment a reaver’s healing factor is drastically reduced for two weeks until the original wound is healed.Silvered arrows to the vitals is an instant death sentence.

Fire - Fire is actually the method used for executing a defective reaver for their sins. Burning a reaver like a medieval witch slowly separates their souls from their bodies which takes about 30 minutes continuously to do.
Healing factor troubles - The healing factor though useful definitely has its drawbacks… namely impalement. Implailing a reaver pretty much halts the healing process and keeps them permanently in stasis until removed. Historically this has trapped some reavers for days or even decades as prisoners inside their own bodies.

Copper - Copper, although not deadly like silver proves its own issues.Namely the metal is used to contain a rogue reaver.When made into circlets or collars it can reduce a reaver’s strength to nothing. They become no stronger than a mere man and even the simplest task saps their energy making fighting impossible.

Stopping the dash - although a 60 foot dash in any direction for free as many times as you want to use it sounds nice in theory, being stopped in the middle of a 60 foot lightning fast dash going 90 to nothing is never fun. It’s not the speed that hurts, it’s suddenly stopping that’s the problem. Catching her mid-dash though hard, will definitely leave her vulnerable, if not will break some bones and probably either come close to, or forcing her to go catatonic to heal.

Holy water- it burns. And it works as one hell of a deterrent. If fully submerged in it it can kill, but splashing one on her with definitely give her a nasty burn and it doubles the duration at which she must heal.

Grimorrah : Grimorrah hangs out in an extra dimension and gets summoned to wherever Rai is. It takes a few seconds to summon him, in which Rai needs about a 6ftx6ft open space to summon him in… Also stealing the glass figurine that is used to summon can make her unable to summon the mount… along with whatever of her weapons he may be holding. Although killing Grimorrah is impossible without killing Rai, doing damage to where he cannot move anymore will force him out of this dimension for 12 hours after which the figurine will appear in Rai’s pocket once again. Grimorrah also opens up a portal to the dimension from the ground, it takes about 3 seconds for Grimorrah to come. Covering the portal wastes the summon for the next 12 hours.

Fearless to a fault Reavers fear nothing. Not even death. Therefore the likelyhood she makes a really tactically dumb decision for the sake of preserving human life is extremely high and very exploitable.

human enemies Rai has a major problem with using lethal force against humans. Any force at all for that matter. Therefore when confronted with a human villain she may choose a route of avoidance to a fault or can possibly even be conned into defending them if they twist words well enough. Basically if a human life is in danger she must defend it.So long as this human isn’t actively killing anyone, she won’t do much to stop their nefarious deeds and if any non-human intervenes she will jump to defend the human. Human-human conflicts are just confusing to her though.

Scythes The scythes do function as normal weapons aside from doing damage straight to the soul when she chooses, but the blink mechanic can have some drawbacks. She must have line of sign on the scythe she wishes to jump to so she can't just leave the scythe miles away and jump to it later. She has to see it. Luckily devil sight does help with her being able to have good ability to see her scythe but if someone somehow manages to steal it and keep it away from her they really do cut back on her mobility.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es):
*She only gets 20 seconds, make it count
*Rai can only use tenacity when she is either about to be forced to regenerate or if she knows a killing blow is about to be landed
*When tenacity is over, Rai immediately loses consciousness. She could be unconscious from anywhere from a day to a week and her healing factor gets slowed to almost a halt. When she wakes up her body will be healed the bare minimum that it needs to heal to be functional and will slowly heal itself over the next 24 hours leaving her very vulnerable. Her body markings will be grey and grow darker and be black again when her healing factor is returned.

The Items

Hellfire forged Scythes: Upon spawn and training Reavers are given 3 weapons, 1 magical 2 non-magical. She chose the dual scythes for her magical weapons. They are 'scythes' in name only though. They're really more like Japanese Kamas, but medieval Europeans just called them scythes.
A. 3 potential blink points Rai chose the dual scythes as her magical weapon. These scythes allow her to warp to either scythe as well as into the saddle of her mount.This potentially gives her 3 points to teleport to for free at any given time. The usual tactic is to throw one scythe or leave it somewhere and warp to another for a surprise blindside. However if she teleports to one scythe, she must take the other with her. Paired with her dash ability this makes her both difficult to pin down and gives her excellent motility.

B.Hellfire forged scythes can not only cut flesh and cleave through bones, they have a magical property to cut straight through the soul itself. Souls are held to bodies through these ‘strings’ and the scythe can cut the strings which can render an opponent incapacitated for a bit (basically a prisoner in ones own body)
C. She can vibrate the strings to possibly render someone violently sick.
2. Estoc- just a normal steel estoc
3. Whip- Normal leather whip
4. Tethering bow/arrows- Stays on the horse, they get 3 arrows daily unless they make more (formula for making them: Willow branch, powdered agate dust, glass shard, feathers off a flighted dis demon). Said arrows don’t do damage, instead they are used to tether escaping demons to the horse. 1.reavers aren’t trained to be very accurate so wiffing all three arrows is VERY possible/likely. 2. The resilience of the tether was meant for demons/dismonsters. And the strength depends heavily on the alignment system (a tether to a good creature will be much much weaker than a tether to a truly evil creature, basically old d&d rules.) Tethers are also pretty easy to ditch, simply grabbing the arrow and yanking it off them will break the tether. They can also be muscled through if that’s your style.
5. Grimorrah’s glass figurine that when smashed summons him.
6. Reaver's armor- Rai's armor looks to be like normal leather armor. Leather corset, pauldron, black waist robes with normal breeches and boots with a one shoulder cape (Reavers given a cape over 20 years old. At 60 the cape is white.) However the armor is magic and self heals so it needs not to be replaced.
The Minions

The Fluff

Being a reaver is constant discomfort. You cannot sleep but you always feel tired, you are always starving but eating doesn’t help at all. It is constant discomfort. However it is little known fact that human blood can stave off the discomfort reavers have come accustomed to for up to 2 hours… which becomes highly addictive. Reavers with a blood addiction could become dangerous predators.
Rai’s devil sight means her sight is not affected by light. In fact she cannot see light at all, meaning she cannot see color.
Constructs of Magic A reaver is created, never born. They are a strange grey area of categories. The technically count as undead, devils, humanoids and constructs. Even if a reaver does not do magic themselves, they are literally made and held together by necromancy.

Advancement fluff
*When Rai uses Tenacity, she has a red glow rather than a pale green one when she's about to dash.
*for some reason it will occasionally rain white feathers for no reason at all
*Rai's normal markings are black, however the edges of them will turn bright red when tenacity is happening and will fade to a very pale grey when over
*when unconscious from using Tenacity... somebody talks to her.

The RP Sample

Where is it?
The reaver’s mind whirred from street sign to pavement.. Then to people. Where was she? And why did the air feel thinner and not smell of brimstone and burning flesh? Rai’s scythes stayed at the ready and the horse shifted beneath her, searching for the strygan. She could sort out where she was later but right now she had a mission, kill the giant dimension devouring worm.
But none was to be found. There were so many humans, all bright and none smelt bad. Strange. The moments peace didn’t last too long as she smelt the tell-tale stench of death. A disdemon. The huge creature was working its way down the side of a building like a massive demented spiderman. It was about 8 feet tall with the face of a rat, jagged teeth hooked around the sides of it’s crooked snout, it’s body resembled a bat, wings folded up under it’s ‘hands’. It lifts its head looking to the crowded streets below, horns scraping the crocodilian scales down its back.
It leaps, claws extended, vicious maw agape into the crowd below, expecting the taste of blood. Instead it found itself with a reaver, holding it’s huge jaws ajar over a young man, preventing it from swallowing him whole.Rai strained against the immense bite force as the man just stared.
“Vit’al” Rai barks. A simple command neither understood by the man, nor processed as he sat, frozen as the crowd scattered. Her grip on the beast’s jaws began to slip, she had no choice but to push back and toss the creature into the street instead.
The devilbat skids a bit but rights itself with ease, seeming to be in a state of surprise that a reaver would be in such a strange place. Either way, it’s confusion cleared into fury, slamming a clawed hand into the pavement, churning up rubble it it’s grip and letting out a screech so awful it made blood run cold. Finally the man got the memo he was in danger and needed to flee, he sprinted toward the running crowd, the bat’s eyes followed him and it lunges.

Ray steps in its path, scythe coming in for a low swing into its face to force it back. It’s opponent was Rai and she wasn’t letting it slip past her. The beast weighs its odds. A fight with a reaver was never a fight a demon wished to take unless the risk was worth the reward. The food was in the process of escaping so the likelihood of scoring a meal today would be slim. Thus the conclusion was to attempt escape. It’s wings spread, taking off into the air as Rai whistled for Grimorrah. She had expected it might attempt to run.

The spectral mount squeals through the space next to Rai, her hand catching the leather straps on the saddle. She swings herself into the seat, spurring the horse forward to keep up with it. It was heading out of town, if she let it escape she’d likely not see it again until it decided to slaughter humans it droves again. She selects an arrow, knocking it and hopping herself up into a crouched standing position onto the saddle’s seat, right foot on the backrest, left onto the swell. She sucks in a breath, trying to steady her aim best she could. Here goes nothing. She looses the first arrow and it sadly sails right over the beast’s left shoulder… if demons could laugh that bastard would be cackling.

Arrow number two. Knocked, loosed. This time it purchases into it’s left flank. Perfect, she hops down into the seat of the saddle, properly and moves to stop the horse, tether pulling taught between the beast and Grimorrah… but the hold proves too weak and the arrow falls to the ground, freeing the bat once again.

“Ita ravois alna’ A string of native swearing pours from Rai as she quickly spurs Grimorah into a full sprint to catch back up, assuming position again and her last arrow knocked. Loosed… this time it sinks perfectly into the beast’s back and this time the tension didn’t end in disaster. Now… where to fight? The streets were full of people scrambling to safety and were too cramped to fight without causing too much collateral. She has to find a place quickly before the demon chooses its own spot.

She hauls the beast as it flies, trying to pull away from the tether, noticing a clearing. A nice park. Rai deems it a perfect place to fight and pulls manages to wrangle the bat into the gassy plain. Just as Rai dismounts the demon lands with another ear-splitting screech, rushing the horsemen in a fiery rage, mouth agape and ready to stand its ground and fight as a last resort. Rai takes the hit, her hands once again grabbing the teeth and pushing back. Her boots digging into the earth with the impact. Once again she shoves it back, drawing both scythes from her waist and dashing forward in a blur, straight into it, right scythe dipped low to guard her and the second poised to strike, and with a quick spin she slashes down into the open maw, cleaving the jaw off it with precision and landing Rai about 10 feet behind the flailing monster. Its squeals, hands moving to its bloody face. It readies itself,  moving to sweep at Rai with it’s right claws, which she simply steps back from but she does get blindsided by the immediately left which sinks talons down into Rai’s side and sending her crashing into a tree with a yelp.

Rai groans, sucking in a sharp breath, she felt the telltale wetness of blood under her armor across her right side. She was cut hip to rib. She groans as she starts working her way to her feet, beast lurching closer. Rai shakes off the last bit of wooziness and quickly tosses one scythe 40 feet to the left, the other 50 feet to the right before quickly blinding to the scythe on the left, setting her up to come in from the right side in a blazing quick dash,scythe cleaving up through the left wing and her ending up slightly to the left in front of it. The screaming monster goes for a slam with it’s heavy crown of horns but finds nothing as she blinks to the scythe on her right and comes back to cleave into the middle joint of the right wing before it can get the sense to turn around. It rears up as if trying to swing at Rai with it’s newly discovered stumps for wings and Rai takes the opportunity to go for the chest, leaping into it, scythes sinking down through flesh and bone. Steam, fire and red blood spray outward at the reaver as it falls backward with the momentum.

The reaver tumbles into the grass, having trailed blood the whole time and lays staring into the sky. She takes a deep, bubbling breath as she begins to slip into stasis.

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