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Paragon's Bio

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Paragon's Bio Empty Paragon's Bio

Post by Paragon_ May 25th 2020, 11:17 pm


Lady of Light

The Bio

Real Name: Keira Hawke
Hero Name: Paragon
Titles: Paragon of Virtue, Lady of Light, Ms. Paragon.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Meta-Human (Caucasian)
Height: 5‘11“
Weight: 145 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Blood type: O-Positive

The Looks


The Personality

Keira is an introvert, preferring to be alone rather than be around people. In fact, she feels uncomfortable being around large groups of people which is why she isn’t usually found at parties or big gatherings. She’s also good at small talk but don’t expect her to hold a lengthy conversation unless it’s something she’s passionate about it. She can make herself have a meaningful conversation, however, but it might come off as being forced. This doesn’t mean she isn’t interested in the topic, it just means she isn’t very good at talking to someone else.

Keira is insightful, often thinking over her mistakes and examining what she could have done better in order to achieve a better outcome. This level of insight has helped her achieve better success the next time she is offered the opportunity to fix past wrongs by approaching it differently. She also tends to act without thinking, which often leads her into trouble. To her credit, she is trying to think before she speaks or acts. She also isn’t afraid to speak what is on her mind and to be perfectly honest with someone, especially anyone she considers a friend.

Keira sometimes has an odd sense of humor and is a bit of a trickster, but it’s a sign of affection because if she plays a joke or tricks someone then it’s a sign she likes them as a friend. She enjoys a good joke as well as a laugh who will often try and make someone else smile if she can.

Unfortunately, Keira often feels like an outsider and often looks at outgoing people with no small amount of envy because deep down she wishes that was her. To make matters worse, she has attempted to be outgoing only to fail miserably at it because this isn’t who she is as a person. She also suffers from low self-esteem even though she hides it rather well behind a flashy smile and a wink. She may be considered physically beautiful, but Keira has never viewed herself that way and doesn’t see what others see in herself.

The Story

Born into a wealthy family, Keira had the heart of an explorer from day one. By the time she turned 14, her life would take on a new adventure that would embroil her into a lifelong passion  that still has her in it’s grip to this very day.

While on a tour in one of the laboratories owned by her families illustrious company, she wandered off to explore. It wasn’t long before a group of ex-mercenaries took the entire building hostage. At first, Keira managed to evade capture but she was eventually caught. However, she still managed to get a message out to the police and in several minutes the building was surrounded by law enforcement.

The villains decided to show the law they meant business so they killed a hostage on live TV. Keira was targeted next because she was the daughter of her father, Nathan Hawke, and he was the CEO of the family company. No amount of pleas stopped the villains as they threw Keira into an experimental chamber that was designed to help the scientists better understand light particles in order to advance technology further.

Keira knew she was going to die and all her panicked pleas were ignored from her and her father as they begged the villains not to do this. The chamber was turned on and it subjected the 14 year old teenager to wave after wave of condensed light particles. At first, it felt as if she was on fire and she tried to scream but found she couldn’t breathe as her body lit up like the sun itself, making it impossible to see her.

Something changed within Keira’s DNA as her dormant Meta-Human gene activated in response to what was happening to her. It would later be believed by her father that this was her body’s defense mechanism in order to keep her alive. In either case, Keira’s special genes changed her into a Super-Hero and she gained powers based around light but with no knowledge on how to use them. It was nevertheless more than enough to defeat the villains before she collapsed in exhaustion.

After three days of nothing but sleep, her body finished undergoing it’s changes. She awoke and found that she hadn’t been dreaming when she used super powers to give those ex-mercenaries a beat down. Her parents were overjoyed she was alive, but concerned because of her unique abilities. They both forbade her from using her powers because she was simply too young to fight crime, much to the disappointment of the young teen.

But just because Keira was forbidden to become a super-hero didn’t mean she couldn’t practice using her powers! She did this every chance she got and had many accidents along the way, much to the chagrin of her parents who were trying to keep her abilities a secret from the public eye.

Years would pass and Keira would finally turn 21 and she lives on her own now. She is an adult and is finally able to be the super-hero she has always dreamed about. Naming herself Paragon, she made her first debut. It remains to be seen what kind of hero she will ultimately become.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

1. Construct Creation: Paragon can create any construct she can imagine but she is limited by her knowledge, skill and imagination. These constructs are made of what she calls hard light energy since she is able to interact with her environment with her powers and even fight super-villains by creating a boxing glove and hitting them with it. So long as she has a basic understanding of how an object works, she can create and use it. A lack of understanding means she cannot create it. The more focus Keira has, the stronger her construct.

Paragon’s constructs are made of light so she cannot create food or anything that she can consume for sustenance. She also cannot create life and any construct of a person or an animal is strictly controlled by her mind. Each construct is also limited to either a glowing white or yellow color, with others being impossible.

2. Flight: By far Paragon’s favorite power, she achieves flight by manipulating the light waves around her and then ‘riding them’. A beam made of light typically trails off after her when she does this. Since she has never tested how fast she can fly, her top speed remains unknown at the current time. If she were to test this somehow, then her top speed would equal "the speed of light", but only in space. While in a planetary atmosphere, she limits herself to around Mach 20 out of fear of harming the environment. While in space, Paragon transforms into light the faster she approaches her top speed. In this state, she cannot interact with physical objects and will go right through them as if she wasn't even there. She also cannot instantly go from 0 to Mach 20 as she must build herself up to that weather she is in a planet's atmosphere or in the vacuum of space.

3. Force Fields: Paragon is able to create force fields of varying size either around herself or around others. This power requires focus and concentration so it cannot be done automatically. These force fields can take shots from most bludgeoning damage, bladed weaponry, bullets, falls from great heights and some forms of energy. The more focus Keira has, the stronger her force field.

4. Invisibility: By bending the light waves around her, Keira can turn completely invisible to the naked eye. Enhanced Senses, Thermal Vision, Infrared Imaging and other methods of detection will still be able to see her, however.

5. Light Blasts: Otherwise known as Laser Blasts, Paragon can shoot beams of light from her hands, eyes or mouth at her opponent. She can focus the intensity of such beams to do a varying degree of damage as well as the area effected. At maximum output, a single blast of light is capable of putting a hole straight through titanium.

6. Self-Healing: Since this power is not automatic, Paragon must concentrate on herself in order to allow the light within her body to heal her of almost any injury that is inflicted upon her. Drugs, Toxins and diseases can also be purged in this way.

The Weaknesses

1. Advanced Technology: Although Paragon’s force fields are powerful, armor piercing bullets are more than capable of passing right through her force field. However, the armor piercing bullet is still slowed down significantly enough that it will only wound Keira but not kill her. Of course, this also depends on where the bullet hits her as some shots could still prove fatal. Other forms of advanced technology such as extremely high electric voltage, other energy blasts, super strong villains, extremes of temperatures, high G forces, powerful sound waves, etc, have been proven to be effective weapons against Paragon to varying degrees. It really depends on what danger she is facing. While she does fine saving people in a burning building, using her force field to stop from being burned, someone who uses Pyrokinesis can inflict harm upon her if his powers burn hotter than 2,000 degrees to name an example. Sufficiently strong beings can can easily shatter her force fields or constructs and very powerful energy blasts can put Keira’s life in danger if she isn’t careful.

2. Concentration: Paragon’s powers require focus & concentration. Anything that can disrupt her concentration, such as alcohol, will render her incapable of using her powers. This also depends on the level of such disruption. A little will only effect her mildly while a lot will render her pretty much powerless. Once the source of the disruption is removed, however, Paragon will regain her powers.

3. Light Absorption: Paragon is vulnerable to powers or devices that are capable of absorbing light. If she is not careful, she will find herself powerless.

4. Psionic Powers: Paragon is vulnerable to the psychic powers of the mind, such as Telepathy or mind control. Her powers rely on concentration and these powers can either disrupt that or inflict harm upon her. Other psionic powers, such as Telekinesis, are less effective against Paragon since those do not effect the mind.

5. Reflective Surfaces: Any surface that is capable of reflecting light can be used against Paragon so that her powers are redirected away from them. She cannot effect any surface that has this kind of defense.

6. Solar Battery: Paragon is a living solar battery and she collects sunlight to use as fuel for her powers. Whenever she uses one of her abilities, she uses up a little of her energy reserves. If she completely drains herself of all her energy then she must recharge before using her powers again. During daylight hours, this usually isn’t a problem since she is constantly being recharged and ready for action. However, during night time hours Keira must be careful. Although the moon does reflect the light of the sun, it’s usually not enough to recharge her should she use too much energy & it’s  only during a full moon (or close to it) that she gains anything at all. Even then the process of recharging is much slower then it is during the day.

Paragon’s energy reserves is usually good to last her for a full 24 hours straight if she isn’t actively using her powers and when deprived of sunlight. However, the more she uses her abilities then the more she loses the light that is packed into her cells. It usually works like a gas tank. If Keira does small things, such as light a candle, then she uses up only a small amount of energy. But if she creates a construct as big as a skyscraper then that will use a lot of energy. During the night, energy conservation is a must and she usually has enough to last her the entire night. But if she isn’t careful then she will run out of energy and if this happens then she loses her powers until she can recharge.

Keira recharges very quickly during the day, depending on how much energy she expended during the night. If she’s on empty, then she’ll need 24 minutes to fully recharge herself while in direct sunlight. Only the light of the sun can recharge Paragon as any other light source will not work.

The Items

Costume: Paragon’s costume is made of unstable molecules thanks to her father making it for her along with his scientific team of experts. This allows her suit to be attuned to her powers so that when she uses a laser blast, then the costume is not harmed by it. It is also capable of changing into almost any type of clothing she desires so long as it doesn’t have detachable parts to it (i.e. Cannot become a suit with a matching hat or a pair of sunglasses. Only the suit or other piece of clothing, like a dress, would be possible).

Other than the essential items necessary for a civilian identity, such as a car & a cell phone, Keira does not have anything else worthy of note.

The Minions


The Fluff

1. Keira is a college student who is majoring in the sciences. She’s especially interested in cybernetics and robotics. Although she is quite intelligent & something of an amateur inventor, she tends to act dumber than she really is.
2. Keira has a photographic memory and this helps her a great deal in school, allowing her to finish her work in half the time it takes someone else.
3. Keira is an expert hand-to-hand combatant thanks to the boxing, kick boxing and wrestling lessons she was given after gaining her powers. She is no master, but she is quite skilled.
4. Due to the nature of her powers, Keira can stare into the sun without it damaging her eyes. Because of this quark, she cannot be blinded by any light source no matter how bright.
5. While sunlight is packed into her cells, her blood glows yellow if she bleeds. It appears like normal red blood if she is powerless, however.
6. Keira is warm to the touch thanks to the sunlight within her body. This allows her to tolerate the cold more than anyone else and only needs a light jacket during a normal winter. Anything below -30 degrees, however, and Keira will need to dress a little more heavily to keep warm.
7. Keira can make any part of her body glow like a light bulb, but this provides no advantage other than being a neat party trick.
8. Paragon is completely immune to her own powers and cannot be harmed by them.
9. Keira is completely immune to Vampirism because the solar energy packed in her cells will eliminate the disease.

The RP Sample

When Darkchild's image, and message, appears on Keira's screen she is intrigued enough to listen. He helped her restore something that had been thought lost so the least she could do is listen to what he had to say. And then it's like time itself comes to a screeching halt, the sound effect of tires squealing even playing itself in Keira's head. A man appears on the screen and someone she recognizes as someone she holds dear to her heart.

It had been an interesting meeting, that much was clear when they first met. Ronin had been after Paragon's bounty back in the day. Clever as he is, he also had figured out her secret identity. After things were cleared up and Paragon was cleared of all charges relating to the disaster that took the lives of thousands of innocent people, Keira had went on a date with the man known as Ozzy Winters.

The two hit it off right away, which Keira wasn't expecting in all honesty. The two are so radically different as night and day, but also had just enough in common to keep things exciting between them. One date led to more until the day Ozzy mysteriously disappeared. Like smoke blown out, it vanishes away into nothing. Ronin had made a similar disappearing act. And try as she might, Paragon could not find him even with the vast resources and her powers available to her.

Hanging onto every word, Paragon learns part of the reason why Ozzy disappeared. From her understanding, he always did struggle with the darkness inside of him. She always tried her best to chase it away and fill it with the light and hope inside of her. When Ozzy mentions loved ones, her lip trembles and a tear slips down her cheek. Putting a hand over her mouth, Keira can't help but feel the same about him but she is also grateful he generalized that statement since he knows who Keira Hawke is. The island. She knows where he is no and she can find him.

And find Ozzy she will as Keira cancels the rest of her appointments for the day, steps into her private elevator and opens up her shirt to reveal the familiar costume underneath. Only one thought enters her mind and that is the need to face him. Has it been two years already?

Keira finds it easy to come to the island, for doorways appear thanks to those unique flowers opening the way. It's not hard to find the nearest one closest to her and she flies through it at lightning speed. Emerging on the island with the speed to surpass any missile on Earth, it's not long before the mighty Paragon finds the man once known as the Umbra Soldier. A broken man in need of redemption.

So many thoughts and emotions come into play right now, among them happy memories she has shared with him. Biting down on her lip, suddenly getting cold feet, Keira is actually tempted to go back the other way. He left her! And without so much as a word! Taking a deep breath, Keira knows why he is here. Healing. It's not going to help him if she yells at him. Like a soft feather she silently lands behind him. She doesn't know if Ozzy is aware of her presence. Regardless, she clears her throat to indicate someone is there so he'll turn around.

The sun is shining, making Paragon's hair look like it has a golden sheen overlayed over her black locks. She almost seems angelic as she smiles at him even as tears run down her face. It's really him. She'd slap him if she could, but she might accidentally burn him with light if she did. Instead, Keira walks towards him and stretches her arms out for a hug and a kiss. She's missed him and she shows it through this act should he allow her.

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Paragon's Bio Empty Re: Paragon's Bio

Post by Nate6595 May 29th 2020, 2:43 pm

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