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Toyclown Empty Toyclown

Post by Toyclown May 19th 2020, 6:39 pm


"When life has got ya down.Time to send in the clowns"

The Bio

Real Name:Thomas Huston
Villain Name:Toyclown
Title:HoboClown,Escape artist,
Hair:Short Brown
Blood type:O+

The Looks

On the job
All of his costumes are sewn by hand.Most of the time using fat quarters and cheap bolts of fabric.All of his costumes are colorful and over the top but always made loose and with extra fabric to add pockets in sleeves and to allow him to bend easier and fold himself up if necessary.Often depending on the job a wig or large hat will be used in some degree or another to help hide his identy..However the one thing that will stand out about this clown is his boots .Its always a good pair of steeltoe work boots..But his most renown feature would be his makeup job.Most times is a white pancake thick makeup applied hours before the job the features drawn in.Sometimes shapes colors even animal patterns.The crazier and more colorful the better.
Off the job
Thomas is a second hand tee shirt and blue jeans kind of guy.If hes gotten a normal job that pays under the table its not umcommon for him to show up a thrift store special.The only thing that will stand out is his good leather work boots.


The Personality

From the first time at 5 he could help around the circus.He was always a driven young man.Between helping with shoveling out the animal train  cars to helping with peeling potatoes for the cast dinner.He was always a good strong worker.Always cheerful always wanting to make people laugh.Thats all in his past now.These days hes more of a sour old man.All the smiles gone and all thats left is discontent some anger.These days mostly a loner and just a tad paranoid.But every now and then.The cheerful young man pokes thru.
The Story

Many people joke about running away to join the circus.Thomas however was born into it.When your father was a Geek and you mother was a famous Contortionist.Well he did have a chance for a normal childhood however.From the age of 5 he traveled with his mom and dad on the circuit.He ever would help out when he could and by the age of 10 he even started helping with working acts.
/then the day came at 15.Mostly by accident he discovered he was able to bend even better then his mom.For a while they even did a double act where two small trunks would be brought out and they some come out of them one limb at a time.
When he was 18 he had a offer from a different circus.Feeling it was his time to fly he said his goodbyes and left.For 20 years he worked everything from big companies to small sideshows to even a few tv and movie spots.He even got to do a run for a year on a international show.
Then tragedy stuck 3 times in one year.His dad got injured during an act.One of his swords nicked his throat one night when he pulled it out to fast.IT was a minor cut but hes father kept working and didnt take it easy and sadly lead to infection and ended in his dads death.
Tragedy 2.The show he was apart of at the time had the owner run off with his everyones money.This left Thomas in a bind.
Tragedy 3.Thomas borrowed some money from a man who turned out to be a loan shark.Sadly he didnt know how deep he would get into this man until he was asking thomas to do favors to help pay off his loan.Mostly this involved Breaking and entering,Sometimes doing some shakedowns Even drug running.However it got to the point thomas just couldnt deal with it anymore and took off.Now he does his best to just kind of survive
The Priority

1. Agility
3. Endurance
2. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Complete Muscle Control
To say his a master contortionist is a understatement.
Thomas is able to control all parts of his body dispite the skeletal structure being hindered or broken in some way.It also allows him to dislocate and relocate  his joints and bones at will.Whether to extend his arms a few inches by popping his joints loose or dislocating almost his whole skeleton to fold himself up into a 24' by 24' box.
This power also allows him to fight in a rather unique manner .

The Weaknesses

Aged Joint Stabilty
Due to the nature of his body as well as how he has trained and abused it over the years it lead to the state it is in now.
The joints are at a state in which they pop in and out with ease which works against him most of the time.His power requires mental focus to use it right and the more joints that pop out the more focus he needs.Needless to say sometimes it results in him walking funny or even legs just giving out  to somthing as extreme as everything dislocating and his falls to the floor and it takes him a minute to get everything working again
The Items

on the job
He will have everything from a crowbar to lock picks mostly depends on the job.However he is rarely without a few throwing knives tucked away somewhere on his person.Also isnt uncommon to find a flask with a very high proof alcohol a lighter and a few personal cigars.
Off the job
He never goes anywhere without a cheap burner cell phone.His wallet it contains a few pictures some cash and a few business cards with numbers scratched off and the new number put in over and over with whiteout stains on the cards.
The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

The alarm.That dam alarm.
Thomas groggily reached over to his small grey cellphone which was on the floor plugged into the wall next to the head of his bed.The room was paid for thru the week.It had warm clean running water which was nice.And the mattress even had sheets he couldnt really complain.
Slowly waking up a little more and turning off the alarm he slowly made his way to the small coffee maker and turned it on.
He then walked over to the window to look out on urban jungle known as Chicago.
It wasnt a great room.Heck it would take alot to make it a ok room.But when fund are running low its better then the street.However as much as he didnt want to admit it.It was time to find a job.
The past week staying on the outskirts of Chicago Thomas has been weighting his options.Sadly not alot of honest work around here for under the table.However with his sets of skills something like a minor breaking and entering wouldnt be too hard.
Walking around the past week his been eyeing a few places for some quick cash.He was hoping it wouldnt come to it but seems it wasnt fated to be.
At this point the little brown coffee maker went ding.
Slowly Thomas walked over to it grabbing a old coffee mug and filling it up with one hand and lifting a small gym bag up with the other and tossing it onto the bed..
Upon hitting the mattress a colorful coat flew out a bit. It was mostly blues and reds but there were a few other colors peaking out of the bag.
He gazed at the coat and said to himself.
I guess were gonna perform tonight.I guess i need to decide on my venue

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Toyclown Empty Re: Toyclown

Post by Silus May 19th 2020, 10:15 pm

This is both amazing, simplistic and is all somehow unnerving enough to give someone the heebie jeebiez. Nice work!

Approved until stated otherwise.

Toyclown Lucife10
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