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Solomon Tzo

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Contest Solomon Tzo

Post by Rorking May 17th 2020, 2:15 am

Solomon Tzon

"And you will know his name is the lord when I lay his vengeance upon thee"

The Bio

Real Name: Born Simon Kanaanite, now goes by Solomon Tzon
Hero Name: The Holy Crusader
Title: Simon The Zealot
Alignment: Lawful good
Age: 29 when died, real age unknown
Gender: Genderless, looks like a male
Race: Angel
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black in mortal form, Gold in his hero outfit and angel form
Height: 5'9 in human form, real height unknown
Weight: 180 lbs
Blood type: Type O

The Looks

Solomon's looks can best be described as average at best, with nothing out of the ordinary about him gaining the chance to bland into crowds with no issues. When he's not trying to purify the world he can usually be found sporting his Sunday best, outfits that range from polos and slacks to suit and ties.
While his angel form has no official look, his hero look consists of a white jumpsuit with openable patches so his wings can pop out when needed and a golden leaf. He also used a little bit of angelic magic to make his hair and eyes golden to hide his appearance a little more.
The Personality

As someone born in the holy light of the Heavens Solomon is a very kind soul, the type of person that could never let anyone suffer. with this ideology also comes a very pretentious attitude, this is caused by the behalf he knows what's better for those around him.
The Story

When Solomon was younger he always felt like something about him made him different from the others, no matter how he went about his daily activities it always seems like he had the light on his side. around the age of sixteen, Solomon found himself rushed into a church has his people's enemies stormed his town, upon entering the church he stumbled upon a statue in the back that he felt drawn to almost like he knew who the statue depicted. Upon touching the statue Solomon felt a weird energy pulse throughout his body, an energy so powerful it sent him backward. As he fell back he could feel his light start to gleam brighter than ever before, just as he hit the ground he could feel the light's warmth wrap around him like never before, as his world faded into the darkness he could have sworn the statue's eyes seemed to look down at him.

Years later Solomon found himself conscripted into a war to defeat those that ransacked his village years ago, something Solomon took with a smile knowing he was fighting for the right cause and for his god. During what seemed like a normal scouting run, Solomon had just stepped aside to pick some fruit from a tree when an arrow flew past him and hit his fellow soldier directly in the leg. Without thinking Solomon started trying to calm down his comrade and stop him from yelling out in pain, as he spoke he realized his ally's leg started to glow, and as he pulled the arrow out the wound healed up behind it. Before Solomon could react to what just happened he felt a sudden force swing in and tackle him away from his fellow soldier, by the time he had landed he found himself face to face with some dark being with horns and sharp bloodsoaked teeth. Solomon quickly threw his hands up to try and wrestle the beast off but just as he was about to touch it he felt the energy he only felt moments ago pulse and the beast went flying into the distance, it was only moments after that he realized his torso had been ripped open before the beast took flight. It wasn't long before he felt the familiar darkness start to form around him but this time he could no longer feel his light, with it gone Solomon prepared to die alone as he fell into darkness.

Just as fast as the Darkness came it suddenly left as Solomon found himself surrounded by clouds and light, It wasn't until a minute later that he realized he wasn't alone. turning around he was met by a man in a robe and wielding a saw in his right hand, upon confirmation that the man was seen he quickly approached Solomon and put his left hand onto his shoulder. as the hand made contact Solomon was hit with a wave of visions of what seemed like memories and knowledge, they came at such a rapid pace that he didn't notice he had fallen to his knees until he was able to gain his mind back completely. As Solomon got back to his feet the figure just stared him down, Before Solomon could say anything the figure just nodded and held out the saw in his right hand before nodding again. when Solomon reached out and touched the saw he felt his whole body go numb before he fell forward, when his senses returned he realized he was laying in the dirt in front of the large stone tablet with "Here lay Simon Kanaanite" inscribed on it, As Solomon sat on pit dug for him he tried to process all that had to happen in the last day. As all of it came flooding back he realized who he was he was chosen to become a fighter for peace and pureness, from this day forth he proclaimed himself a new man. as he stood up he took one more glance at the tomb before him and decided that Simon Kanaanite might have died but Solomon will live on, He swore to not rest until evil has been wiped from the earth and the day comes that he can ascend back into the heavens and take his place as one whole again.
The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Reaction
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

1. Angelic magic: After years of research Solomon has been able to master the holy practice of Angelic magic, an ancient type that allows him to harness the power of the angles and rework it for his own will:
1a. Craft: He has the ability to craft holy weapons and items for use in battle.
1b. animate: Solomon can animate any object that's been blessed or he can sense has Holy Energy flowing through it.
1c. summon: Through his search for knowledge, Solomon has gained the power to summon anything he has flowed energy though may it be a weapon or an object.
2. Angel Mode: Solomon has the ability to transform into his true form, a form that allows him to increase his power by ten percent for every three minutes he stays in this form. The form also gives Solomon access to abilities he normally couldn't use in his mortal form:
2a. Light Manipulation: In angel form, Solomon has the power to pull the light from around him for use in battle or to turn himself invisible.
2b. Holy Fire: allows Solomon to create and use Pureified fire to stun or capture his targets.
2c.Divine Force empowerment: Allows Solomon to absorb the force of the divine around him to increase his powers, for every 20 seconds he absorbs the energy he can unleash it his powers 2% more powerful.
3. Devine Smite: Being a holy being gives Solomon the ability to conduct a large amount of energy for his use, when done correctly it allows him to completely eradicate the soul of the target.
4. Holy Voice: This power allows him to transfer holy energy with just the use of his voice, this allows him to heal not only physical wounds but the corruption of the soul as well.
5. Flight: Solomon has the ability to summon his wings even when in his mortal form, when his wings are out he can take flight and zip around to where he is needed or take to the sky for a fight.
The Weaknesses

1a. Crafting weapons of this caliber still require materials and time, Solomon can't just grab random items off the ground and just throw something together on the battlefield.
1b. To animate an object It has to be blessed or of holy creation, if it's just an ordinary object this power will have no effect on it whatsoever.
1c. Just like the animation power the summoning only works under special circumstances of a holy base. While it also allows him to summon powers he has personally marked with his energy, this fact doesn't help much.
2a. While his angel form does unleash his true power and allows him to no longer hold back it also takes time to unleash, the more he unleashes at once the more time it takes without destroying his mortal form. for every percentage of power he wishes to unleash, it requires 20 seconds of pure uninterrupted focus.
2b. the powers his Angel form gives him does have its limits:
a-Light manipulation takes an extreme amount of power and energy to hold for any amount of time, not only does the power cause his energy to drain twice as fast then his angel form would normally but he's basically blind with the light being sucked out of his eyesight as well.
b- While holy fire does burn and do damage like normal fire to demons and other angels, the best he could do is trap a human within his fires. this power also requires permission from the other party or it just doesn't work.
c- Divine energy isn't easy to control at any level and can be very unpredictable on how much force can be taken from one object, if Solomon isn't aware of the exact amount or overestimates it he will eventually end up absorbing his own energy which will call him to exhaust himself faster.
3. His Devine smite power not only requires an extreme amount of power conducted onto a small location, but this could also lead to more destruction then he would expect. It also only works on those with pure darkness within them and only upon the giving of permission.
4. The Holy voice power only allows him to heal willing subjects, those that are out like a light or just refuse the help will have no effect.
5. Solomon's flight ability is one with quite the stamina drain, the longer he stays even floating in the air the faster he loses stamina until he passes out completely.
The Items

1.A cross that he hangs around his neck
2. a bottle of holy water that burns those with darkness in their soul.
3. A sword he had soaked in Holy water, it no longer hurts mortals and is only used when fighting a demonic force.
The Fluff

1.Can usually be seen reading scripture or mumbling Latin to himself
2. When he unveils his wings while in his mortal form some of his angelic form gets released, while it doesn't change his appearance to any extreme degree it does make it glow slightly.
The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Contest Re: Solomon Tzo

Post by inquisitor July 16th 2020, 7:04 pm

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