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Kid Dynamite

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Kid Dynamite Empty Kid Dynamite

Post by Super Cutie May 6th 2020, 12:36 am


"Watchr's Number 1 Streamer"

The Bio

Real Name: Max McCallum jr
Hero Name: Kid Dynamite
Alignment: Good
Age: 19
Gender: M
Race: Fuckboy
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10
Weight: 185 lbs
Blood type: Better than yours.

The Looks

The Personality

Coming into celebrity and money at a young age can turn even the sweetest kid into an egomonster and Max wasn't ever the sweetest kid to begin with. To put it plainly, Kid Dynamite is full of himself and it really doesn't help that he also wasn't ever the smartest kid either.

The Story

Kid Dynamite first popped up on the internet several months ago with a series of videos uploaded onto the internet. They caught on quickly enough and began to go viral just in time for the launch of Watchr, a new and increasingly popular streaming app specifically for superheroes to stream themselves and take their audience right into the middle of the action. Obviously the very idea of this apps controversial and flawed, but many simply don't care. It's spreading like wildfire, particularly among teens and young adults.

Unknown to most people, however, is the fact that Kid Dynamite's popularity is not entirely organic. He was actually hand picked by the company behind Watchr to be its first star.  The man behind Watchr is a reformed super villain named Antonio Rivera, and Antonio was a close friend of Max's father, the supervillain Max Nitro who was killed during a confrontation with an especially reckless costumed hero.  From then on Antonio made it his life's mission to bring a level of transparency and accountability to the hero community. When Max jr began to display abilities similar to his dad's Antonio took the boy under his wing and used his vast resources (including a few connections in the criminal world) to have him trained to be a world class hero. Watchr is just the next step in their plans to bring the world a better class of hero.

Max has taken Antonio's mission on has his own now, and so far his greatest obstacle has actually been his own impulsive nature and arrogance. Nevertheless he is determined to see a day where nobody else has to lose a loved one to hot shot superheroes. Some people will argue that the existence of the app alone will promote the very thing he seeks to end, and maybe they're right, but maybe the world needs to watch while it happens, or maybe with people like him leading by example, the rest will follow. Who knows?

Who watches the watchmen? You do, with Watchr!

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

Fire Works: Kid Dynamite is capable of creating bright and colorful pyrotechnic energy blasts with his mind. They come in the form of nearly invisible energy globules that project from his body before detonation. He is able to control the energy directing where it goes as well as the size, shape and intensity ranging from small blinding flashes of color to explosions capable of punching holes through concrete and other tougher substances. He is mostly unharmed by these due to his body being able to reabsorb this specific energy. He also has to have a line of sight to where he's sending these.

The Weaknesses

Dimly Lit: His powers and future may be incredibly bright, but he isn't.

Overconfident Clout Chaser: He tends to put himself in risky situations if he thinks it will look cool on camera.

The Items

The Drone: There's an incredibly advanced drone you get when your Watchr Platinum or DIamond tier account paperwork gets verified and your deposit clears. KD's is just like that but better. It has advanced top of the line AI that allows it hover around him and capture all the action as he fight's crime. It is also nearly indestructible and controllable via smartphone app. What sets his apart from the others is the constant upgrades as his test runs new features and capabilities later models will receive.

The Suit: His hero outfit is made from a lightweight experimental fiber that is far more durable and protective than kevlar but with plenty of patches that feature the corporate logos of his sponsors.

The Minions

The Internet: Kid Dynamite has already acquired thousands of subscribers and fans. Mostly internet trolls, but they're always willing to provide him with help and information, provided he keeps them entertained. They like to make him work for it.

The Fluff

Fame & Fortune: On top of being a recognizable eceleb he also has the financial backing of the company at his disposal.

The RP Sample

No thanks.

free use.

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Kid Dynamite Empty Re: Kid Dynamite

Post by Arcana May 7th 2020, 10:38 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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