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Stilleto Empty Stilleto

Post by Berami April 30th 2020, 2:23 am

Akila Kassadi

"If you wanted to be torn into pieces AND robbed, you could've just asked."

The Bio

Real Name: Akila Kassadi
Villain Name: Stilleto
Title: The Beau Burgular
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Curly red hair placed in large afro pigtails.
Eyes: Light brown, almond-shaped eyes
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130 lbs
Blood type: A+

The Looks

Stiletto is a dark-skinned female with sharp brown eyes surrounded by a black eye mask, which is sharp along the edges, giving a cat-eye look to her face. Her dark red hair is extremely curly and set in two afro pigtails on each side of her head. Her body is covered in a grey and black latex suit that hugs her body tightly. Connected to her grey sleeves are large cuffs that leave her dark fingerless gloves almost completely obscured. As her for her shoes, she fits her namesake, wearing long 7 inch black heels, which raise her in height dramatically. While she's using her ability, Stiletto's pigtails grow visibly and take the shape of boxing gloves for attacking others and her fingernails increase to feet in length for tearing through weak structures, or to frighten her targets.

The Personality

Stiletto is someone who is known for her flaws. These, mainly, being her pride and her greed. She is a very haughty character, being very obsessed with her image, and the idea that she looks good, which can lead to her becoming enraged in the case that someone tries to insult her appearance. stiletto is also a very greedy individual, who deems her own wants greater than any others own, giving her the 'right' to steal whatever she desires from others. She does this enough that this is the only means that she gains money, and she's never worked a day in her life because of this.

She can be a bit flirty at times, but she usually doesn't mean anything by it as it can mix with her usual smug and dominating persona. She likes to be in control of situations, and if she's not, she'll begin to freak out. While she is very proud of her ability, she can become jealous of others with stronger or more flashy meta-abilities or other powers.

The Story

Stiletto has been and always will be a thief at art. Even from her childhood, she would run through crowds of people and pickpocket people passing to live off of for the next few days. Hey, you take what you can get when you're an abandoned orphan. Akila and the gang of misfits she lived with would do this all the time as to get necessary food and water, but young Akila made it a point to take even more from others, just for her own desire. This is how they lived and grew, up until changes were starting to take place.

One after another, the kids in the group started experiencing strange meta-abilities, with Akila being the only one that did not gain one. At around the same time that they gained their powers, the same time that they started leaving the group as well, eventually leaving Akila by herself. After becoming basically left alone to fend for herself, she started to feel as if she was completely helpless in the world that she lived in. That was until her power manifested as well.

Beginning with a strange control over her hair to full on manipulation of hair and nails, Akila learnt eventually that she had a meta-ability, the ability to control the keratin in her body. Not fully understanding her powers, or why all of the kids she was with started getting them in the first place, but the young soon to be villain did understand one thing. The powers she gained were what she was going to use to not only survive, but becoming the richest person ever.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Reaction
3. Strength
4. Endurance

The Powers

Power 1: Keratin Manipulation (This ability gives Stilleto the power to control the parts of her body that rely on keratin, giving her a form of control over them, size and movement-wise. This allows for usage of many abilities like using prehensile hair to grab and punch nearby enemies and creating long claws out of her fingernails that she uses to tear through opponents.)

Power 2: Abnormal Acrobatics (Seemingly separated from her Meta-Keratin Manipulation, Akila is an extremely capable acrobat, being able to run, jump, hide and even do flips and somersaults while in her very impractical costume. While this doesn't seem so superhuman on its own, she has been seen to be able to run up building walls without much effort, while still wearing her large heels. This partially shows the extent of this ability which seems to have come naturally to her.)

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Frail Body (While Stiletto's body is very fit and flexible, she is also very fragile and easily hurt, leading to her more cowardly and bully-like personality, causing her to only prey on the weak and helpless. Even traditional weapons like batons and the like are likely to seriously injure her, so she usually maintains a far distance from opponents who actually stand a chance of fighting back.)

Weakness 2: Impractical Uniform (Going for fashion instead of function, Stiletto had created a 'unique' costume that does more harm than good in a practical tense. With 7-inch stiletto heels and tight-fitting clothes, she isn't exactly fit for combat. Her only wearing an eye mask over her face allows her to use her hair during combat, but otherwise, she has to rely on her agility to move around without falling.)

Weakness 3: Cowardice (Danger is something that Akila prefers not involve herself in. She is usually quick to run from great danger and try and recuperate instead of fighting it head-on. This may be seen as her coming up with a strategy, but it's really her just trying to put some distance between them. This also causes her to fight dirty in some scenarios, including, but not limited to throwing sand into someone's eyes, tripping people to gain advantages and using her heels and trickery to beat opponents)

The Items

A large cloth bag that she keeps folded into the pocket of her suit. This is usually for putting valuables in if she is doing a reasonably sized heist, or to hold anything she has already stolen, but still has on her.

The Minions


The Fluff

Everywhere she walks, a very audible clack of heels seems to echo from all around the area in which she's in. Also, once she starts getting closer to her opponents, they start to feel a strange sensation in their hands, mainly in their fingertips. This is too weak to actually affect someone's fighting or grip on anything and usually disappears once she's in full view.

The RP Sample

As the day began to close, a woman began walking down the street, a large purse bouncing in the crook of her elbow as she continued. Before she passed a particularly dark alleyway, she heard a strange scratching noise coming from it.

Confused by this, the woman fumbled with her phone and turned on the flashlight function so that she could see ahead of her.The woman turned towards the passage to see the figure of a mature woman lying against a wall with what seemed to be large claws appearing from her hands. The lithe figure had large circles near its head and the only visible feature it had was its small eyes staring at the woman.

As the woman continued to look in shock, the figure seemingly smiled at her, causing her to become even more afraid, turning away as to try and run away. As she did so, the figure disappeared from its spot and the lady felt a forceful tug pulling against her purse, causing its latch to become undone. Grabbing at it for dear life, the woman saw the figure grabbing at the purse as well, and when it didn't immediately come loose, it let go and sprinted off into the opposite direction.

Fearing for her life now, the woman began calling out loud for help and running, with unfortunately no one seemingly around to help her. The woman began calming down as she saw what looked like a police car, but then, she heard the echo of heels clacking against the sidewalk as she began to slow.

Scared out her mind, the lady stopped dead in her tracks as a woman landed in front of her from seemingly nowhere. The figure was revealed in the light to be a woman wearing a grey latex suit with a black mask around her eyes. The figure then lifted up her hand and instead of seeing footlong needles coming from it, she instead saw a cracked phone, that looked familiar to her. Suddenly the figure spoke and shook the phone as if dangling a treat in front of her.

"I believe you dropped something?~"

The woman recognized it was hers and started stuttering in fear as she responded.

"W-what do you want from me?"

The spandex-wearing woman then stood up fully and held out her other hand, which was empty.

"Don't worry, just your money, 's all"

The frightened woman held her purse tighter against her body and the attempted thief had a look on her face that looked like a mix annoyance and contemplation. She flexed one arm to the side and a set of extremely sharp talons formed at the end of her fingers, almost hitting the ground under her if not for the large heels that she was wearing along with her 'super-suit'. As the nails grew, it could be seen that the puffs of hair that adorned the thief's head also grew in size slightly, though they did not seem to disadvantage her at all. Though this appearance was a sight to behold, the threatened woman was looking past her in reality, about to call out to the sleeping policeman leaning against his car.

"Officer, pleas-"

"Now why would you go an do that?"

In a flash, the woman started to fall as a spray of red flew into the air, along with the handbag that she was so desperately protecting. As she quickly tumbled, the bag gingerly fell onto one of the nailblades, which was quickly ripped off by the empty hand.

"W-What are..."

"Now was that so hard? Why didn't you just do that in the first place"

As quickly as it appeared, her meta-made weapons disappeared, allowing her to search through the bag with her hand, only to come up short.

"All that for only 150? I thought she'd actually have enough to be worth her life."

While the victorious thief was complaining about her lackluster haul, she heard a voice behind her that came from the sleeping policeman.

"H-Huh? Hey, you!"

The policeman, getting up from his car, started jogging over to the scene of the crime, only to see the lying woman on the ground and no culprit to be seen.

"What on earth? Where'd she go?!"

The police officer, seeing that the culprit must have escaped, started running to his vehicle and began calling for backup. As he ran off, Stiletto came down from the fire escape that her legs were hanging off of. Landing on her hands and feet like a cat, she stood up once again gracefully and looked over her shoulder to look at the police that were travelling to the scene of the crime.

"There's going to be a lot of them now, huh? I should probably get out of here."

Turning her head back again, she lowered into a crouch position and dove towards the stairs of the fire escape, causing her to swing into the air, which she did almost silently while completing a backflip in the process.

After she far out of view, a police officer walked into the alleyway and picked something on the ground. It was a piece of paper with rushed hand-writing on it, and a small insignia of a mask next to the words.

"You're Welcome!! -signed Stiletto~"

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Stilleto Empty Re: Stilleto

Post by Zonkes April 30th 2020, 6:46 pm

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