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Fylia the Nereid

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Fylia the Nereid  Empty Fylia the Nereid

Post by Cerek April 17th 2020, 8:04 pm

Fylia Beimos

"I can find way, I know all of Ocean."

The Bio

Real Name: Fylia Beimos
Hero Name: Nereid
Title: Nereid
Alignment: Chaotic good
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Nymph/shark
Hair:Short brunette and curly
Blood type:N/A

The Looks

The Personality

Spunky and rather upbeat if not a little reserved. Fylia is a seasoned sea fairer and boasts a lot of confidence from her years travelling and mapping the ocean. Very dutiful in her charge she helps vessels hit by storms and guides them to safety with a selfless bold nature. When she's on duty then it's all serious as can be. Off duty she's rather absent minded and easily led astray by idle curiosities. Not having spent very long periods with surface dwellers always draws her towards getting into something she usually should not. She has a tendency to come off kind of aloof or ditsy until she becomes more comfortable around someone. That's when her attitude changes to something more animalistic perse.
The Story

Of course not one of the original fifty daughters of Nereus the nymph sharks are still descended from the same blood line. Made stronger in every way from their predecessors the modern Nereid can serve modern vessels at sea. Fylia grew up in the Pacific near the coast of Australia, her clan has good relations with the locals due to the free service they provide. With the long mix of cultures Fylia naturally gained an Australian accent. She married young to one of the merfolk that dwelled in the deep cities. They were both young and naive, the relationship was always on the rocks. He didn't care for aiding those on the surface and often disliked them. The politics of the surface versus the Ocean dwellers never truly mattered to Fyia, she did her job regardless of what was going on.

The strain on her relationship hit it's peak when she was tasked to bring a lost ship of whalers into a Japanese harbour, it wasn't something she particularly loved but she did what she needed to. It was a shock when the boat exploded from underneath, a good portion of the crew was thrown overboard. Fylia did her best to help them but soon found herself caught on something, or something had her. When she looked down she saw the merfolf, a few killing the whalers in the water, some still attacking the vessel and a few were pulling at her. Fylia tried to fight them off but she was already a bit tired and they had great numbers. Eventually knocking her out cold as the ship sank.

She awoke to the sight of her sisters carrying her back home, only for a brief moment before losing conscience again. But one thing she definetely knew is one mentioned the name of her husband as the one responsible. She was healed of her injuries and back on her feet, the whole time her mate was not to be found. It wasn't long until all the sympathetic and awkward stares made it apparent what was going on. He had been arrested for informing some rebellious factions of a possible target. One would think she would be curious about why, she was certainly enraged and depressed. But she never had the curiosity to go and ask her ex why he did that horrid thing, why he would willingly put her in danger like that. Perhaps it was her way of just blocking him from her life, cutting him away like he never happened. But far more likely is the fear of him saying he never loved her, something that would always keep her at arms length from relationships.

She continues her efforts today rescuing ships from the doom of the abyss, but she has also volunteered in more militaristic ways hunting down the rebel merfolk that "ruined a good life."
The Priority

1. Agility1
2. Endurance4
3. Reaction3
4. Strength2

The Powers

-Pressure: Within an 3x3x3 metre area Fylia can compress water similar to the effects of low depth in the ocean, she can also lighten it's density. This power allows her to sink as low as she needs to. She can in this way hold something in stasis and apply up to

-Strong biostructure: Made stronger than the elder Nereids, this shark hybrid has a great level of physical strength and endurance. Able to survive a grenade sized explosion at point blank and haul a yacht sized vessel through water.

-Touched by Poseidon: The God of the oceans, horses and earthquakes grants Nereids the ability to instinctively sense oncoming weather changes. A Nereid can sense a storm coming hundreds of kilometers away.

-Jet stream: The influence Nereids have over water is not to directly control it but to shift it. Along with the aerodynamic design of this new kind of Nereid comes influence over water enough to form a shifting thin barrier of water around them. This increases swim speeds to mach 5 speeds.

The Weaknesses

Environmental weakness: Though when out of water she's never at her best there are some environments that simply cripple her. The desert, mountains, frigid environments. All these render her in an all but useless state.

-Electricity: This weakness isn't really to do with her being an aquatic creature but her being a shark. Electrical interference can throw off everything including; sense of direction, cognitive thought, motor functions and sense of smell.

-Disease: Having the immune system of an aquatic being, the various illnesses that plague surface dwellers hit her all the more hard. She is also much more susceptible to poisons and venoms.

-Hydration: Being out of water for more than a day starts to dry her skin and cause health problems. Trouble breathing, heart pains and muscle ache. If not submerged within two days may enter cardiac arrest.

-Grains: Anything made with grains or wheat is toxic to Nereids of her kind, causing nausea and vomiting for a few hours. This includes beer and, ale and any other drink.

-Pollution: Being an aquatic being the levels of pollution in the ocean are a huge issue.

-Photosensitivity: Due to spending a majority of her life in the deep parts of the Ocean Fylia as well as all her kind are especially susceptible to being overwhelmed by bright lights and neon lights.

-Thymos glove: Must be recharged and only has limited uses a day. (6)

-Since the weaponry is made of water it is still very conductive of electricity. It also requires nearby water to work.

The Items

Thymos glove: A glove from the design of Hephaestus himself. They can form any source of water into a solid weapon of the users desire. The weapon is unbreakable and can morph at any time.

The Minions

The Fluff

-Natural compass: While submerged in any body of water instantly can tell cardinal directions, this power granted not by Poseidon but by Nereus her God and creator.

-Old arts: Not an extraordinary super power but an ancient form of combat practiced among the Amazon tribes and deadly Thracian gladiators in old times. The style is very grapple heavy and perfect for those of a larger and more physically dominant build.
The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Fylia the Nereid  Empty Re: Fylia the Nereid

Post by Zonkes April 19th 2020, 9:45 pm

Needs one more weakness to the glove. Then we're gucci.
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Fylia the Nereid  Empty Re: Fylia the Nereid

Post by Zonkes April 19th 2020, 10:06 pm

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Location : Somewhere between hell and a hand basket
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Job : Professional Slacker
Humor : What’s the difference between a clown and a pancake? Not much after the steamroller incident.
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Fylia the Nereid  Empty Re: Fylia the Nereid

Post by Sponsored content

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