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Takuma Empty Takuma

Post by FantasyBound April 11th 2020, 3:21 am

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Takuma 'Ryou' Yuudai
Takuma Takuma12

Takuma Qi-Chinese-Medicine-Acupuncture-San-Antonio-Texas-2-1080x675

Real Name: Takuma 'Ryou' Yuudai
Hero Name: Hamilton
Title: Vessel
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Physically 17, mentally 17, timeline-wise 35+
Gender: Male
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’ 08”
Weight: 163 lbs.
Blood type: AB-


A lanky and slim teen with some hardly any visible muscle on his body. He has curly, thick black hair that reaches down his neck that he likes to have pulled back away from his face, he says it's simply for efficiency but he also thinks it makes him look cool, alas his lacking understanding of what's 'in' at the moment. He has a round face that makes him look a lot more youthful, and alongside his lack of any way to grow facial hair at the moment, he has received the ever so cursed 'baby face'. Takuma wears cheap T-shirts of mostly plain colors, occasionally throwing on one with some form of a pop-culture reference.

Takuma has two pitch-black dots on the base of his neck, and long thin lines running up and over his skull under his hair, these light up and steam with use of his abilities, acting as heatsinks for his brain.

He moves with a bit of a rhythm, as he is always listening to a song or video. Sometimes he 'drums' with his hands, yet he never played the drum before. He holds himself loosely, and it's hard to get him to look professional, as he considers if he can show them what he can do he can prove himself beyond criticism of his appearance.

Everything Takuma wears is loose, he is often barefoot, but has a pair of sneakers in his bag in case he goes to a place that won't let him in without shoes. He often has on a tank top and sweatpants with his bag on his back.

Takuma is incredibly simple-minded, but due to his meta-human power, he can generate hundreds of these simple-minded solutions to solve complex problems. Takuma is completely without an inherent goal except 'prove I'm something worthwhile'. Takuma has a few triggers which will generate a strong response from him, but otherwise, he is able to upkeep the definition of a lazy, hopeless teen. Takuma cares little for appearance and even less for social behavior, he will say what he wants in front of people he feels couldn't threaten him back, and he will do whatever he wants wherever he wants unless there is a specific rule against this, example dancing on a table at an outdoor restaurant, seeing as there aren't any rules against him specifically going up there, an example what he wouldn't do is go swimming in a fountain with a sign that tells people to avoid doing that. Takuma has little understanding of most normal people's behavior and will require assistance from patient people to explain stuff to him.

Takuma was physically a perfectly normal child, living on a small rural coastal town in Japan, provided that both his parents where meta-humans, he too was expected to acquire some sort of supernatural ability in his youth. He was three years old when he had to be admitted to the hospital for how he described it 'moving, flickering pain'. Nobody could understand exactly what could have caused these reactions, but they did find he was most comfortable by himself when little electrical objects were near him, and little human contact was made.

One day, three well-dressed individuals coming from some form of government-funded organization offered to treat Takuma, the treatment would take years to properly run its course but if it would work he could live to be a normal person again. They displayed that Takuma was hypersensitive to energy specifically when they put batteries the had a full charge near him he would experience rashes, empty ones didn't affect him much other than a slight itch. His parents agreed, signing Takuma to head off with these strange heroes to see if they could find a cure. The agreement was signed 1979.

Takuma remembers waking up in some woodlands, an absolutely totaled helicopter, a metal coffin, and a strange sense of... Knowing. Takuma ran off to find some civilization. He was in the united states, no idea what year he was born, exactly how old he was, or what the hell people kept asking him. He was taken in by another Japanese homeless man by the name of Katsuro, and he taught Takuma how to survive in this world before they eventually parted ways after one year. Katsuro and Takuma traveled by hitchhiking and made up an elaborate story how they had everything was taken from them as a father and son duo with some very rich ex-wife, and they had there identification stolen, this usually worked perfectly fine. Katsuro was a meta-human too, just one with a very unconventional ability, he perceived everything at about one-tenth of the speed it was actually going, meaning one day to him was like a week and a half to anyone else, Katsuro often took rather potent drugs to speed up his perception of time and make it so days seemed manageable, he became an addict to this substance and hasn't been able to keep a steady job. Takuma has lived mostly in seclusion out in woodlands, paying people for information so that he could try and live the most comfortable life as a person without identity, unable to work.

Katsuro always told him his abilities could be used for something greater than surviving, but thriving, and rising other people around him with his abilities.

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

1. Awareness
2. Willpower
3. Empathy
4. intelligence


Definition of a vessel - Takuma is a vessel for all scientific energies(Scientific Energy is what I like to call any sort of mundane one that exists IRL. He will not be emitting souls, magical, ki, anything that is 'paranormal'. But from there he only doesn't have anything to do with gravity and the associated traits held by gravity.). Under his skin is a second layer of pitch-black skin that can be seen when he receives light cuts and the like, removing his first layer of skin. This second layer of skin leaks with a myriad of mundane energy types, heat, light, radiation, kinetic, electrical... About anything conceivable. This energy leak only hurts people who have a specific weakness to an energy type, and even then it is a super visible slow-flowing 'stream' of it, very easy to dodge. It comes into play when someone attempts to drain energy from him, if it is intended to hinder him he will appear unaffected. If it is a direct attempt at sealing away or preventing the use of his powers, he seems unaffected. If someone is attempting to copy, or directly drain him and use his power on themselves or into a device, the 'drainer' will receive an incredible backlash, potentially destroying the item or knocking out the attacker.

Ergokinetic sensation, addition of multitasking[PERMISSION BASED] - Takuma has multiple 'consciousness' working on things, memorizing languages, playing back youtube videos he listened to in his sleep, and able to operate very specific parts of his body in tandem with one another, allowing superhuman agility, memory, and precision(Not enhanced speed, he is just able to move with a machine-like precision). This odd form of enhanced intelligence makes it so Takuma is able to utilize his other ability, by 'booting up' his brain, he can detect energy sources within a 30-meter radius and what kind of energy it is, the more closer he is to the source the more effective this is, due to so much latent energy around the entire universe, Takuma can acquire a near-exact view of a 5-meter radius, able to see through objects unless they can block electro-magnetism or radiation. His lines on his scalp and the two dots at the base of his neck glow and steam with the use of this ability.
(For better clarification of HOW good this sensory is. he can detect the types of energy and how strong they are in the areas around him, so he can detect large amounts of heat energy coming from a living body, if a battery has charge or not.)

Ergokinetic Barrier - A thin, invisible field surrounds Takuma, as long as he can detect the presence of an attack targeting him, he can greatly slow it down before it makes contact with him. With this, he could slow down a small arms fire to only just break his skin, and most punches by a normal human wouldn't be capable of touching him.

Potential Heat - Takuma's second skin superheats when he uses his abilities, potentially burning the first layer of skin and whatever is underneath, causing him to cook inside of his body. If too much energy that is generated into close proximity of him, and he doesnt already anticipate it(example, it only works on his allies or if there is a super clear preemptive charge up, like a fireball growing in size) and his super senses are active, he will receive a rapid increase in temperature and have his abilities shut down.

Your not a wizard: Takuma cannot manipulate, detect, or really do anything with magic. If this magic influences physical things, like creating heat, he can detect that, so raw magic is invisible to his super senses. However, his ability 'Definition of a Vessel' still works on magical drainage and hindrance.

Destiny Blind - Sometimes, Takuma cannot detect people, these individuals are glitches in destiny, individuals with a powerful sense of purpose or simply purpose so great it's almost like the universe revolves around them... This makes his super senses permission-based.

Agitative Skin - People with fine control of supernatural energies can get Takuma to 'short-circuit' and release shockwaves from his skin, tearing the first layer of flesh off but leaving the fragile underlayer undamaged... Until broken. The second skin can be broken by simply rubbing it once with a rough cloth.

Ultra Visible - Takuma is essentially a beacon for crazy stuff. He is incredibly easy to locate with any form of energy detection, and things that rely on it, including heat-seeking weapons, will be able to detect him through huge surfaces, sometimes they will even avoid generally easier targets to go after him.

Takuma currently has the clothes on his back, a slingshot with a few metal BB's, and a small backpack with a blanket and some rope. He carries multiple kitchen knives and a portable stove to cook on. Takuma doesn’t carry, but will purchase a dollar store quality mask to be used as a disguise when he does hero work, throwing it out after use.


- He loves strawberry flavoring in desserts, but when with others he will choose the oddest flavor he can find, just to seem a touch more sophisticated, and to avoid looking “wimpy” by taking such a sweet flavor.
- He finds girls with sharp teeth oddly super attractive and even cute… And the more sharp teeth the better. Fangs barely cut it. More like a shark, yeah…
- He is convinced that pouring salt in one's own wounds toughens them up, but if someone else does it, it will act as a weakener.
- He often has dreams of losing a sock and not being able to find it, but then goes on crazy adventures to find his sock. Even more strange, it’s usually an omen for him when he loses a sock that something crazy will happen that day, he may even find a sock later in some odd place.
- He currently can cook most dishes with fish in it with little prior knowledge, he also knows how to clean most fish.
- He wishes he could play an instrument, especially a saxophone. He also wishes he could use a skateboard, do a backflip(or literally any kind of flip), speak fluent Spanish, hold his breath for five minutes, and draw super cool manga. Not all at the same time of course… Unless...
- He is heavily inspired by 70-90's American culture, and japans take on it.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Takuma Empty Re: Takuma

Post by Silus August 2nd 2020, 8:45 am

For the sake fo clarity, I'm going to ask you to slightly better define "scientific energies". Though from what I can see, if it's what I think it is...the all seems good as long as it keeps the Permission based things.

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Takuma Empty Re: Takuma

Post by Chellizard August 2nd 2020, 12:53 pm

As long as Zell has no qualms, approved and moved.

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Takuma Empty Re: Takuma

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