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Terry White

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Terry White Empty Terry White

Post by Vorik March 28th 2020, 8:12 pm

Terry White


The Bio

Real Name: Terry White
Hero Name: Doctor Impossible
Title: Doctor Impossible
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 60
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5,11
Weight: 163
Blood type: B+

The Looks

An elderly white male in his 60s. He has soft features with a bald head and a somewhat big nose. Most of his face is hidden behind his thick white beard. His brown eyes hold an understanding in them and he wears an old pair of oval glasses.

His body-type is more or less average with his stomach showing just hints of a starting belly. What he wears in and out of "costume" is the same. That being, a pair of brown slacks, a white button up with a tan sweater on top of it.

The Personality

A kind old man with not a single mean bone in his body. Reserved, modest, and above all, caring. He believes that life is all about making a difference for those around you. There is pain in the world and he believes a lot of the reason behind it is that no one ever asked why, or if people were ok. Despite his reputation, he does not like the praise he gets and only wishes people view him as a person so they wouldn't call what he does impossible. Everyone is a person to him. Terry supports the idea of heroes but does not approve of it. In his opinion, wearing a mask means you are afraid to be yourself and you should never feel  ashamed of trying to help others.
The Story

Growing up in Boston, life was hard. His family was destitute in a time where financial relief was as big of a thing. He did what he could to help his parents out but it never amounted to much. Taken in by CPS in his teens, he had a rebellious streak a mile wide and would constantly get in trouble. It was  only when he was kicked out of school and forced to live in a shelter that he truly realized what he was doing with his life. Surrounded by those society has not given a chance to he cleaned up his act and got his life together. Years passed as he finished high school and eventually a PH.D in Psychology, but throughout it all, he always made time to help at the community shelter to never forget those life had been unkind to.

His life wasn't all work and school as he happened upon the love of his life, Janice. A being too pure for this world and always made him wish he was a better man. They had a perfect marriage, during the day she worked  at a children's hospital while he taught college psychology, and at night, they would tell stories and laugh. Life was perfect. Sadly, life always changes for better or worse and Terry found himself alone. Janice was caught in the collateral of a super fight back in 2008. The loss broke Terry. He retired and was a recluse for 4 years before he finally convinced himself that Janice wouldn't want this for him. She always pushed him to do what felt right in his heart. Promising his wife that he would be go out there and be that difference, he set off into the world to help those around him.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Incredible Luck
The closest thing Terry has to a "power" is his bizarre luck. Whether its karmatic justice, some divine oversight, or just plain chance, he seemingly escapes harm every time to increasingly extraordinary means.

A master at understanding people, he is able to see right to the heart of the problem most people deal with. Often, he knows just what to say to win someone over.
The Weaknesses

Bleeding Heart
There are countless people out there, hurting. How can he just stand by and let them suffer when he can make a difference? Terry is a bleeding heart who is compelled to help anyone, regardless of how they treat him. He will not abandon people to save himself.

After numerous events of him talking down villains from their crimes he has become somewhat idolized. The news calls him "Doctor Impossible" for his heroic deeds of not only standing up to these villains, but also stopping them unscathed, a seemingly impossible task for most heroes. Because of his publicity, most of the criminal underground is out to get him. Whether it's assassins hired to kill him, villains wanting to increase their reputation, or more, he has a target on his back.

Baseline Human
You will not find feats of incredible strength, nor the ability to run at super speed. All you will find is a kind old man.
The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

Beloved Figure
The people love and believe in Terry. The majority of the city sees him as one of the great heroes and will treat him as such. Many would jump at the chance to help the old guy if he needed a little help, such as a place to sleep or some food. Although they support Terry, the public isnt going to jump directly into harm's way for him.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
He may be a lucky man, but he constantly finds himself walking into danger just as the other shoe drops. He doesn't actively seek trouble but trouble is always popping up around him wherever he goes.
The RP Sample

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Terry White Empty Re: Terry White

Post by Zonkes March 28th 2020, 9:18 pm

Approved! I'm so excited to see him in play!

I did help with this character, so if there is an issue with my approval; please take it up with me.
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Terry White Empty Re: Terry White

Post by Chellizard October 28th 2021, 12:11 am

Converted to Story NPC. Ineligible for use as solo character, must be used alongside other player characters.

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Terry White Empty Re: Terry White

Post by Sponsored content

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