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Tyrannosorcerer Empty Tyrannosorcerer

Post by Zonkes December 15th 2019, 10:26 pm


"You mammals think you have won the evolutionary arms race simply because you “created” society? Fools. I created an empire while your ancestors scurried along the jungle floor, trying not to get squished or devoured. "

The Bio

Real Name: Tetzimoc
Villain Name: The Tyrannosorcerer
Title: The Undying Vengeance, The First Mage
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Well over 65 million years old
Gender: Male
Race: Altered Tyrannosaurus Rex
Hair: Feathers over his head colored bright red and black
Eyes: Black sclera and Orange Irises
Height: Altered form (The one he is normally in): 7’9”, Primal Form: 23 feet tall
Weight: Altered form: 373 lbs, Primal Form: 39,000 lbs
Blood type:

The Looks

Primal Form - A tyrannosaurus approximately 23 feet tall with black and red feathers covering a body, equally covered in purple and green scales. Tetzimocs exposed scales are covered in white scars from long fought battles.

Altered form - Tetzimoc is a humanoid covered in purple and green scales, with red and black feathers covering his head, almost like long hair. Under his right eye, both of which have black sclera with orange irises, is a long white scar reaching down to his collarbone.

The Personality

Tetzimoc is a highly logical, but also highly prideful being. Tetzimoc has trouble understanding things like humor, good will, and even sarcasm. Because of this, Tetzimoc is easily enraged by such things, and will attempt to destroy whatever or whoever foolishly decides to mock him in such a way.

The Story

We all think that we know the story of the dinosaurs, right? I mean, science has shown us over and over what the cause of the KT extinction event was, and why shouldn’t we believe what science has to say?

Because science doesn’t know the truth.

Ancient Dinosaurs roamed the earth in Tetzimocs youth. Beasts both powerful and feeble, but Tetzimoc and his kin were the undisputed champions of their landscape. They earned the moniker of Rex.

While Tetzimoc has trouble recalling exactly what his childhood was like, he remembers one event with extreme clarity.

It was midafternoon, Tetzimoc was chasing down a small creature, a mere trifle at best, but food had been hard to chase down ever since he had wounded his leg, and at least this one would be easy to catch.

A bright light, and an explosion. Tetzimoc was thrown clear, but his prey wasn’t so lucky. He loomed over the object that had stolen his dinner, and sniffed. “Initiating transferral protocol.” A strange wave of energy was sent into his body from the object, and Tetzimoc awoke. Had he been sleeping? The T-Rex didn’t think so. Wait, he could think. What is this inner monologue in his brain? “Knock it off!” The creature, newly transformed into something small and unrecognizable, said as he slapped at his still scaly head.

Wait… He looked down, and saw… his arms? How did he know what these were? He hadn’t really seen them before. He heard a rumbling from behind him, and inside was an odd stone book. Why was it odd? Well because Tetzimoc had never seen one before, obviously.

Tetzimoc picked up the book and found some shelter. When he opened it, the text glowed. The transferral process made it a snap to read the book, and even allowed him to cast spells that he would’ve otherwise thought impossible.

He sat the book down, and slept. It wasn’t a long slumber, Tetzimoc had thought, but it was long enough that the world had changed slightly. His kin were gone, being replaced by other large carnivores, carnivores that decided to try and eat him. Well, Tetzimoc couldn’t simply allow that. So he cast a spell and took over the mind of the creature… It was so easy… In fact… He did it again, and again until eventually, he had conquered the planet. He used his subjects combined strengths to create a city, a mega-city, where he would be the undisputed ruler for all time. However, after all that, he decided he needed a nap.

Once again, when Tetzimoc awoke; the city had changed, and his followers had changed thanks to Tetzimocs influence. They had become as intelligent as him, but they had attempted to overthrow their sleeping king.

Enraged, Tetzimoc gathered all of his power. All of the mana that the city had gathered for him. And he summoned a great fireball. 16 miles wide, and 50 miles deep.

His city, and his world, disappeared, and Tetzimoc slept.

Until the mammals broke down his door...

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Tyrannosaurus Rex Physiology - Being a Tyrannosaurid, Tetzimoc has several abilities related to that, even in his altered form including

  • Dermal Armor - Tetzimoc is capable of taking hits like an elephant, and most small munitions will have little to no effect against his tough hide.

  • Thick Skull - Tetzimocs skull is incredibly thick, and hitting him on the head is unlikely to do much more than hurt your own hand. His skull is capable of taking heavy weapons fire without much trouble.

  • Titanic Strength - Tetzimoc is capable of lifting upwards of 30 tons, with a strike force of 40 tons.

  • Titanic Bite - Tetzimoc can bite down with a force similar to three cadillacs falling out of the sky. Granted, this ability is almost useless in his altered form.

  • Enhanced Smell - Tetzimoc can easily sense where an enemy is located by their smell alone.

Primal Reversion - Tetzimoc can use his magical abilities to go between his Primal Form and his Altered form at will.
The Spells

Primal Roar - Tetzimoc unleashes a powerful sonic roar that shakes the earth and tears trees from the ground.

Tremendous Step - Tetzimoc stomps his foot to cause a powerful tremor, strong enough to flip cars and destroy concrete.

Amber Shot - Tetzimoc growls out an incantation, then spits a glob of magical amber at a target. The amber then spreads from where it lands until it eventually binds the person's entire body.

Falling Sky - Tetzimoc raises his hands towards the sky, and summons a meteor that is approximately 5 cubic feet. The meteor only damages the target that Tetzimoc has designated, and due to his multi-million year slumber; cannot be as broad as “all humans” or “all humans in this area”.

Reptillian Transformation - Tetzimoc transforms a mammal into a reptile, most likely some form of dinosaur. When used against a human, they become like Tetzimoc, an altered humanoid dinosaur or reptile. (Permission Based)

Reptillian Mind Control - Tetzimoc can control the minds of reptiles, even those that he has transformed. (Permission Based)

Miniature Ice Age - Tetzimoc transforms an area the size of a city block into a miniature ice age, freezing the area until Tetzimoc is defeated through combat; or until he ends the spell.

Stone Age - Tetzimoc can transform inorganic material into stone and back again through an incantation.

Egg Shell Shield - Tetzimoc summons an invisible oval shaped shield around himself, the shield can protect from any sort of damage for a short period of time.

Primal Camoflauge - Tetzimoc can become almost invisible for a short period of time, blending into a background almost completely.

The Weaknesses

Primal Instinct - While the tyrannosorcerer is exceedingly intelligent, especially when compared to his kin, his brain is still very much reptillian. As such, it's hardwired for instinctual reactions and logic. Taking advantage of that is a very good way to defeat him.

Bad Eye Sight - The Tyrannosorcerer cannot see very well at all. In fact, his eye-sight is so bad that he cannot see you while you're moving, and has trouble discerning a human from say... a mannequin.

Egg-like durability - The Egg shield, while technically impenetrable for the first hit or two; cracks and holes form soon after. Hitting the same spot once or twice will break the shield, and hit Tetzimoc.

Agility - One must keep in mind that whilst in his primal form, Tetzimoc is huge and weighs over 19 tons. Moving quickly and gracefully isn’t an option. Turning in small spaces is also a no go.

Cold Blooded - Tetzimoc is a cold blooded animal. This makes him sluggish and barely able to move. If left in the cold long enough, he will be forced into hibernation.

Regents - Tetzimoc requires blood for many of his spells, and without it; he cannot cast any spell except for his egg shell shield - which requires a piece of egg shell instead - or Stone Age - which only requires a piece of stone.

Teeny Tiny Arms - Casting in his primal form is… difficult at best. The only spells that he can cast are Primal Roar and Tremendous Stomp

Teeny Tiny Arms 2 - Wielding any sort of weaponry whilst in his primal form is impossible for Tetzimoc, as even weapons modified for his use wouldn’t be effective given his arms in this case are not muscular in the least.

Tetzimoc has a weak joint, with a pronounced limp on his left leg. Striking that spot will cause the tyrannosaur to fall.

Tetzimoc requires higher oxygen intake than average, but can still survive in lower altitudes. Taking him to higher altitudes, would cause the tyrannosaur to pass out after a few minutes. (3 to 5 posts depending on the height)

Tetzimoc has an overly sensitive sense of smell, which is highly distracting when used against him.

Vocal - The primal roar requires that Tetzimoc be able to roar, and as such; requires his mouth to function.

The Items

The Reptile Grimoire - A book of spells, and incantations that can only be cast under certain circumstances.
Weakness - The grimoire has spells that can only be cast under certain circumstances, such as a full moon or heat exceeding a couple hundred degrees. As such, the book is hardly useful to Tetzimoc, as he has already memorized all the spells that help his immediate survival.

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

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Tyrannosorcerer Empty Re: Tyrannosorcerer

Post by Silus December 27th 2019, 6:53 am

There's nothing about this I don't love.

Approved until stated otherwise

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