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Deals in Noisy Alleys 2.0

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INV ONLY Deals in Noisy Alleys 2.0

Post by Nate6595 on December 15th 2019, 3:34 am

Music pulsated through the air the damp air of the street. Lines stretched from the doorways and along the walls of establishments as people waited to enter the numerous clubs and bars that filled the street. Kabukicho is a popular red-light district in Tokyo. Several night clubs and attractions operate in the evenings bringing in large numbers of people looking for a fun evening full of entertainment, in many senses of word. However, among those searching for entertainment there was an entirely different group with their own interests. Among those who lived in Tokyo many knew that Kabukicho was home to several underground and less than legal groups. Several gangs moved about the area, going about their shady business.

Lucas Gills and his loyal bodyguard Seven stood in front of one of many clubs. While Seven could speak the language, he couldn’t read it. Thankfully Lucas deciphered the club’s name for him; Neon Lights, or something along those lines. This was apparently the club to go to. The line here was the longest and the bodyguards at the door were dutiful in who they let in.

Of course, Lucas and Seven weren’t here for a simple club. The club was just a front to one of the stronger gangs in the area. Their visit here was strictly business. Apparently, one of the gang members was a skilled chemist and was on the breakthrough for a new highly addictive, hallucinogenic drug that came in a small pill form. The drug wasn’t widespread in the public yet but Isaac, both Lucas’s and Seven’s boss had caught wind of it and wanted in on the pie.

Words were exchanged, some incentives given, and the two groups had agreed to a meeting. Of course, Isaac could’ve sent people and in caused problems, but it was much easier to negotiate things out. If they didn’t comply with their deal, then there would considerations for a hostile approach. But Lucas was sure that they could avoid such a thing.

Seven had started forward towards the long line but Lucas stopped him. He motioned to the alleyway next to the club and there, standing in the shadows was a short man in a white suit. He gave a nod to them to which Lucas returned, and the two headed over to him. The short man lead the two of them into the back, which seemed to be a storage area, and down a staircase. Above, Seven could steal hear the pulsating dance music, but down here there was dankness to it.

The short man told them to wait, giving Seven a better chance of looking around the room. Lucas grinned at him, “Hey. Bud. Don’t ya worry about a goddamn thing. I doubt you’ll even have to swing that sword. This gangsters got nothing on ya, bud.”

Seven nodded, continuing to look around. The room they seemed to be in was just a…chillout room? The floor was carpeted with a soft mesh, there were several couches and tables with drinks and other substances. The gangsters down here, while keeping their eyes on the two newcomers, seemed content with enjoying the benefits of their work. However, beyond this room there were two others closed off by doors and then a staircase that led further downward. Seven could only assume that the boss they’d be meeting with was further down.

Seven took in a breath, exhaled, and rested a hand on the handle of his katana.

Elsewhere, the local police of Tokyo had caught wind of the coming drug deal and while they didn’t have enough evidence to act on, they put out a request to several other departments and companies for the aid of heroes to come in and relieve the situation that was going. The location of the club was given as well as the meeting times, the only thing they didn’t have was the identities and what exactly would be traded.

Of course, they weren’t the only group to catch wind of this. The knowledge of the drug would be well known to the villainous societies of the world and any seeking to…get in on the action could also arguably stand to gain something by interrupting the deal.

Regardless, whatever happened it would be far from a quiet night.
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