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Vortex Empty Vortex

Post by Randolf October 14th 2019, 12:48 am


"Everyone has a price. Mine was bought a long time ago."

The Bio

Real Name: Jack Hamilton
Villain Name: Vortex
Title: The Smuggler, Mister Midnight, Jackal
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blues
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160 lbs
Blood type: B Positive

The Looks

Jack is a fairly standard young adult with only slightly above average looks, which allows him to easily get lost in crowds. His hair is kept short but is usually quite messy, giving him a bedraggled look to him. His eyes are a deep blue and allows him to give a piercing gaze when he wants to.

Jack dresses more for comfort than style, usually sticking to t-shirts and jeans when he can. He wears sneakers that have seen better days but were clearly quite well cared for. A pair of glasses complete the look, ones that tint themselves in the sunlight, thanks to his bad natural eyesight.

His current villain costume is fairly basic: a poorly fitted black suit, some black colored dress shoes, a pair of black gloves, a balaclava that covers everything but the eyes, and a pair of retro sunglasses that would be home in the eighteen hundreds. He covers his bad eyesight by wearing contacts with his this outfit.

The Personality

Jack is a very driven individual who puts his goals above almost everything else.  He likes to plan things out as much as possible and tends to take more cautious approach to things if he can, though he is not afraid to do things fast and dirty if he needs too. He does not care about the loss of life in pursuit of his goals though he does not go out of his way to cause them either. Holding grudges is something Jack does very well and while he won't take ever slight personal it is hard to get off of his list when you get on it.

In his villain persona he tends to take a bit more of a showy approach. He wants to dazzle both friends and enemies if he can so he tends to act outrageously on the rare occasion. This is more to throw off others from his civilian persona and to make others underestimate him.

Jack likes to put on a carefree, almost ditsy persona when in his civilian alias. While he doesn't go out of his way to interact with other people, he doesn't hide from them either. He tends to tell people that he travels a lot in this persona, so that it helps cover his power usage.

The Story

Born into his family as the middle child of three, Jack grew up in a loving if chaotic environment in his earlier years. His parents were well off so he nor his siblings were never left wanting, which allowed Jack to grow up fairly spoiled. This changed when his father suddenly got into a accident on work one day, becoming crippled in his legs, and having to quit his job. His mother started to work overtime to help pay for the bills and medical expenses, and though Jack had to tighten his belt a little bit while growing up a bit quicker than other kids his age, the family started to settle back into a routine.

School for Jack wasn't the easiest but he managed to pull out enough A's and B's to be one of the better students in his local school. He didn't play too many sports though and tended to keep more to himself, not making many friends along the way. This changed when he graduated high school and managed to get a scholarship to a local college, he joined a few active clubs and started to come out of his shell so to speak to form a group of relatively close nit friends. During his time at college he managed to go on a couple of trips to europe and south america as events for the clubs he was in, usually heading to some historically important site or sporting event.

His life was flipped upside down when he got a call during one of these trips, a family friend told him that there had been a accident involving his family. His father was the only survivor of it and it did not look like he would survive the night. In his panicked rush to get home despite being thousands of miles away did his powers suddenly activate to open up a small portal in the middle of his own home. Stunned into inaction for a few seconds Jack soon leapt  through the portal and managed to flag down a taxi that took him to the local hospital where his father was being held. When he got there he meet with his father, who looked more akin to a pile of shredded meat than a human being, and collapsed by his side while crying. Suddenly his father woke up and in pained breathes began to explain that oh so long ago he was involved with the mob, but wanted out when he meet his wife.  They first found him on his work trip and managed to cripple his legs before help witnesses arrived to scare them away. Then they found where he lived all those years later and struck with his wife and other two kids were in the car with him.

As his father lay dying on the bed in front of him Jack promised him that he would get revenge upon the people that did this to his family. The last words his father told him were the names of the mafia members that had found him. After his father passed Jackal arranged a funeral for his family while selling off most of the family's possessions, both to secure some money for the future and to help stop remembering them so much. Soon after his days were filled with working out and training while his evenings were filled with researching the mafia and scourge up info on the names given to him. During the night he would test out his power of portals so to help with no one spotting him. During this time he dropped out of college and cut off all contact with his friends and families, focusing on getting revenge for his family.

The Priority

2. Agility
3. Endurance
1. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Portals- Vortex can open a portal to any place he has at least seen before with his natural eyesight.  When they open the portals show the destination on the other side of them, but are almost invisible if looked at from the side with how thin they are. Portals can work with only one side teleporting whoever walks through, or  double sided that allows anyone to walk through the portal through either side, with the one sided portal simply letting someone pass through it as if it wasn't there if they enter the wrong side. The portals open up extremely fast but do not appear instantly, with the larger the portal the more time it takes to fully open. He can open up a maximum of thirty square feet worth of portals at one time, though he can only open up five portals at once right now as long as they don't exceed the size limit.

The Weaknesses

Visualization- Vortex has to be able to picture the location of his portals would open in order to use them. His portals won't work when he is unconscious. If something is effecting his mind, like being drugged, his portals will be slow to open and might not open to the right location he thought of. Extreme emotional states will also effect his portals in unexpected ways, though the most common is slower opening portals.

Portal Stress- Vortex cannot keep a portal open forever. The longer a portal stays open the more stress will build up onto Vortex, causing him to pass out if it gets too much. While opening a portal for a few seconds isn't too much of a challenge for him, a portal that stays open for a minute or longer will start to build up stress upon him. Five minutes is the longest he has held it open though he passed out for hours right after. The portal stress goes away after not using the portals bit, though only gradually.

The Items

Basic Villain Suit- He has a very basic villain suit for now. It costed him a pretty penny to acquire but all it really does is function to cover his identity for now.

Handgun- He has a handgun for self defense. It is nothing special, holds twelve bullets before needing to reload, fairly accurate at short range, decent stopping power for it's size. Compact and easy to hide.

Photo book- A book filled with photos of all the places he has been. He uses this book to help visualize locations that he wants to open portals too. Is ever expanding as he visits new places or take pictures of difficult to open portal locations.

Camera- A high resolution camera that he uses to take photos with.  

The Minions


The Fluff

Jack likes to keep his civilian persona and villain persona separated as much as possible. He does this mostly by trying to not get found out in the first place but he is not above silencing others to keep his secret.

Prefers to not leave a paper trail of his travels if possible, thanks to the questions it could raise if someone looked too deeply into it. Comes up with excuses about traveling all the time thanks to his photography if asked about it.

The RP Sample

Tonight was a big night for Jack. Or should he call himself Vortex to get in character? Or Mister Midnight or whatever he was going for this meeting. It was nerves that was getting to him but he could not help it, he was meeting with the local gang he was trying to build a relationship with. Tonight was just suppose to be a little demo about what weapons he could provide for them but so much work put into getting on the gang's good side hinged on the meeting going well. And he needed the gang to accept him and his services, for he had hit a brick wall going through the official channels of his hunt. Which meant that he needed to either get into stronger, more secure databases like the government uses or do the more direct approach and start working the criminal element to find out more information about his targets.

Vortex was sitting on the roof of a building that was overlooking the warehouse where the meeting was suppose to take place and movement at the front of it drew him out of his thoughts. A couple of SUVs had pulled up to the place and a few bodies had gotten out of them. They were milling about the front as if they were a bit unsure of what to do, which was fair as this was probably the first time they would be buying guns in such a quantity and not simply stealing them.  Stretching up to his full height to get some kinks out of his back, Vortex soon opened a portal to the office inside of the warehouse which he had scouted out earlier. Locks didn't really matter much to those that could simply pop up on the inside, and there wasn't a real security system in place to detect him in this warehouse.

Stepping out into the office allowed Vortex to close the portal behind him. Taking a look around the room showed nothing had changed which was good and soon Vortex was moving toward the gate at the front of the warehouse. He stopped to check a well cared for crate that was out of place in the otherwise destitute warehouse, pulling out a few of the products he was looking to sell today. Mostly handguns but a few smgs and shotguns filled the crate, all of them fairly shiny and new looking.  He smiled at the fact that his supplier hadn't ripped him off, he paid quite a bit to acquire these firearms. Closing the crate before turning toward the gate that held the gangsters on the otherside, Vortex centered himself for a few more seconds and then proceeded to open the gate.

"Welcome, welcome! I hope I didn't keep you too long, had to make sure the goods were, heh, good. Now, let us get down to business!" Vortex said as he opened the gate, surprising the closest gangsters.  Still no guns were pulled on him just yet and soon they started to fill into the building, which was a good sign to Vortex. This was going to be a turning point in his investigation if all went well, he knew that. Once he got one foot in the door with the criminal elements, he could start sending out feelers for the information he sought.  Now he just had to make sure this deal went well...

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Vortex Empty Re: Vortex

Post by Zonkes October 14th 2019, 5:29 pm

Sorry to tell you this, but there’s only one Jack around here.

But despite this, I’ll approve you. Welcome to SHRP, faux-Jack!
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