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Rabbit Punch

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Rabbit Punch Empty Rabbit Punch

Post by Nate6595 on October 1st 2019, 4:57 am

Melody Potts

"If punching doesn’t work, try kicking."

The Bio

Real Name: Melody Elizabeth Potts
Hero Name: Rabbit Punch
Title: The Rabbit Hero
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue/Red
Height: 6’0
Weight: 137lbs
Blood type: B positive

The Looks

When in her human form Melody looks like a normal person, though much more fit. She’s been training all her life to become a world class boxer and very much has the physique of one. She is very buff, and it shows. Her hair is a short cut and snow white, her eyes a deep blue color. She tends to carry a very confident and determined expression on her face, usually wearing a very self-assured smirk. Her movements also carry this confidence, a stride that screams she’s a strong person.
In terms of attire, Melody usually wears normal clothes, sticking to jeans, tank tops, sweaters, boots, sneakers, so on and so forth. When she’s boxing, she wears the regular boxing attire, gym shorts, the top, and, of course, the bright red gloves.

In her hero form, her physical appearance changes. Her white hair grows longer, stretching the length down to her back. Her ears grow some too and become white and furry, similar to that of a rabbit’s. The color of her eyes shifts from blue to red, becoming a bit sharper. They hold a glance that is surprisingly more determined than her previous gaze.
For her hero outfit she wears padded light gear, enough to take some physical hits, but keeping her mobile. She wears a padded black vest with a white fur trim to it, under which she wears a black shirt with a white stripe stretching each of the arms as well as a white circle on her upper chest. She also wears a black skirt, also with white stripes on the sides and a white cotton tail on the back of it. Under her skirt she wears a light fabric pants that enable her to move more freely. The three most notable pieces of equipment are her gloves, her boots, and her mask. Her boots and gloves are both are both made with a new technology, though custom designed for her aesthetic. Her boots are white and made of some sort of metal mixed with cloth and they look similar to rabbit’s feet. Her gloves are made of the same metal and cloth as her boots, but instead look white metal fists. Both her gloves and boots do have small meters with white markers that seem to fill up the more she moves. The last piece of her outfit is her mask! It is thin white painted mask that holds the design of the rabbit, not at all cartoony, but more so artsy, like something that would be worn at an eloquent masquerade.

The Personality

Everything about Melody is confidence and determination. She is a very forward and blunt person, though she doesn’t really mean anything cruel by it. She’s actually very nice and encouraging, it can just be hard to tell beneath her tough persona. As a boxer she has always carried this sort of mindset, trying her best to be what she considers strong.

Beneath this, however, she does have a few nervous tendencies. When she is embarrassed by something she’ll often ignore the situation and avoid it, she doesn’t like being made fun of or risking the chance of that happening. She has a hard time going to people for help, though it is less present when working with a team during hero work, this more so applies for personal problems.

The Story

Melody grew up in a very small household with her mom, dad, and younger brother and sister. Her mother was a nurse and her father a couch for boxing. They lived a relatively comfortable life, though they rarely got to take trips or vacations, and there were some less…gifted Christmases, but they had a good life.

When she turned twelve Melody had taken up an interest in her father’s career. More than anything she wanted a chance to go in a ring and fight. She had always been a tough girl in her classes and often picked fights with other students, mainly the boys for calling her sissy. Believing that this would be a good outlet for her, her father accepted and began to teach. She practiced for years and years of her life, all throughout high school and then after graduating. More than anything she wanted to become a world known boxer, someone people could look up to.

When she was twenty, she became the Featherweight Champion in North America, earning her a great deal of recognition and following. However, in the days to follow this victory the course of her life would change when she found a young couple getting mugged. She intervened and managed to stop the empowered mugger while also discovering her own powers. It had been a strange sensation saving the couple, like she was really doing good in the world.

From there, she decided she would become a hero. She would convince a close friend to help her out with the suit and with a name. From there she would delve into the world of heroing. She quickly earned a name for herself. She is nowhere near the top or most popular hero but she has gotten a good following. There are even a few toys and other merchandise of her. As she continues to rise up, both in power and popularity she has not lost sight of her goal.
She will be the top hero one day. She knows it.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Reaction

The Powers

Power 1) Rabbit Stats!: Ever since melding with a rabbit Melody has taken on several traits similar to that of a rabbit! She is able to move at speeds of 30mph as well as having improved jump heights, lengths, and speeds (She can jump faster than she can run)! Not only that, but her hearing, long sightedness, and sense of smell have also improved, which in turn improved her reaction time. Finally, when she is in rabbit form she is more resistant to cold weathers.

Power 2) Thumper: The more Melody moves around she builds up energy in her body. The more energy she has the higher shock absorption she has. Additionally, she can release this energy in her attacks. While this energy doesn’t give her physical strength, it does give her a lot of stopping power. (Her gloves and boots have meters to alert to the current level of energy she has built up). She seems to be able to generate a lot of this energy by thumping her foot down. She is also able to release the most energy from her legs, making them her strongest method of attack.
Power 3) Rapid Rabbit: Thumper’s ability is based on how Melody moves but Mel can change the focus of where she gains this energy. In addition to her body movements she can add blood flow to the equation, even further, she can increase the rate of her blood flow. In doing this she is able to generate more energy at a quicker rate. Using this energy, like with Thumper, she can move faster, hit harder, and take more hits. With the increase of energy generation she able to hit harder, move faster, and take more hits more frequently and of greater caliber.

The Weaknesses

Overheat: The more energy she has built up from Thumper the more her body heats up, potentially causing her to overheat and pass out. When Rapid Rabbit is active her body heats up even more. At most, she can only maintain Rapid Rabbit for about five or so minutes.

Energy: If she stands still, or only performs small movements, the energy she has built up from Thumper will eventually start to drain. This energy is also lost when she throws energized attacks. Releasing energy also does cause some damage to herself and her muscles, just like any other physical exercise might. If she releases too much over a course of time she can seriously damage herself.

Carrot Time: In order for Melody to use her rabbit abilities she must consume a carrot. Depending on the size and quantity of the carrot(s) will determine how long she can use those abilities. She can still change her body to her rabbit form, but she will not have access to those abilities. She can still use Thumper without carrots if she so chooses.

The Items

Her hero equipment (listed in her appearance and her abilities).
Cellphone (can connect to police radios).
A pen for autographs.
A small pouch with carrots.

The Minions


The Fluff

Her tail.
There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how much energy she builds up and how much she can release. There have been numerous reports of her managing to stop speeding cars, trains, and even jet planes with her punches and kicks. There are even some that claimed she stopped a missile from landing with a punch and that she once punched so hard it stopped a tornado (but the only source of that is on online forums which claim she did, no actual evidence was shown).

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Rabbit Punch Empty Re: Rabbit Punch

Post by Silus on October 1st 2019, 3:50 pm

Pretty interesting idea. Approved until stated otherwise!

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