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Danny's Advancement

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Danny's Advancement  Empty Danny's Advancement

Post by Danny The Sphinx July 10th 2019, 11:13 pm

Cosmic Channel:

Character Advancement Description:   After only being able to commune with the forces of Earth for most of her heroine life, an increase in power allowed her to create and manipulate turquoise constructs. As the tests of time and space continued, the creation of those constructs slowly allowed Danny to see into a different force and hear different voices. The bracelet about her arm no longer can leave Danny's wrist, instead becoming a mantle around her neck and shoulders.

Once Danny enters into the Cosmic Channel, she is capable of becoming the vassal of Celestial Beings of the core of the universe. She is able to channel cosmic beams of gamma radiation blasts from her hands with enough force and power to destroy large buildings.

She gains the ability to fly and levitate. Her flight speed can exceed mach 5 within the atmosphere and can reach levels closing in on mach 20 outside of the atmosphere.

She can survive outside of the atmosphere in both pressure and temperature, but cannot assist anyone else in doing so.

While channeling the Cosmic Channel, Danny is capable of understanding travel lanes between time and space within dimensions, allowing her to traverse deep into the cosmos and to be able to pull large amounts of energy from the cosmos down to Earth to be able to channel or unleash.

Her turquoise constructs become cosmic entities, capable of acting on their own and taking commands from Danny telepathically. She is capable of controlling them directly through thought up to 100 miles away. They act off of basic commands when away from Danny, such as 'Defend, attack, evacuate'.

Her  physical fortitude increases to be able to withstand the radiation and the intensity of channeling the Cosmic Force.

She is also able to manipulate cosmic powers and material within others and be able to channel extra cosmic material to them in order to increase their capabilities.

Item/Character Advancement Weakness(es): Only usable if the stars are aligned so Danny can channel the powers of Celestial Guardians (Only happens in major arcs or quest threads against extra dimensional creatures)

Item/Character Advancement Price: 200

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