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Kotomi Amari

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Kotomi Amari Empty Kotomi Amari

Post by Captain Muffin July 7th 2019, 8:02 am

Kotomi Amari

"Heroes are nothing more than a pretty little lie. You put on your cape and your smile, save a few people and get praised. The truth is that with all your power you make the rest of the world weak. Everyone begins to depend on you to save them. What will happen when the day comes and there aren't any heroes around to save anyone?"

The Bio

Real Name: Kotomi Amari
Villain Name: The White Owl
Title: N/A
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Meta-Human / Mixed, African American and Asian American
Hair: Black, shoulder length, usually in a ponytail
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5'5'' / 165 cm
Weight: 145 lbs / 66 kg
Blood type: A+

The Looks

The Personality

As The White Owl, Kotomi is very cold and calculated. She very often comes of as a somewhat troubled individual with an extreme distaste for most powered individuals, especially those that call themselves heroes. She feels as if society is far too lenient and dependent on them. Kotomi also fears that the world is in danger of collapsing entirely if people are unable to grow stronger for themselves. That said, she also doesn't get along with other villains as their goals usually do not align with hers and she will often find herself at odds with them. However, Kotomi doesn't really consider herself a villain at all, she recognizes what she does as a necessary evil. She keeps her identity as the White Owl separate from her day to day life as a police detective.

When she's not running around as her alter ego, Kotomi keeps a similar but not exact conduct. She likes to be precise and direct, leaving very little room for what she considers foolishness. Her demeanor keeps her isolated and private, the way she likes it. Very occasionally she will shed her formal attitude and reach out to others, but it never lasts long because she considers friendship and happiness to be a distraction. The only true soft spot she has in her heart is for children.
The Story

   Kotomi is the bastard child of a brilliant scientist and a now-deceased superhero. Haruyo Amari, her mother, fled her very traditional family in Japan to avoid the life they had wanted for her. In America, she ended up getting her Doctorate in both biology and neurology in a rather short time. Haruyo was intrigued by the meta-gene and in time became rather obsessed with it. The way it seemed to alter the human physiology and evolve causing such drastic variations was unlike anything she had ever seen before, and soon it became her life's work to further study and understand the meta-gene. Haruyo's research into the meta-gene caught the eyes of the American government and she was offered funding in turn for giving the fruits of her research solely to the US government. Haruyo accepted with very little hesitation and began to sink heavily into her work.

   Haruyo's arrangement with the government was meant to be confidential, but nothing stays a secret forever. Somehow, word leaked out about her research and she became a target for multiple different parties interested in the meta-gene as well. One night Haruyo was unexpectedly attacked at her office by men in all black suits, their goal was to abduct her. She tried her best to fight them off, but with caught completely by surprise and without any real self-defense training she was helpless. By some stroke of luck though, a hero who happened to be in the right place at the right time managed to intervene and subdue the would-be abductors. Everything happened so quickly that Haruyo was left a little bit disoriented, she wasn't even able to thank her rescuer before he left.

   Due to the previous attack it was obvious there was an established threat now constantly coming after Haruyo, her staying in one place was no longer an option. In order to keep her safe, a system was developed to constantly keep Haruyo moving from place to place every few days as she continued her work. The process drove her a bit insane, but it worked.....for a time. Eventually, a pattern in the way she was being moved was discovered and information leaked again. For a second time, the scientist was attacked by masked men and for a second time, she was saved by a hero, the same hero in fact that saved her last time. Convinced that this could not be mere coincidence she demanded that he told her how he knew to save her this time. As it turned out, the hero was named Hersek Kilgorren and he was working for the government as her protector.

   A conversation between the two led to a swapping of life stories. Hersek was apart of a military experiment known as PROJECT: Darwin, in which a few voluntary soldiers signed up to become something more than human. A strain of the meta-gene that was experimented on would be inserted into a host and the progression of its alterations and growth would be constantly monitored. They used Haruyo's research as well as the findings of countless other scientists to attempt to weaponize the meta-gene. The idea was for Hersek to receive this experiment then return to the war and see what he could, however many of the test subjects failed and expired, Hersek was among the handful of survivors that seemed to bond with mutated meta-gene. Due to his value, they decided they couldn't risk him by sending him into a war zone. Instead, they gave him a suit, a new job as a secretly listed government superhero, and sent him out on missions thwarting whatever crimes they told him to.

   Haruyo was enamored with Hersek and now that she was aware of his existence and his job there was little reason for him to watch her from afar. As Haruyo was continuously being moved around Hersek was moved with her, always at her side. It didn't take long for feelings to arise between the two of them and a relation was sanctioned by their superiors as they believed it would help form a strong bond between the two, making Hersek much more willing to protect her.

   After a few years passed their entire operation was exposed by mishandled information that fell into the hands of the public. A receipt of their history exposed illegal human experimentation and they were thrown under the bus by the main government, referred to as a rogue faction making taboo and unsanctioned decisions. Haruyo and Hersek were both let go from the operation and allowed to pursue normal lives. Haruyo became college professor and Hersek continued to be a hero regardless of the fact that he no longer had to keep up the image. The relationship between the two continued and eventually gave new life to a baby girl. Kotomi.

   Kotomi had a pretty rough childhood, she was practically raised by her nanny. Her mother was always busy with working at the school and her father had been leading a double life that she had no idea about. When she did see her parents it mostly on her mother, someone who became very strict and cold due to her past life. Her father, a man that she barely knew, only came by every now and again and every time he showed up he seemed to get worse and worse. Apparently the experiments done on him to make him super were not as seamless as everyone originally thought. The mutated meta-gene slowly began to eat away at his mind, degrading his mental state, he became paranoid, irrational, easily angered and all together unstable. Afraid that the same thing would eventually happen to Kotomi, Haruyo decided to dive back into her meta-gene research once more. Haruyo was able to develop a drug that was capable of suppressing the meta-gene within a person's physiology, if caught early enough. She passed the drug off as prescription and gave them to bot her daughter and husband, hoping that it would prevent Kotomi from ever getting like her father as well as help reduce Hersek's worsening symptoms.

  For Hersek the drug seemed to have no effect and with time his body also began to give out, he eventually sustained an injury that permanently put him out of the hero gig and made him stay home more. A sudden change of his life style combined with deterioration of the man he once was made Hersek increasing volatile. Depression also set in and he turned to alcohol to ease his pains. Kotomi had no choice but to watch her father lose himself day after day. It wasn't long before Hersek directed his anger on to his family, in most cases it was Haruyo that caught the anger. It started out as ill-mannered comments that progressed into yelling and eventually domestic violence. Something else a young Kotomi had no choice but to experience. However when Haruyo wasn't around and Hersek was mad, it was Kotomi he caught the occasional slap or rough handling. If she responded with tears she was only given another strike to calm her down unless she wanted a "real reason to cry."

   This treatment would go on up until Kotomi was 14. One night, when Hersek was feeling especially angry, an argument between him and Haruyo broke out. The explosive argument became a fight and Hersek had no problem beating and dragging the mother of his child around the house. Kotomi had decided that enough was enough and grabbed the .38 special that her mother had hidden in hallway closet. Everything changed that night.

   The death of Hersek at the hands of Kotomi was ruled as self defense and she was placed into therapy to try and assess the trauma she had went through. Surprisingly enough though is seemed as if she was mostly unfazed by the ordeal, something that was extremely worrying. Kotomi was put down as a potential sociopath, but aside from that there wasn't much else that could be gathered from her other than she did what she thought was the right thing to do. Unfortunately though, she wasn't the only one who went through the events that night. Haruyo was filled with guilt, believing that her actions played a part in bringing her husband to the point he got to, and grief, over the death of her husband at the hands of their own daughter. Haruyo's mind gave out, she was deemed unfit to raise Kotomi any further and she was admitted into a psychiatric ward.  

   Kotomi was put into the foster care system, but no home keep her any longer than a few months after they learned about her past. Because of her constant moving around Kotomi never took the time form any personal bonds with people because she knew she would never be there long enough to care about them, everything always changed anyways. Once she turned 18 she was kicked out of the system and finally on her own.

   If there was anything good to be said about Kotomi's upbringing, its that it taught her how to endure and push through the hardest situations. It also taught her that heroes weren't really the people they appeared to be when they were out saving the world. These lessons helped influence her choice to go to the police academy, perhaps she could help prevent the things that happened to her from happening to other children.

   A few years into her career Kotomi had made detective and was doing rather well for herself, she had almost completely buried everything about her old life. The only thing left was the medicine. It took so long for her to eventually question something she never did in the past, why the hell was she still taking the medication? Perhaps just because it was routine, she had done nothing but take it since she was about 7 years old, but from what she could recall her dad was taking the same medicine. Perhaps that had a part to play in what led up to that night. So on a whim she trashed the rest of her pills and never looked back. Since then slowly, but surely her meta-gene had began to re-surface.

   A case came along a few months later where Kotomi ran into another former hero turned disgrace. He was abusing his family, but the family was too scared to talk so the monster just kept getting off scott-free. After a while of following the case, Kotomi decided to confront the disgrace after hours when he was leaving a bar. She came with threats and he responded sass knowing that she had nothing on him. In a fit of anger she attacked him, but the man had super strength and durability on level far above that of a normal human. He easily shrugged her off, but she continued her assault on him causing him to get serious and respond with all his might. A single knocked her on her back and cracked a few ribs, getting back up was a struggle but one she fought through. The man then went on to how she was unable to do anything, and because of her insolence and stupidity his family would now suffer. Kotomi's rage finally reached a boiling point and her meta-gene activated for the first time in over 18 years, the next time he hit her, he did nothing. She threw a punch instead though, hitting him dead in his nose. The power she hit him with was far greater than anything she had ever generated in her life. The resulting blow caused his nose to break and send a piece of bone flying up into his brain, killing him.

   At first Kotomi was scared, but then she was just utterly surprised at the fact she was able to do something like that. She quickly shook off both her surprise and fear because she knew that she now had a body that she would have the trouble of getting rid of. A piece of tarp, some plastic gloves, a hack saw, a lot of bleach, and a couple hours later the disgrace was gone and Kotomi was resting at home, calling out for a sick day.

   It has been a month since the discovery of her powers and since then she has made it a point to train them as much as possible. What she can't get done by day as detective Amari, she makes sure will never be a problem again as The White Owl.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

1. Kinetic Energy Manipulation - Absorption: Kotomi's body is capable of acting like a sponge for kinetic forces, allowing her to greatly reduce the kinetic energy that comes in contact with her body by collecting and storing it within herself.

2. Kinetic Energy Manipulation - Expulsion: After storing the kinetic energy, Kotomi is able take said energy and direct outward into a powerful physical attack equal to the kinetic energy she absorbed in addition to her own strength.
The Weaknesses

1. Activated - Kotomi's ability to absorb Kinetic energy acts like a light switch, it is something she must be making a conscious effort to use or else she is completely vulnerable to attacks. While the power is active kinetic energy from any source that comes in contact with her body will be absorbed, but if she is not attempting to absorb energy then she is susceptible to kinetic attacks.

2. Exhaustion - Due to the lack of using her powers, Kotomi's ability is physically exhausting for her use constantly, preventing her from constantly keeping it active every second of every hour. Repeated usage of the power is comparable to an extreme aerobic exercise, capable of wearing her out as the day continues.

3. High Velocity Attacks -  At the moment, Kotomi is only capable of absorbing the kinetic energy from slower moving attacks, such as punches or kicks. However, attacks that move extremely quickly, like kinetic energy generated by guns or physical attacks from speedsters, are much more difficult to absorb. She is capable of absorbing the force of these kind of attacks, but only reducing it by 1/3 of the intended damage.

4. Energy Storage Time - Kotomi's inexperience with her power prevents her from keeping the energy she absorbs for long periods of time. After the initial absorption of kinetic energy, Kotomi has approximately 30 seconds to expel the stored energy or it will begin to rapidly fade away.

5. Uncontrollable Release - Kotomi hasn't quite learned how to control the amount of kinetic energy she releases when expelling what she has stored up. This causes her to instantly release all the kinetic energy she has previously absorbed all at once. It allows for a very strong attack but also reduces her metaphorical kinetic energy battery to zero.
The Items

Kevlar Laced Outfit - As The White Owl, Kotomi wears an all white outfit that contains a trench coat with a hood, padded jeans, and a somewhat bulky shirt. Each one of these articles of clothing is laced with protective kevlar armor.

The White Owl Mask - Kotomi wears a reinforced carbon fiber mask that resembles an owl, it only covers the front of her face. It is rather durable, but not by any means indestructible, capable of deflecting a single gunshot before becoming useless.

Steel Rod Reinforced Bokken - As it sounds Kotomi's weapon is a wooden sword. To be more accurate the weapon is a katana shaped stick made from oak, there is a steel rod running inside the weapon to help keep its stability.

The Minions

The Fluff

While her powers are active Kotomi's eyes glow white and glow even brighter depending on how much kinetic energy she has stored up.

Trained in Kendo, Iaido, Kyokushin, and Jujitsu
The RP Sample

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Kotomi Amari Empty Re: Kotomi Amari

Post by Zonkes July 7th 2019, 3:36 pm

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