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The Temple of Traversal

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The Temple of Traversal Empty The Temple of Traversal

Post by Puglife43vr on June 16th 2019, 12:11 pm

Base Name: The Temple of Traversal

The ship was constructed in order to help a young wizard protect all dimensions from threats that they could not handle. It assists him by being able to traverse across planets, galaxies, and dimensions. It has heavy plasma cannons, torpedoes, and a magic aura for protection. It also comes equipped with state of the art kinetic Absorption armor that can absorb a great deal of energy from ballistic weaponry just in case.

Also, while piloting his ship, MONKey can transfer some of his Ki into the ship's weapons, magic, and travel systems. He can supercharge its guns and boost its speed. Depending on how much he does so, he will lose some ki. The ship has powerful thrusters that can boost it to orbit from Earth's surface within seconds. Along with this, it has an FTL drive which can be used for interplanetary jumps.

It comes equipped with different storage and hangar bays, bed rooms, medical rooms, kitchens, cafeterias, a direct exit to the dimensional mall, the forge, swimming pools, bathrooms, sitting rooms, and more. They are accessible via a long hyperloop through the pocket dimensions. It's like fitting a world trade center in a ship!

Its location shifts as it is a flying and spacefaring vehicle as well as it can jump through dimensions.

The ship is a circular UFO that is black with red accents. On the outside, it's not too large, appearing to take up the space that the Millennium Falcon does. However, on the inside, it has several hundreds of floors and rooms through pocket dimensions and magic.


The Temple is the main base of operation for the Monk Wizard and his apprentice MONKey. The idea was first conceived when the Monk Wizard's master told him of the multiverse and different dimensions. He was destined to be the multiverse's protector. And his apprentice afterwards would be as well, and so on.

Together, Master and Apprentice jumped through dimensions using Traversal Crystals. From different dimensions with advanced materials, they put together what humans now call unidentified flying objects. They could pass themselves off as alien if need be. Don't want to rattle the normal peoples' brains.

After the Monk Wizard's master passed, he became the new Dimensional Protector. He eventually modified the ship to have a core composed of Traversal Crystals. This gives it the ability to travel anywhere! Now this, was a true Traversal craft. Perfect for whooping dimension demon behind. But eventually, it came time to part from his cherished ship. The Monk Wizard passed it down to his apprentice the MONKey when he was slain by an ethereal being. Now it is in the MONKey's possession to use until the next dimensional protector comes around.

The Wizard was a collector of magical items and constructed the ship with magic and tech from a cyber dimension. He had a great amount of dimensional tokens that could be used for purchasing its components. These tokens are now passed along to young Jeremiah.

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