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Ryan Masters (Cobalt)

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Ryan Masters (Cobalt) Empty Ryan Masters (Cobalt)

Post by Cobalt May 27th 2019, 10:20 pm

Ryan Masters

Ryan Masters (Cobalt) Giphy

Basic Biography

Name: Ryan Oliver Masters
Codename:  Cobalt
Title:  Beta, the devil's child
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: Physically 18
Gender: Male
Race: Homo superioris
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Light grey
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 145 Ibs
Blood type: 0 -

The Looks

”Cobalt suit”:

The Legacy

While in his early youth Ryan was a silent kind of child , though with his rapid aging he rapidly took on a more social persona. Introversion gave way to a more extroverted way of doing things. Enjoys talking with people and forming social connections with unknown individuals as if to fulfill some kind of internal need. Even still he’s latched onto the concept of being good and doing good; fearful of allowing himself to be as evil as the parental figures he had grown up with for the short time of childhood. Allowing the friendly nature he touts to push him further to helping anyone that he could, regardless how inefficient that might seem to do all the time. Inaction is something that he can’t allow to exist within his own operations, which means acting and putting his own personal faculties to perform the best he could.

The ends rarely ever justify the means in his eyes and Ryan is the kind to refute that thinking with every fiber of his being. People that champion this ideal will find that he will fight them. Trying to reach the ideal of heroism that he has developed throughout his lifetime. He channels his own passion and the cold fury that comes with his own abilities to pursue these ideals despite how ineffective that might seem to the more cynical. Has come to develop some more extreme views in attempts to keep himself from falling into the same habits that his family have  in the past.

Holds a love for all things artistic. Such as creating music, painting and even crafting stories through the use of words. Funneling a great measure of passion towards these pursuits and most things within his life. Capable of great love, and all actions show that to some extent. When taken over by the cold rage that comes with overusing his energy, he can’t help giving into the darker desires that go through him.

Ryan was born of a large glass tube in a hidden laboratory in Canada much like his father Travis Masters. Created through the mixture of his genetic material and the Dna of the maverick figure known as Lucius Alba. An experiment that created three children, him being one of them and the most obviously runty of the three children born too. Timid and all too uncertain about the world around him with people he didn’t know how to deal with. He had his family, and they were all that mattered in this world despite how different he seemed to be from the people that called Alpha their parent and brother. Even when he was young, Ryan could tell there was something he was meant for and everyone in the compound looked at him the same.

He was born more intelligent, powerful and resilient than the other children. Crafted through methods that no tube child had been created through before and projected to rival if not surpass their Alpha. Only a matter of time as some had said, though never out loud as if fearing that it would be seen the wrong way. This perceived potential and the way he took to connecting to this side of the family was what allowed him to be able to take up the moniker of Beta in the stead of his elder brother Jason; who took being allowed less responsibility well.  A seemingly simple life with an end goal in sight; something that he could appreciate. Unfortunately life was never simple even if it seemed that way for the mind of a child.

His life was touched in different senses by his parents, though what actions of Lucius affected him were all negative. For the death of someone else's mother he founf himself being kidnapped and forced to helplessly watch his sister be murdered to protect him. Helpless despite all the power that he commanded; too weak to do anything about it. Isalia’s death impacted him more profoundly than he would have cared to admit. Growing sullen and resentful towards his parents, the one who had inspired the man's wrath in the first place. Emotions truly unknown welled up within him and took root. He understood what hatred was for the first time in his short life and there was nothing that he could do with it.

No tantrum could really undo the pain that burnt within him and the only thing that drew him from the bubble was Lucas asking him for his help. To save their world and the brother that remained. There was no real other option and he went; only to be broken further. To watch his father kill himself in vain and one who had tried so hard to do the same. He felt himself growing colder and it was only the help of the ancient Nicholas Flamel that managed to keep him from falling into that darkness. Learning of his ways, and his body growing in an unprecedented rapid aging. Super puberty as he had called it.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Gift of the mind: A combination of Lucius Alba’s own vast intelligence and the innate mental enhancements has allowed him a level of intelligence that is almost unparalleled. He can take into account and consider various tactics within the span of a second or even less than that. This intelligence has also allowed him to recall vast amounts of information as if his brain were some kind of supercomputer. He can think with multiple processes at once and remembers everything that has happened to him through his life.

Telekinesis: One of his earliest developed abilities is telekinesis; the ability to manipulate matter with his mind.  Ripping apart structures around him with a thought, uprooting the ground, turning even the smallest objects into deadly projectiles and even being able to fling people about are all things that he can do.  Much like his father Travis Masters, Ryan has shown immense potency in his telekinesis and has been able to rip through mundane metals with little effort and could knock buildings aside when putting forth some effort. Described as his mind being so advanced that he could affect the world around him, Ryan is also capable of doing more than lifting and throwing things with his mind. Creating shields of psionic energy, molding it also into precise weapons that allow him to cut instead of ripping and breaking; even being able to turn thought into sheer concussive force which exponentially increases the destructive potential of his telekinesis.  Immense power at his fingertips and all available with a thought.

Abyssal Force: An anomalous energy that he could never hope to describe the origin of, though it seems to oppose the crimson hued force of destruction his father wields. Named for the deep blue color with streaks of midnight black.  The best way to describe the damage this energy can do is as a dry freeze, rapidly drying out and making what it comes into contact with brittle to the point of falling apart instantly. Little matter has proven itself to be able to fully resist this power regardless of what level of toughness it possess. The havoc is best wrecked upon livin tissue though even inorganic material rapidly begins to crumble, though tougher materials take longer and can withstand more before falling apart. When people are struck with it or beings that can feel emotions, they are filled with tinges of darker emotions such as hatred or fear which seems to rise in intensity alongside the pain of being harmed by the energy, though it tends to last a little longer than the pain. Ryan is capable of shifting how much of which color composes this energy depending on what he wants at the time. From the energy being composed mostly of blue with some black which holds more of the dry ice effect or mostly black with sparse streaks of blue which can lash at someones emotional strength until they lose the will to fight or even live. (Emotional effects permission based)

Passive augmentations: Ryan’s body was born adapting to the destructive energy coursing through his body and the properties that come with it mixed together with the test tube genetics he was created with. This created various adaptations within his body, one of which is that he is far more durable than a human being. Low calibur rounds bounce off of his skin without even a pinch, and even larger calibur rounds at worst bruise him.

This level of protection also protects him from the adverse effects of cold, making him effectively immune to almost all forms of cold based attacks. Secondary is that he developed a level of superhumanly quick regeneration, mostly through a process where his cells can recall his form before the damage. Filling in the holes with energy and turning it into flesh which essentially replicates regeneration. (2)

Hive mind: A subset of telepathy that allows him to link his mind with any sapient species, allowing him to communicate with them and create a manner of telepathic communication web with him as the core. He can control who hears what information through the network, though Ryan is always aware of what is being said regardless how someone wants to hide that information.

Basic runic alchemy: The science of transmuting matter through a complex mixture of science and magic that he learned from the alchemist Nicholas Flamel. it can be done by way of a transmutation rune. This takes in the energy of what it's transmuting (energy resides in all things), which then flows through the rune and back, rearranging the matter to perform the reaction. This method however has a limit. Firstly each rune only allows for a specific reaction, ie turning ice to steam, rock to sulfur, ect. And it can only transmute matter close to it (10 feet). It is also limited in energy, each rune uses the energy of what it's written on (or otherwise what it's transmuting), and there's only so much of that. This is because the reaction doesn't create energy, only rearranges it, the amount must remain the same to remain within the laws of equivalent exchange. Basically, without a third party energy source one pound of stone can only be turned into one pound of something else.

Let there be fire again: His blue energy seems to fizzle out or lose potency when exposed to immense heat or massive flames. Anything hot enough finds that it works much better in defending a person against his blue energy attacks. Scorching hot materials also are much harder to break down.

Concentrate: His telekinesis requires concentration, so things like sharply loud noises cna throw the ability off.

Burns: Considering the base of his regeneration, Ryan heals much slower when it comes to being burnt.

Consent: People can only join the hive mind by their own consent and they can leave just as easily.

Something in the way: Embedded objects make regeneration at times difficult and even impossible.

Equivalent exchange: The rules of Equivalent Exchange state that matter cannot be created or destroyed, therefore when RYan transmutes something the result must be the same as far as the amount of matter goes. They also state that something cannot be changed on a fundamental level, therefore water for example can't be changed into metal. These rules cannot be bypassed.

The poison of hate: Empathy or abilities that are governed by positive emotions are powerful against his energy and can lessen its potency when used against him.

Hopelessly heroic: He throws himself into protecting people that can’t protect themselves with reckless abandon and that can lead to people being able to easily take advantage of his desire to save people.


The sword: A small hilt he wears at the hip of his Cobalt costume that he can channel his energy through in coherent shapes. Typically in the shape of blades thin and meant for precise action. It’s called that because Ryan couldn’t think of a better name.

Wrist computer: Attached to his Cobalt suit that allows him to wirelessly connect to the internet and networks and project it outwards through a holographic screen.


Homosuperioris physiology: Ryan is at least peak human in every aspect. He has a degree of self sustainment, does not age past eighteen years, and is at least on the level of an Olympic athlete in every category that he is not superhuman in.

Vast resources: Being the child of a billionaire and having access to a good bit of resources from Rise he is never short of money.

Physical Priority
Endurance 1
Agility 2
Reaction 3
Strength 4

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Ryan Masters (Cobalt) Empty Re: Ryan Masters (Cobalt)

Post by Lucas May 27th 2019, 10:30 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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