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Novus Empty Novus

Post by Lucas May 27th 2019, 5:16 pm

Novus Quinn-10
"Be honest with yourself, are your hands really so clean?"

Basic Biography

Real Name: Lucas Julian Alba
Codename: Novus
Titles: Rage Fiend, Son of the Devil.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 17 Physically (2 in actuality)
Gender: Male
Race: Homo Superioris
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 110 pounds
Blood type: O-

The Looks


The Legacy

Personality: Lucas is a shy, introverted book worm at first glance, but one that quickly opens up after a bit of interaction. His enthusiasm for ideas and creative pursuits becomes evident almost immediately after his shell is broken through. The truth is that Lucas is upbeat, funny, joyful, and seems to not have a care in the world, you just need to get to know him before you see it. He likes making light of things, and making people laugh, but that isn't to say he can't be serious.

When the situation calls for it, Lucas can seemingly flip a switch in himself. The brainy, naïve and carefree kid almost instantly becomes a determined, logical, and even aggressive tactician. This is a part of himself that he seeks to avoid, as he says it reminds him of his father, but nonetheless Lucas isn't afraid to channel his cold calculation, rage, and determination into a situation to save people. Even though he knows it's not a good thing, he figures that if he has to be ruthless to protect the innocent, he will be.

At his core, though, Lucas is a highly compassionate and good person. He hates seeing bad things happen to anyone, regardless of who they are or what they've done. Good and evil is simple to him. He believes that most people, no matter how much they try to convince themselves otherwise, know when an action is wrong. Redemption is only a matter of accepting the obvious evil inside you, and then turning away from it. This mindset gives him a white morality that focuses on the ethics of an action itself, not it's result. He condemns evil acts, yes, but not the people who commit them. He doesn't believe somebody's past atrocities justify punishing them with similar atrocities, or that a beneficial result makes an obviously terrible act good, plain and simple. To the boy, yes, there are times when you have to do something wrong in order to minimize suffering, but it should be recognized as wrong, regardless of it's outcome or who it's directed at. An example he always gives is that killing a man threatening to blow up a building may be necessary, but it is still a horrible and unfortunate loss of life, no matter how many others are saved.

Lucas' style is one of an introvert. He enjoys poetry, music, and literature to the degree that he quotes it on an hourly basis. If you find something of his, chances are it's either black, red, gold, or some combination of those colors. Other running themes are Gothic art, roses, cards, chess, hearts, dice, and anything having to do with the geekiest of fandom. Yes, he's a nerd through and through. He likes things like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and table top gaming. He'll never be embarrassed to admit it either.

Another thing of note about the boy is his powerful will. No one can go against it, so the only way to convince him to do anything is to change HIS will. It is almost maddening how determined the teen is, to the point where you just face palm like he is a stubborn boxer that keeps getting up. He never holds grudges, never lies, and has a sense of honor that makes him hard to be enemies with.

History: Lucas was born in a test tube, like his siblings. He is a member of the race known as Homo Superioris; 'perfect' individuals now under the leadership of their Alpha, Travis Masters. But Lucas is not an ordinary member of this race, not by a long shot.

With the allegiance of Travis and Lucius Alba, the two set out to combine their DNA to create even more powerful beings. Lucas is one of three created with both Lucius' and Alpha's DNA, and because of this are regarded as their children by both men. The abilities produced in the kids by this union were even more potent than expected. Isalia, Ryan, and Lucas all showed they were far beyond the previous generations, in both mental and physical ability.

But, things were not as they seemed. Lucius later revealed he introduced a special biotechnical device, created through the use of alchemy, into the DNA that would be used to create Lucas. This device remained hidden deep in the boys genes, and slowly molded him into what his father wanted him to be. Soon enough, Lucas became a near genetic clone of Lucius, and it was revealed that his father intended to use him as a perfect, ageless, and more powerful vessel for his consciousness.

This of course did not happen. Due to various forces, Lucius had a drastic change of heart. He regretted ever treating his offspring in such a way, but the damage was done. The device, Synthesis, could not be removed, and so Lucas was stuck as another person, or so be felt. He could never be himself. He'd always be like his father. He was a duplicate, nothing more.

This crisis of identity created a sense of self hatred in the boy. He believed himself to be a monster, and sought out ways to solve his dilemma in any way he could. When he found out nothing could be done, he changed course. He found the angel Samhain, asking to be removed from existence. That way, he could die without hurting his siblings. That way, he didn't have to harm anyone, and he could finally be at peace.

Instead, Lucius' Sin Clone, Blood Tithe, managed to mitigate the effects of Synthesis. It wasn't a solution, but it at least made it easier to bare. Lucas started to have a normal life after that, with aspirations of becoming a hero someday. He loved his father, but still resented the man. And who wouldn't? As forgiving as the boy was, he couldn't let go. He couldn't forget what he was. He couldn't grow, knowing he'd be in this man's shadow his whole life, fighting to be as unlike him as possible.

Soon Lucius' sins came back to haunt them all. Ryan Lester, a boy his father had hurt in the past, came back for revenge. He attacked Lucas, Ryan, and Isalia, forcing Lucius to watch. Lucas and his brother managed to remain safe, but Isalia was killed, forever scaring the boys. They had lost a sister, and they blamed their villainous father. The boys ran away.

It only took a few months to be reunited with family again. Hearing whispers of the apocalypse, Lucas and his brother joined up with the other defenders of Earth to prevent the Black Beast from touching down and destroying the universe. Things went wrong when Lucas was captured by The Agency, though. Their intention was to use him to get to Lucius, who was also at the battle.

Lucas was rescued, and the agent that took him killed, but that was not the end of their problems. In an effort to shake up what he saw as a predetermined outcome, Lucius performed a Wild Card action. He took his own life trying to resist fate. The dictator did change a few things, but whether his sacrifice was necessary is still unknown. The bottom line is, Lucius sacrificed himself to change the course of destiny, and hopefully save the world. Lucas was devastated, especially after Blood Tithe faded away in a similar manner moments later. He lost three loved ones in a short period of time. The only silver lining was that with Lucius' death, Synthesis was finally destroyed, allowing Lucas to develop naturally, into his own person.

Although he said and meant that him and his brother needed to stick together, Lucas still felt he needed some time to himself. He traveled around the world, trying to figure out where to go in life. He rapidly grew to his proper physical age of seventeen in a short period of time, started developing new abilities, and changed quite a bit in appearance. He started to look more like his other siblings and other father, not just Lucius.

Lucas is currently making his own way, involving himself in various activities and endeavors, both with and without his closest brother, Ryan. He doesn't know what he'll end up doing with his life, but he's still using his power, money, and name for good while he figures that out.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Superhuman Intellect: Like all his siblings, Lucas is incredibly intelligent. His mind craves information, and it makes great use of it. He can easily out think any human mind and has a vast pool of knowledge in various scientific and technological fields. He's so quick on his feet in nearly every cognitive activity some think he may surpass both his fathers some day.

Hyper-Cognitive Combat: Lucas, like his father, is hyper-cognitive. He can analyze thousands of probabilities per second and deduce the most likely one, allowing him faster reaction time. To the boy, everything is in slow motion, and every subtle detail or action is a treasure trove of information that he can use. He often says he can see it all, and that's not far off. He can look at something and estimate nearly all it's physical and mathematical characteristics in fractions of seconds. This is most likely why he moves with such confidence when performing complex physical feats. He just sees it all coming, and has already calculated the outcome just as a normal person does when they know they will make it across the street before a car hits them.

Absolution: Absolution is the name Lucas gave to his Ego Manifested Force, which is an energy that reflects his characteristics just like Red Energy is a reflection of his father's characteristics. By default, It is a white, concussive energy with streaks of red. It can be produced in massive quantities in any part of Lucas' body and manipulated as he see's fit, including the adjustment of effect intensity. Besides having immense destructive force, able to rip apart most materials with sheer force quite easily, it also corrodes and burns objects to the point of degrading them down to dust (like the effect of acid, just turned up to 11) in mere moments of contact, depending on the objects's durability (this effect's strength coincides with the amount of red in the energy at any given time), and induces guilt, sorrow, compassion, and a drastic decrease in stamina in living beings hit with it (this effect's strength coincides with the amount of white in the energy at any given time). This white aspect essentially makes those exposed, over time, lose their will to fight, lose physical stamina/energy of all kinds, and feel a tremendous, deep sorrow for past actions that Lucas deems as 'evil' or 'wrong.' If someone were exposed to this effect for a large period of time, they would theoretically reconcile with their past sins and atone for them, reaching a state of inner peace and tranquility. The effectiveness of this forced absolution, of course, depends on how evil or strong willed the target is.

Defensive Adaptations: In order to prevent the massive amount of energy in Lucas' body at any given time from killing him, Lucas' body adapted in a manner that pushed his immune system into overdrive. He is more more resilient than normal individuals, able to shrug off things like getting shot, thrown through a building, or even hit by a train. Only when you get to truly superhuman levels of force will the boy bleed. He also regenerates overtime, healing minor wounds in under a minute, and even lethal wounds in around five.

Empathy: A mental based inherited from Travis' side of the family. Lucas can fully and perfectly experience and interpret the emotions of those around him, and project an aura of his own emotions so that others can feel them in the same manner (Permission based for whether or not the aura effects PCs and player NPCs).


No one will ever die by my hand: Lucas has vowed never to kill. This doesn't just complicate missions, because if he were to kill anyone by accident or otherwise, he would have a mental break down.

Blood: The sight of his own blood unnerves Lucas, causing him to lose concentration and potentially get sick enough to throw up.

Emotional Volatility: Lucas is both prone to deep depressive thoughts and tremendous outbursts of rage, like his father. This is a problem on it's own, but it's even worse because his Empathy can backfire if he feels these emotions in others, potentially sending him into emotional fits against his will. While in this state, he can't think straight and he often loses control of his abilities.

Wound Obstruction: If an object is stuck in a wound, Lucas' rapid regeneration doesn't kick in.

Dark Powers: As Lucas' energy focuses primarily on a white, redeeming effect, a natural counter is abilities fueled by hate, despair, or evil. A user of such a power may be completely immune to the white aspect of his energy, including the will and energy draining, or could possess an force that cuts through the white energy much easier than anything else. Whatever the case, 'Dark' abilities present a challenge to Lucas' power, especially when the intensity of the energy's white aspect is high, as it is normally

Cold: Cold is a perfect counter to the red aspect of Lucas' energy. It does a much better job contending with it than anything else. This weakness is especially harmful when Lucas increases the intensity of the red aspect in his energy.


Cora Zen: A rapier carefully crafted by Lucius, forged from the remains of Vlad the Impaler's legendary blade. It houses the core of the AI Sven, and is therefore an embodiment of the relationship between Lucius and his lost love. Because of this, the special abilities won't work for anyone but Lucius and his bloodline, in fact Sven would resist anyone but those few. Besides being nearly indestructible and sharp enough to cleave superhumans, it has several abilities and modes that are as specific to each wielder. Lucas' are as follows (Takes one post after initialization to switch modes. Can't use abilities from other modes, so he only has access to two at a time):

Optic: Obverse Penetration Testing Interactive Contact, aka Optic, is an old Obverse Securities prototype that Lucas managed to snatch from his Dad's lab, and then he improved it. To put it bluntly, it's a supercomputer in a contact lens. As if the boy actually needed that with that brain of his..... None the less, the contact assists in computing things even faster than Lucas already does, and allows him to interact with and by extension hack into most other technology so long as he is within forty feet of an access point (Server, computer, phone, ect. He can go beyond that point using a network like the internet, but he has to be in range to make a direct connection). It can do everything you would expect a supercomputer to do, it's just smaller. For instance, just by looking at something, the computer could estimate it's weight, speed, force, mass, density, ect in less then a second. Yes, Lucas can already do things like that with his hyper-cognition, but it isn't as precise as a computer and that requires him to think. This way, all the info he needs is right in front of him (The contacts work by interfacing with the brain, allowing them to be interacted with mentally. This device is what the AI Sven typically uses to communicate with Lucas).

RP Mechanics

Willpower: Lucas has an insane amount of willpower. He doesn't stay down, and can't be coerced. His sense of self is rock solid, and he only acts according to his own thoughts. It's almost comical how stubborn he is in what he believes to be right. He easily has one of the strongest wills on the planet, able to fight off mental intrusions and attacks like they're nothing (Reason for certain permission based abilities not working on him).

The Perfect Body: Lucas is at least peak human in every aspect. He has a degree of self sustainment, does not age past seventeen years, and is at least on the level of an Olympic athlete in every category that he is not superhuman in.

Vast Resources: Being the son of a billionaire pharmaceuticals CEO and a European Dictator has it's perks. Lucas has untold access to wealth and has top security clearances in Belarus. In other countries, he's in effect no different than a high ranking diplomat, with all the immunity that entails.

Physical Priority
Strength 1
Endurance 2
Reaction 3
Agility 4

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Novus Empty Re: Novus

Post by Arcana May 27th 2019, 5:24 pm

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