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Jacking up the Past

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Jacking up the Past Empty Jacking up the Past

Post by Zonky Blong on April 10th 2019, 10:33 pm

Jack had been skeptical when the man claimed that he had unlocked the secrets of time travel. Hell, before he looked into the portal he saw before him, Jack wasn’t even sure if he had believed in the prospect of paradox-free time travel. But here he was. Staring into the face of a man he thought long lost. Jack O’Leary, a man who would soon find his power in a place he had never expected. He scrolled back further. The machine was simple enough to figure out, especially after he had made the scientist talk about how to operate it.

‘Who should I attack?’ He thought as he scrolled through the histories of his greatest rivals. Pinnacle had been quiet along with ECLIPSE. Plus, he wasn’t able to find Pinnacle in the machines database, so he realized it was probably better if he didn’t. What about the other ECLIPSE employees? Cadmus, that goody two shoes would’ve been perfect! ...but no, he was hardly ever even an obstacle to Jack. Besides, if he ever showed up again; Jack would want to test his “invulnerability.” The other members of ECLIPSE seemed to be too small of a challenge. Jack hated small fries… Besides, he had a feeling that there was no real reason in killing them outside of their association with ECLIPSE...except one. Kubi Tsuru.

‘Now here’s a man who thinks he has everything. Besides. He tried to stop me at the bank. Nothing wrong with a little… payback.” He scrolled through time like he was looking through a Facebook page, before finally reaching the worst week of Kubi’s life. Jack called Kitty and left a voicemail on her machine. “Come to Sarobi Labs right away. We’ve got work to do.”

He hoped that Kitty would show up soon. He wasn’t sure if more guards would show up, and it would indeed suck if they shut off the machine. Either way, Jack knew he had to get moving. He sighed and sent his will into the universe, hoping to sway some sort of leniency from whatever force controlled his life.

Jack flew through the portal and immediately became intangible, trying to avoid any possible ill consequence of his trip. He flew through the time stream like a bat out of hell, seeing all the events of the past three years. “Kubi Tsuru. Looks like I’m your worst nightmare after all.” Jack stated to no one.

Jack set foot in Japan not too long after he entered. He wasn't sure if Kitty would be joining him, but he was pretty sure it would only be a matter of time.

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