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Junker Empty Junker

Post by Zonkes March 28th 2019, 10:56 pm

The Junker

"Here’s the thing. If you want your gear back, you’re gonna have to ask the rather large gentleman who just purchased my latest invention. Good luck with that!"

The Bio

Real Name: David Junker
Villain Name: The Junker
Title: The Scrappiest Villain Around
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Dark Blonde with Gray Streaks
Eyes: Hazel with odd golden gear shapes behind the iris, just barely visible but always moving.
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 158lbs
Blood type: A-

The Looks

The Personality

Eccentric, strange, a bit scatterbrained. Junker tends to fixate on anything he thinks might make him a quick buck. Whether that’s people or shiny new toys.

The Story

Remembering only waking up in a garbage bin outside of a Denny’s with a floating disc hovering above him and then flying away as quick as possible.  After that, he started satisfying his natural curiosity; stealing from villains and heroes alike. He even went to work for a few big companies, though he was removed from all these jobs quickly after they discovered his penchant for stealing from them.

He’d move on to working for himself after a while, and now works out of a rusted out old shed in the middle of the Arizona desert, but tends to travel anywhere and everywhere for parts.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Agility
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Junker Intuition - Because of a chip implanted in his brain, Junker has a difficult time telling trash from treasure. Such a difficult time in fact, that Junker can turn any so-called  "trash parts" into treasure.  This allows him to take any number of random pieces of technology into a working device, usually better than it was before. This does stack with other tinkerers devices, but generally, with meta-made gear, it's either a brand new but more useful effect for Junker or a minor buff in its effect. (i.e An freeze ray being turned into a cryo-pod, or buffed up from only being able to give someone mild frostbite, to giving them fairly severe frostbite.) The upper limits of this ability are unknown, though the junkertech does seem to have to be in some way related to the functionality of the original device. (I.E a cellphone can't be turned into a killer robot but can be transformed into a far more powerful communication device.)

Junker Drive-In addition to this, Junker can access the internet with his mind; giving him access to near limitless information at a moments notice.

The Weaknesses

Electromagnetism - Despite the advanced tech that his brain chip is composed of, it is still weak to heavy bombardment from electromagnetic assault. Anything from an MRI machine to a lightning blast will damage it.

Fixation - The quirky nature of Junker leads him to become fixated on things quite easily. This can easily lead to him ignoring present dangers for the sake of getting his hands on the object of his interest. This can lead to all sorts of calamities, not least of which being the chance to fall into a trap set up especially for him, or ignoring an enemy just to grab the coffee maker across the street. Generally, Junker has to be hit by some kind of powerful attack to snap out of this effect.

Enemy - Junker doesn’t care how dangerous the people he steals from are, nor does he necessarily take notice when they come after him. Because of this, he makes enemies very easily. This can obviously be exploited in a number of ways, not least of which being that his enemies could band together and go after him for [insert reason here].

Soft-Spot - Just hidden beneath Junker's hair is a small, almost imperceptible scar on his right temple. If smacked there, it will scramble the device and temporarily (3 posts) disable the brain chip.

Time - The biggest weakness of Junker's intuition, has to be the time it takes to improve something. While smaller and relatively uncomplicated objects might only take a couple of hours to put together,  larger junkertech could take months to years to complete. Vehicles are a bit easier for Junker for some reason, but even a motorcycle can't be built with no actual motorcycle parts within the space of an average day. It could still take weeks to complete.

The Items

Frost Boots - Using these dirty and torn blue leather boots, Junker can always keep his feet nice and cool. Plus, they produce a thin sheet of ice underneath every footstep that increases his movement speed ever so slightly.
 Weakness: In intense heat, the ice under his feet will begin to melt, slowing him to a normal walking speed. Generally, it only takes upwards of 75°F  to melt the ice beneath his feet.

Wire Gloves - These gloves are filled with spools of electrical wiring, long and strong; these can support his weight relatively easily. Each finger has one spool in the knuckle.
 Jamming - If the cables are misaligned somehow, they’re subject to jam up and fail. This can be done relatively easily. Even just pulling on the wire can misalign them.

Static Collar - This dog collar like device is covered in rusted metal and long exposed wires. As Junker moves, it builds up charge. Using the charge is as simple as concentrating on the collar. It takes around 10 posts to charge to completion (If Junker moves during that post).

10% Charge - Junker can release a small charge. This only damages the person about as much as you would expect from a statically charged doorknob.
20% - 30% Charge - Junker can release a slightly larger charge, causing pain and minor nerve damage to the afflicted area.
40% - 50% Charge - Junker can shoot little arcs of electricity from his fingertips. This does damage more akin to a taser.
60 - 70% Charge - Junker can shoot slightly large arcs of electricity from his fingertips, these do damage closer to an electric eel shocking you.
80 - 90% Charge - Junker can charge a small spherical area around himself with electricity, though it does less damage than his 60 - 70% charge.
100% Charge - Junker can either release a sphere of electricity with a damage output similar to his 60 - 70% charge, or let loose an arc of lightning. (NOTE: The charges will take the amount listed off of the collar. When using 100% of his collar, he will fall back to 0% charge.)
Weaknesses: Metal - Touching a conductive metal with his bare skin while wearing the collar will cause all of the current charges to channel into Junker's own body.
Water - Water will weaken the charges damaging effects by half.

Piston Arms + Tire Gloves - A combo item made from a car's pistons, and a pair of tires. As Junker goes to punch, his gloves inflate much like boxing gloves. Meanwhile, the pistons will pump in and out rapidly, allowing him to hit multiple times at once, and much harder. On a normal person, the effect of these punches would be akin to being hit by a car going at 35 MPH.
Weakness: Gas Powered - Unfortunately, one of the major defects of this is that Junker has to carry around a heavy tank full of gasoline on his back to power them, making it relatively easy to exploit.
Injury - Having a high powered engine on your arms is fairly dangerous. If Junker is unlucky enough to get himself caught in his own device, there's a 50/50 chance of him breaking his arm, or even getting it ripped off entirely.

Elemental Breather - This one does a couple of things. It can allow him to breathe fire, shoot cold air from his mouth, breath underwater, or speak - but not understand - any language the person might speak.
Weaknesses: Tongue - In order to switch the types of things his Breather does, he has to use his tongue. This is especially bad when he accidentally burns or freezes his tongue. But he requires full use of his tongue nonetheless.  
Electromagnetism - Again, Junker has trouble protecting a lot of his items from EMPs. This can cause the mouthpiece to short circuit, knocking Junker out for a few moments.

Junkpack - Junkers Magnum Opus, the Junkpack is a useful item. It does a couple of things. First, inside the rusty iron “bag” is a pocket dimension where Junker can store all of his stuff and pull it back out at any given time. In addition, on the sides are extendable wing flaps that allow Junker to glide - Not fly, but he’s working on it.
Weaknesses: Residential Trouble - Inside of the Junkpack are small little imp-like creatures Junker calls “Gremlins”. These little things like to take apart Junker's technology and throw it back at him in pieces. They’re also quite pesky if they’re released. They tend to go after the biggest source of tech in the area, usually Junker, to try and tear it apart. The Gremlins start to crawl back into the Junkerpack after 5 minutes, or once all the technology in a 35-foot sphere is severely damaged.
Tears - Even a minor tear in one of the wings can cause Junker to fall and fast.

The Minions

The Fluff

Mental Backup - On a cloud server floating through the internet is a backup of Junker's mind. Just in case something happens to the wetware.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Junker Empty Re: Junker

Post by MissingAxis March 29th 2019, 12:00 am

Welcome back to SHRPG, Zonky Blong.

Going over your application, it looks like everything is there and in order. However, there are some points I'd like to get clarification on before giving it the stamp of approval.

Junker Intuition: What are the limitations of this ability? I'm primarily curious as to whether the improvement aspect of the power applies only to mundane technology being combined into junkertech, or if it extends into the territory of improving other tinkers' technology as well. In the former case, please just add some words to clarify the extent of the power. In the latter case, however, I'd like to see some more meaningful weaknesses in addition. Additionally, what are the upper bounds of this power, in terms of junk -> tech? Can Junker turn a broken iPhone into a killer robot using nothing but a rusty paperclip and a Bluetooth earpiece?

Electromagnetism: What qualifies as 'heavy bombardment'? I assume something greater than a basic electrostatic discharge such as what might damage a microchip or other non-hardened electronic component. Would a lightning strike be sufficient? Something between that and a traditional electrostatic discharge?

Fixation: This weakness could use more clarification as well. Under what circumstances would Junker not ignore a hostile entity? Against an incredibly powerful and technologically advanced foe, would Junker be too focused on picking up scraps of high-tech debris to avoid incoming attacks?

Static Collar: I believe you may have gotten your references to the electric shock of tasers and electric eels reversed. Additionally, please clarify how much charge is removed when using each power, as it is unclear at the moment whether they all remove an equivalent amount of charge (every ability uses 10% charge, for example) or an amount of charge equivalent to the charge percentage that enables the function (lightning arc uses 100% of the collar's charge).

Piston Arms: How hard do the pistons hit? A slightly heftier punch, enough to shatter bone, enough to cause severe internal organ damage? I assume Junker isn't throwing around heavyweight boxer tier punches on his own, but do his gloves bring him up to that level or higher?

Junkpack: What happens when the Gremlins are released? Do they only bother Junker or everyone in the vicinity?

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Junker Empty Re: Junker

Post by MissingAxis March 29th 2019, 2:04 am

Approved until stated otherwise.
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Junker Empty Re: Junker

Post by Sponsored content

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