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Theum: The Ghost

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Theum: The Ghost Empty Theum: The Ghost

Post by ghost March 11th 2019, 6:49 pm

Theum: The Ghost

"oh death, where is thy sting?"

The Bio

Real Name: Theum, son of Rodrick  
Villain Name: Ghost
Title: Sir, Master, Lord, The Bone Master
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Human, deceased
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 190

The Looks

Being able to possess people he can take many forms. He usually tries to take young males, though the occasional female is known to have been captive. There bodies can be seen rotting if dead, but an alive host is always more effective.  

The Personality

Calculating. He thinks deeply about how and when he acts. Planning ahead and putting complex situations together has become a habit of his. After his death this has only gotten worse. Though, even if he was caught it wouldn’t matter much.

Controlling. When things happen he likes to have anticipated them. Thinking ahead and controlling all of the pieces is what he does. Theum can become frustrated when he looses control, or even the illusion of it.

Rebellious. Theum can't stand authority figures, unless he is it, then you better pay attention or else. He will try to assert dominance in small ways at first, take lead on mission or simple interruptions with his own ideas.  

The Story

Born into a wealthy family over two centuries ago in Ireland. His family was known for setting up trading routes throughout the country, mainly between wealthy catholic families to arm their soldier for the coming war.

Being the rebellious type, he pushed himself away from Catholicism. Soon, he found himself swaying toward mysticism. After a few years of secret study under his tutor, Fredrick Loose, it was time to join the “club”. Finally, he was initiated into the group that called themselves, “An Teach Tais” or “The Deadhouse”. It was a group of necromancers who would eventually turn the tide of war. Using their mass resurrection techniques they easily overwhelmed their opponents. Earning Being given the title, “Bone Masters” they were able to pursue their goals unchallenged.

For 70 years they tormented and ravished the country side of Ireland. They kidnapped people to test spells on or try grotesque experiments that will not be written of in the volume. But it soon came to an end. The youth of the surrounding villages became bold, realizing most of the members of The Deadhouse have gotten too old to fight, they retaliated in force.

Theum enjoyed the times after the war was over, being on the winning side, the group turned their attention to eternity. Their goal now was to live forever. After learning most of the spells they had to offer, learning only to conjure the dead, Theum began to watch as his leaders drifted into old age. Learning of the coming attack he slew each one of his leaders. There was no epic showdown, most of them had been bedridden for years, he slaughtered them in their sleep. When the attack from without had taken place, Theum took his own life, running a dull blade deep across his neck.

Theum found himself in the astral realm. There he was plagued with emotions to move forward, into the light per say, but he resisted. For what seemed to be a lifetime he fought with himself. When the temptation had finally lifted, he began to experiment on the living. Being visible to him, he attempted to possess the people around him. As time went on he mastered the technique.

Theum still lives in his family’s castle in Ireland. He keeps it well maintained and in good order, even though it is centuries old. The maids and lawn workers have strict rules about where they can and can not go. If they do not follow them, they tend to go missing get fired. He uses his families old contacts of trade to continue to fund his lifestyle, though it is usually done with an alias.  

Today, Theum has lived on in reality by possessing people and using their bodies as his own. Brining them back to his castle and putting them in it’d dungeon he tries to keep his captives healthy and fit. He looks forward to the day when he can live freely in society, though his daydreams are more so of him ruling over the lowly being elected to office by the humans.  

The Priority

1. Agility 3
2. Endurance 1
3. Reaction 2
4. Strength 4

The Powers

Necromancy: Dark magic use and the ability to animate the bodies of the dead. This effectively makes them his slaves. The souls of the people have already past, the people are animated by dark magic. They can be animated in part, arms only, or in whole, the entire body. Only able to animate 20 at a time.

Spell List:

Astral Presence: When not possessing a human, he is present in the astral realm. Not seen in reality but able to move around and choose his next target in secret.

Possession: He can control and animate a human or animal body as if it where his own (dead or alive). To possess a PC permission is required. NPC are fair game, though they may fight at first. In order to posses a living person it is required that they have something (an item) of his in their possession. People will struggle, but within a post to two posts he can have a fully functional body. For all Theum knows, the soul of the possessed is still present, though it might disappear entirely when he takes control, and reappear when he leaves. The more he possesses a person, the easier it is to enter and exit.

Memory Absorption: When Theum enters a body, he gets a flash of the person’s life. This is more like watching a move than living it himself. This has been a valuable intelligence gathering technique for him and has helped him stay relevant in the new ages.

The Weaknesses

His Body: If his original body is found and destroyed he will be trapped in the astral realm till summoned into reality once again. If a bone or item of his is used in an attack, it can be debilitating to him.

Dead Wood: Things made of dead wood can be a repellent to him. He finds it repulsive and stays away. Similar to how garlic effects vampires.

Blessed or Holy Weapons: Not only can some of them cut, but they can also cause fire to the parts of his body that are touched.

Sunlight Sensitivity: While in sunlight it is difficult for Theum to focus. This may cause him to lose control of his host or be pushed into the Astral Realm all together.

Extreme Cold: Though it is not debilitating, it can make it difficult if he is inhabiting a dead body, they like to freeze and fall apart.

The Items

The Tome: He has written a grimoire over the years. When reading from it, as he casts a spell, his numerical powers are added to by 5. Also, a dark aura surrounds him and protects him from common projectiles, such as normal handgun ammunition or thrown knives and debris.

1. The book can be burned.
2. If prepared beforehand, the book can be stolen.
3. The added creatures become hypersensitive to their weaknesses (e.g. if weak to sunlight, simple glares off a knife can cause combustion).

Items from the Past: When possessing people for the first time Theum leaves things of his from his past life behind, where someone is to find it. These items are things like his gold ring, cufflinks, a bag of coins, a peace of his old armor, or even a peace of his actual body, though bringing into the open would make him vulnerable.  

The Minions

Zombies: The living dead, though, these creatures cannot transfer their state to others. It is not an illness; these things are raised by dark magic. They rely primarily on numbers to overwhelm their target, pulling, biting, scratching, or anything else to harm their opponents. They are not smart enough to open doors or use complex weapons like handguns, and it is rare to see one grab ahold of something to swing. They only last five posts after being raised. In order to be raised the castor needs to be located in an area known for death, such as an old battlefield, morgue, or cemetery.

1. The zombies are extremely vulnerable to fire.  
2. They are not the smartest creatures, this makes them more vulnerable to trickery, or being led into traps.
3. Being struck by pure silver can render the body parts hit useless.

The Fluff

”Only Visiting…”: When inside the a host’s body he is completely limited to what they are capable of. He does try to choose strong able-bodied individuals but even they are only human.

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Theum: The Ghost Empty Re: Theum: The Ghost

Post by The Lych March 14th 2019, 7:23 pm

Approved until stated otherwise... I will be testing your title, Master of Bones...
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