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Sachiko Empty Sachiko

Post by Ai Kon Fri 24 Aug 2018 - 16:39


"... please play with me, Master! "

The Bio

Real Name: Sachiko
Villain Name: N/A
Title: The Jaguar Goddess
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: [s]Nekomimi[/s] Metahuman, magically altered
Hair: Blond, wild, matted from dirt and muck
Eyes: Green, feral and wild
Height: 4’6
Weight: 90 lbs
Blood type: AB+

The Looks

Short, blonde, and cute, at her core Sachiko has the face and body that a model would die for. A heart-shaped face is capped by two large green eyes with long, curled lashes that look perfect despite her wild atmosphere. Two little red spots dot the corner of her pupils, as crimson as blood. Under her clothes, Sachiko’s breasts are round and supple at a proper C-cup, not that she’s ever had them measured. Long legs and a dainty little foot top off this picturesque beauty. Even her hair, of the atypical blond for the region, sets her above beautiful. This beauty, however, is hidden, warped and twisted by the life she has led.

This much is obvious from even her clothes. Though it changes every few years, for Sachiko does have the innate human desire to cover herself up and lacks the fur and thick skin of her family, the clothes Sachiko wears are little more than rags. Little of their original color or design could be seen; though typically dresses, each article of clothes always ends up with the midriff torn off, sleeves gone and cut to just below the thigh in a style that would be considered indecent in a Micheal Bay movie. No shoes ever adorn her feet, instead relying on the thick pads on the soles of her feet and toes to protect her.

Yes, Sachiko is a cat girl; she had the ears, the tail, the teeth and claws as a result of the magical mutation brought about by the Dagger of the Jungle Queen. Her tail is a yellow one, the fur the same blonde color of her hair. Like most cats, it's constantly moving either to balance her or for other, more emotional reasons. Her ears are set atop her head, varying in color: blond at the bottom and white at the top with two little tufts of hair at top that are a shockingly dark black. Her pupils are slits and ringed with gold tufts, cutting through the green. When any light is shone in her eyes, they turn silver and reflect back at them. But perhaps the most animalistic aspect of Sachiko are her weapons; her fangs, and her claws. Her mouth is full of sharp teeth and in particular two large canines, used to crush the skull and bones of her victims. These teeth are faintly visible even when she has her mouth closed, two glimmers of bone just visible below her upper lip. On the palms of her hands and fingers and the soles of her feet are hardened, cushioned pads. Though not obvious at first as they are the same color of her skin, they are almost exactly the same as the pads on a cat's foot. And from her fingers come retractable claws,

The Personality

Wild. Crazy. Innocent. A menace.

These are words that have once been used to describe Sachiko and all define her. She is a complex character, a result of a dangerous upbringing but a beautiful life. Sachiko was not raised in situations that one could even come close to calling normal, and as a result never developed the rather human concepts of morality and empathy. And it this, perhaps, that most people fear about her, particularly those in the small Bolivian villages she occasionally visited. One second she’ll be sitting there like a particularly large and freakish cat, the next she’ll chowing on your prized chicken. She has no sense nor concept of shame and only wears clothes as a courtesy to others. To her, they’re itchy and loud.

And perhaps that is another word that should define Sachiko; selfish. She doesn’t care much for the most people. She will constantly and excessively ignore them, even those in positions of authority, to chase a rabbit or climb a tree to see what’s up there. And this is one of the key characteristics of Sachiko; she possesses many characteristics of a house cat while maintaining the danger of a wild animal. She will very likely lick you, but one will never know if it is because she likes you or because she thinks you taste good. And more than that, her curiosity gets her into trouble. She’ll find herself in places that nobody should even know about in places that don’t technically exist and barely get out in time. Trouble seems to follow her anytime she’s out of the jungle of her home.

Sachiko possesses very little knowledge of human society and thus most things astonish her. The cars, the flying metal birds, the tall metal trees; even the vast throngs of people, like fish swimming around in a glass pond! Every little thing is exciting for her and she can’t get enough. For the young, inexperienced girl, however, it can be quite overwhelming and she often finds herself tucked into a tree, trying to process the vast amounts of information her enhanced senses are feeding her. The modern world is dangerous for a regular superhero, but a jungle-born cat-girl? It would drive even a typical person insane. Though Sachiko is not crazy, at least not by human standards. Everything she does has some sort of logic to it, even if it’s as simple as “I wanted it.”

The driving desire for Sachiko is that to survive. In the dog-eat-dog world she lived in for the most of her life, to do anything but was cause for disaster. She lived alone, hunted her own food, never had companionship of any kind and only ever relied on herself and as a result has developed an almost crushing need for human companionship, but at the same time it makes her uncomfortable. You can’t stalk prey with multiple people, you can’t build a lair; and yet the human side of her needs it, the companionship. This reconciles with her more feline desires in an odd, yet effective, way. Anybody she feels a strong positive emotion for will become a ‘Master’, to whom she shows an almost slavish desire to. She will do their bidding, however vague, and damn the consequences.

But underneath the nervous cat and the inexperienced human is just a girl struggling to get out of her shell. She loves people and pretty things and she wants with all her heart to learn to appreciate these things with any Master she has. The raw beauty of a waterfall, or the tenderness of a kiss. These are things she wants to grow to experience. This lies at the very heart of her, buried deep enough, in a dark enough place, that she doesn’t even know it exists save for those brief moments when light shines through. She is taking her first step now, learning how to fit into modern society.

The Story

This journal, leather bound with no distinguishing marks, was found by explorer’s deep within the Amazon Rainforest. It’s authenticy has been proven and tested and proven again, but ultimately it’s decision has been kept a secret from the populace. Within these water-damaged pages contained an unbelievable story, even in a world of monsters and myth. If the words contaiend the truth, then the entire cosmos could potentially be in danger. Currently, the journal is in the hands of the Ministry of Occult Affairs. But through the years since it’s discovery, occasional pages, from defectors and traitors, have been leaked, spread to the internet or passed along by friends and family. It all came with one word, written in bold red at the top: Spread the Word.

Year 20XX, Day 1 of My Expedition
I can’t believe it! We made it, the Amazon! By god, my entire life has been spent for this moment! My colleagues called me crazy, a nutter! They made fun of me, bullied me! But finally I did it. I’m writing this journal so you, dear reader, will know the truth. Magic is out there and it will soon take over the world! Crazy? Yes! It sounds crazy, but it is the truth! And I will prove it! I have hired an elite cabal of individuals with certain skills to get to where I need to go; the Temple of Nemur. My entire life I’ve dreamed of this moment! And now it’s finally in my grasp! Perhaps a little backstory: I was born in a little town in France, and as small as the town is , their minds were even shelter. They could not see my vision, they could not see the greatness I was destined for! Not even my parents! They were satisfied, happy even, with their menial jobs and boring lives. They had no vision or drive to live their lives! I left home as soon as I could, never to look back!

Life wasn’t easy in the big wide world. Sure, my intellect soon got me a scholarship to the most prestigious school in the country, but still, I had to work for my take! I worked my ass off, I graduated, I am a doctor and yet I was still laughed out of every lecture hall and classroom in the country. It wasn’t long before I was subjected to teaching History at a backwoods school. But I didn’t give up on my dream, oh no. I worked every day, finding funding, doing whatever I needed to to make sure my dream would come true. And finally, after twenty years, I did it! I quit my job and immediately set out to Bolivia, in search of my dream. And now as I sit in these quarters awaiting the most recent rainstorm to pass, I could barely contain the excitement growing in my chest.. The next days of our adventures will be fly or die. If we see no signs of this ancient civiliation, the men will lose heart. But I believe. I know they are out there, protecting the Temple, and I will find them!

This first page of the journal has become somewhat of a meme on the world wide web. Many people denounce it as just simply a creative writing project, other’s as a hoax or a joke of some kind. And there are others who believe it and search relentlessly for the next chapter. And eventually, it comes out. The identify of this doctor has been confirmed to be Algernon Felix, a professor of Bolivian history who disappeared mysteriously 30 years ago. If this is truly his journal, then the doctor encountered something absolutely incredible … and ultimately deadly. Little did those fans of his know, his story continues in the young girl known as Sachiko who, at this very moment and due to a very strange twist of fate, was about to have an odd encounter at a certain school in Vermont.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Smoke Manipulation
Sachiko was born with a metahuman ability that allows her to control smoke. This smoke can be generated from her hands or feet. This smoke, being the vaporous substance it is, isn’t useful for offense or defense. For obsuring purposes it’s invaluable, and for distraction. The smoke is rough and abrasive on things like eyes, reducing the average person to tears and coughing if exposed for any length of time. The only thing that really sets this smoke apart from typical is the fact that there is no source and that Sachiko can control it at will, forcing it against wind conditions and even into shapes and objects.

The Jungle Queen
The demon possessing the Jungle Queen’s Blade and by extension Sachiko is known as the Jungle Queen, though her real name is Namur. When the blade is held in Sachiko’s hand, and when Namur wishes it, she takes over Sachiko’s body. A possession is evident by the red color of Sachiko’s eyes, the runes on the dagger glowing red, and a red haze appearing around her body. Besides infusing Sachiko with bloodlust, it also slightly increases her strength and speed and the range and power of her teeth and claws, but like the thick fur of a tiger and the tangled mane of lion, the red energy surrounding her body protects against attack. It can protect against most weapons, whether blunt or sharp, and does so from up to three inches from her skin. It’s more powerful around the head and neck due to the mane-like flurry of energy.

”Magical Sight”
Due to the magical corruption that changed her body, Sachiko can see magical energy and constructs.This includes things like ghosts and magical spells. In addition to this, she can also see the magical aura of people. The color of this aura determines their alignment and can change depending on the emotion of the individual.

Jaguar Physiology
Sachiko roughly has the physical prowess of this big cat. She is excessively fast, able to run upwards of 60 MPH for short bursts and maintain half that for days at a time. Her agility and reflexes are bar-none - some might say cat-like - and she is capable of dodging and reacting to situations in a fraction of the time a human can. She can easily drag 600 pounds with only the strength of her body across uneven ground. Due to her claws, natural agility and athleticism and the pads of her hands and feet, Sachiko can additionally climb nearly any surface, even cliff faces or the like if she can get her claws into it. The sharp claws can cut through flesh and bone, though only tends to scratch harder substances. Her bite force, however, is one of the strongest in the animal kingdom, able to crunch a skull and rip through flesh and bones with relative ease.

Jaguar Agility
Sachiko has spent her entire life hunting animals that can sense a leaf rustling from a hundred paces. As a result she has developed an almost supernatural ability for stealth. She can creep across treetops, slide on vines, and climb through waist high brush without making a sound. This is dependent entirely, of course, on the environment and her current mood. Moving quicker will always make more noise, as well as moving through things like dry grass or leaves. Along with this comes an impeccable sense of balance and natural skill for acrobatics.

A result of the magical mutation, Sachiko is incredibly flexible, capable of twisting herself like a pretzel. With little practice and with more ease, she can twist and contort herself better than professional contortionists.

Jaguar Eyes
Like the animal with which she has been fused, Sachiko has specialized eyes. The eyes, and particular the reflective membrane on the back of the retina, have been designed for low-light vision and nighttime. As a result, she can see about six times as well as a human in those conditions. However, during normal daylight hours, she sees about half as well. In addition to this, she has incredibly enhanced binocular vision, allowing her to accurately gauge the distance to a target or targets.

Language of the Birds
Sachiko can speak and understand nearly any animal language, barring those from place far removed from most natural places, such as the Arctic or the Deep Ocean. This does not give her any control over them whatsoever, just the ability to understand and speak to them. Regardless of the language she’s speaking, it will mostly be non-verbal communication with some hisses and growls thrown in. Fun fact: cats only meow at humans because they think we’re mostly blind and mute.

Jaguar Ears
The large ears Sachiko possesses are not only for show. They are incredibly sensitive and able to pick up the sound of a twig snapping from up to two miles away.

Jaguar Nose
Sachiko’s sense of smell is even more enhanced than her hearing. Fun fact: Jaguars have the most enhanced sense of smell of any big cat. Sachiko can smell anything from what you had to dinner last night to if you’ve had sex to anyone to if you have any diseases. While these more intricate things require close contact, she can track a scent two weeks for miles and smell a fresh scent for up to six miles around.

The Weaknesses

The Natural World
Despite her seemingly impressive power, Sachiko is only as powerful as an athletic Jaguar and has all the weaknesses in her normal form. Bullets, blades, fires, and pretty much everything else will hurt her. She can’t resist getting hit by a car. Handcuffs still work on her.

Curse of the Jungle Queen
Despite the power it gives her, Namur can only possess Sachiko’s body while she is angry. While this rarely happens for the mild-mannered girl, it’s more than that. Being possessed by such a powerful demon is dangerous for the girl, it puts stress on her joints, on her skin and bones. Possession for too long will cause damage to her body, starting with the obviously human parts such as her chest and legs. Her extremities will be damaged last, but even they won’t be immune. Additionally, the longer she’s possessed the longer it’ll take her to recover; for every minute possessed, she will be unconscious for ten. In addition to the time taken for her to recover, each possession changes her body a little bit more. She’ll get a little bit more powerful, but lose more and more of her human self along with it. This doesn’t change her personality, only her body. One day, this could end up leaving her covered in fur, or yellow eyes, or any number of other changes.

To really make use of her more animalistic physical skills - such as her stealth or her significant speed - she needs to be on all fours.

Easily Distracted
Due to the fact that she is, basically, a big ol’ cat, Sachiko is very easily distracted by pretty much everything, not limited only to the things listed here. Interesting scents, a cat, a skunk, new prey; unless something is directly associating with her, she will easily get bored and wander off. And even then it’s pure luck if you can keep her in.

Sachiko spent most of her life fending for herself in the Bolivian Rainforest. As a result, she understands very little about modern society. She will quite often come up to people and sniff them, or stare, or stalk around on the ceiling and follow people. To her it’s fun; to others the wild, somewhat cannibalistic cat-girl is thinking about dinner.

Despite her wild and dangerous life, Sachiko has never had any formal education nor any experience with the dishonesty of the modern world. She firmly believes most humans are kind and honest and won’t hurt other people or lie to her. She has yet to have this illusion shattered and thus can easily be taken advantage of.

Language Barrier
Sachiko only speaks the language of Cats and scattered words in Bolivian. Because of this, she doesn’t speak a lick of English and thus people have trouble communicating with her. She can easily understand tone and body language, as well as the emotions she can discern from scents, but the language is nonetheless a huge barrier.

Sachiko is not a trained fighter. She is used to dropping on a target and ripping it’s head off, or biting through it’s skull. Though agile and fast, she has no idea how to actually fight and will lose more often than not to anyone with a modicum of skill.

Loud Sounds
Due to her sensitive hearing, sudden loud sounds can stun her or even hurt her, potentially causing permanent damage.

Bright Lights
Sudden bright lights, especially at night, can blind her or even hurt her, potentially causing permanent damage.

Shiny Things
Shiny things, particularly of bright colors, will immediately distract Sachiko and put her in a near hypnotic state. If suddenly moved, it will activate her hunting instincts and she’ll chase after it. This can lead to hilarious or potentially dangerous results.

Laser Pointers
The bright jerky light of this toy will instantly activate the most primal part of the cat-girls brain, immediately making her hunt the red bastard.

Yes. Boxes. Cardboard ones, plastic ones, metal ones with flashing lights. If she can fit in it, some instinct in her will urge her to go sit in it.

Sachiko by far prefers the company of her fellow felines to humans and will often be found speaking to cats wherever they are found, even running out of a fight or lecture if she sees a cat she likes or doesn’t know.

Other animals
As Sachiko can speak to most species of Animal, she will be distracted by most of them. Whether they’re fellow predators so she’ll want to play, or they’re prey so she’ll want to hunt, the mere presence of a wild or domestic animal in her presence will send her into a tithee.

Sachiko, being a jaguar, has no problem with water or swimming and will quite often do so; but Sachiko, being a cat, hates bath. The combination of the unnaturally warm water, the smell of the soap and the feel of the suds skeeves her out and even the threat of it will send her running.

Calling Sachiko a good girl - or in fact most compliments aimed at her - will instantly drain her of any aggression as she waits for the person who said the compliment to pet her head.

Calling Sachiko a bad girl - or scolding her with the correct tone - will instantly cause her to start crying and start working as hard as possible to be a good girl again.

Hurting her Master
If someone were to hurt any of the individuals she considers her ‘Master’, she will instantly become docile and do anything that person says, even against the wishes of her Master.

Apex Predator
Due to the life she has led, Sachiko has no grasp on morality. She will eat - and sometimes kill - a human if she is hungry and no other prey is available, but it’s purely a survival instant. She holds no ill will towards any person.

The Items

The Jungle Queen’s Blade
An elaborately curved blade that hooks several times to cause maximum damage. The scabbard is bronze teased with gold and jewels and the hilt is studded with a large ruby set in the pommel. The blade itself is seemingly made of runed copper or bronze, but is unbreakable and always cold to the touch. Within the ruby lies the spirit of the Jungle Queen; once known as the demon Numer, she possesses and warps the body of any who wield her.
Power-wise, this blade is more of a curse. It is unbreakable, as is appropriate for an all-powerful demon. This blade is very sharp and does not dull due to it’s unbreakable nature; it is not supernaturally sharp, however, only as sharp as a blade of this type can get. Whosoever holds this naked blade in their hand shall become cursed by Numer to become her Vessel. However, ancient Bavarian natives crafted the scabbard to house the blade, reducing its effect on the user to be mostly negligible. While one Vessel is alive, it cannot be claimed again. Numer inspires a need in the Vessel to always hold the blade so she can slowly work their magic on the Vessel. Should the blade ever become lost, the Vessel will feel a call for it and will be urged by a powerful magic to seek it out. If someone other than her Vessel tries to wield it, no amount of super strength will be able to unsheath it.
This blade can be broken by powerful magic or the blessings of a priests. Holy water or other holy artifacts can be used to reduce or halt The Jungle Queen’s effect on the Vessel. If submerged in holy water or buried in hallowed ground, Numer can no longer reach out to her Vessel and the control will be broken.

Infinity University Control Collar A black collar with the symbol of Infinity University serving as the clasp. This piece of gear, customized from the typical Watch all students have, track Sachiko’s vitals and location at all time. Additionally, it can also deliver a non-lethal electric shock to incapacitate the young girl should she go wild.

The Minions


The Fluff

Sachiko can change the smell and color of her smoke at will.

Sachiko can only speak the language of Cats and scattered words of Spanish due to her wild upbringing.

The RP Sample

Beep beep I’m a Sheep

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Sachiko Empty Re: Sachiko

Post by Zonkes Sun 26 Aug 2018 - 23:31

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Sachiko Empty Re: Sachiko

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Sachiko Empty Re: Sachiko

Post by FantasyBound Sat 8 Feb 2020 - 23:33

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Sachiko Empty Re: Sachiko

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