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Typhon Empty Typhon

Post by Typhon August 6th 2018, 5:35 pm


"The greatest and last true son of Chaos, The son of Ymir, The Son of the Great Origin Primordial."

The Bio

Real Name: Lotan
Villain Name:  Typhon
Title: "The Father of Monsters", "The 500", "The Child of Nothing", "Psyche's Son"
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Unknown ~ Appears late twenties, early thirties.
Gender: Male
Race: Primordial Dragon Spawn
Hair: Dark brown/Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180lbs.
Blood type: Unknown

The Looks

The Personality

Lotan is a childish being to be sure. He prioritizes fun and keeping himself occupied with many of the other important things in life. He is a perfect example of a being that loves to have fun more than anything else, which can be both good and bad. Unfortunately, Lotan always seems to fall on the destructive, and more evil side of the spectrum...though it's curious to see if he is truly beyond redemption.

Lotan is proud, stubborn and honestly he is pretty much Yamm's oldest teenager. He really, really is. It's kinda scary but he fits all the criteria for the childish, devil-may-care guy that refuses to grow up and get a job.

The Story

Typhon is known throughout history as the Greek Pantheon's greatest monster. But he is so much more than the history books say. Typhon began as a small coiling serpent known as "Lotan". Lotan was the child of Yamm, the Primordial chaos and Primeval being. His father's names were many...across many different religions and faiths. Chaos, Yamm, Ymir, Taterus, Yin...or was it Yang? He could never keep the two separated. But yes...his father was oneof the primordial forces of the world. His conciousness turned and created Tartarus which fused with an existential shard of decay and life which then created Lotan, the servant and son of Yamm.

Lotan was always his father's golden child. His favorite. Though Lotan could not see this. Lotan was a chld that saw only how his father favored the other children, his siblings. Lotan could not see that he was so much like his father, that his father needed to spend more time with the others to minimize onflict between the two, but also foster independance. Lotan, in his rage awaited for his father to slumber, then proceeded to devour all of his siblings, incoperating their souls into him. When his father woke the next century, Lotan has introduced himself as Typhon. His father wept, mortified at the creature he saw before him, all of his children stiched together into one like some form of Frankenstein monster, all with mortified and horrified looks, the same they wore as they watched their brother betray them. But their pain was long over...they were Typon. They were unstopable.

With Lotan's own birth as part of an existential shard, he bagn to tap into the cosmos, realizing that there was so much more than just the three dimensions in which they resided, and witht he combound might of all of the children of Chaos, Typhon transcended. Though his father was not pleased, and cursed Typhon trapping part of him in the limited third dimension and vowing that Lotan himself would forever see the viasges of those he had consumed, calling out for redemption so that one day he may know his folly. Lotan was then exiled, tossed aside as his father Yamm, Father of the Levithan's, Dragon King, Primordial Chaos. Lotan broke, and so he began his reign of terror.

He assisted Chronus in the destruction of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, though assisted Hades in his final moments in killing Chronus, then cursing the four of them to reincarnate so that the five of them could have fun all over again in many years from now. This came to pass with Ryan Lester and his triplet brothers, as well as Aramis Maxos whom harbors the essence of Chronus.

But Lotan traversed not just earth or this world, but many others. He finally returned to Earth only to find everything had changed. For the better in his opinion. But he also came to feel the essence of something else...siblings. The Father had created more sons, but they were all younger...unworthy to claim their father's domain while he slumbered. And so... he hunts once more.
The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Dimensional Anomaly: Typhon's physical being is present within the third dimesnion, but it is merely a representation of him upon this level. Typhon himself is a being far beyond the third, fourth and possibly even the fifth dimension which makes him akin to an Eldritch horror. As such, Typhon's physiology and movements are not limited in traditional ways. He is capable of altering the perceptions of those around him, interfering with the natural order, resurrection and even creation. He also has the power to teleport himself, others and even items from other places by simply mansulating his sense of being. As described by Typhon "It's like you're all stick figures on paper, I draw another one, and that's me. I'm that stick figure, but I'm still drawing." giving him a total understanding of things both present, seen and unseen.

Invocation: Typhon is capable of invoking his father's will and power from beyond, and is capable of bestowing powers on others, or himself. The nature of this power us unknown to it's fullest extent. This power can also have terrifying consequences to Typhon, or the benefactor of this blessing. He also has the power to modify or augment present powers in individuals.

The Trickster's Gambit: Trickster's are as Trickster's Do. Typhon Is a horrific creature of destruction. But something he loves more than destruction, is the ability to do it all over again. Typhon is capable of "Undoing" what he's done with a simple snap of his fingers. Any destruction he causes, any people he harms, any threats he creates can all be undone by a simple snap. He could set Godzilla loose on Tokyo, kill millions and then with a snap of the finger, make it as though it never happned. Unfortunately for Typhon this had great consequence to himself.

The Weaknesses

True Name Nemesis: Typhon is a seemingly impossible foe, however for anyone who knows his name, or any name of the 499 siblings he devoured, Typhon will be comprmised, stealing control from Lotan and stripping him of his powers, leaving him like a mangled finger hanging onto the rest of the body by skin alone. Total power negation.

I Think Therefore I Am: Lotan is the son of Yamm, the Primordial Chaos. He is a very childish creature, despite his nacient age and actually finds himself more prone to emotional influence. In fact even those without the capacity to manipulate emotions can still have their emotions "bleed" into him.

Oh Look, A Distraction!: Lotan's attention is very easily tempted away by something deemed "more exciting". Even in a most dire moment, he can find himself being distracted from delivering a finishing blow simply by a slightly awkward stimuli. This includes but not limited to: Shiny things, loud noises, someone trying to ttalk to him about a "fascinating" subject, the opportunity to monologue, the offer of something more entertaining, calling his power into question, jokes, a heroes costume, a sense of fashion and literally anything else that can stimulate any of his senses. This is especially effective because of his physiology's capabilities to see things he isn't actually looking at.
------> Oh Look, A Distraction!: This weakness seems to have Lotan especially weak to memes.

Sacred Rites: Any powers involving the modifcation, thought-reading or other "perks" of being an extradimensional horror that involve another character still requires the player's permission.

Short-Patience: Typhon can't stand being asked the same question more than three times. He will cave in and answer almost any question if asked it three times. In addition, saying Lotan's name three times will cause him to freeze in place as he tries to reorient himself to the constant echoing of hearing his name through over 3000 different "ears" three different times.

True Faith: Lotan is cursed by his father for the sins of his past. Lotan has a rolling-bolder of immunity to others of faith. After engaging with Lotan; a person that is given a chance to display their zeal, or internally places their faith within a higher power makes Lotan incapable of affecting these people with his powers in any way. Faith in a creator being shields from everything, while faith in a simple concept such as "friendship" or "Love" will only level the playing field and minimize his capacity to affect them.

The Evil Within: Typhon is a culmination of the first 500 children of Yamm/Ymir/Chaos that he killed and devoured in order to prove his superiority. Whenever faced with a moral delimma, or someone having any hope for Lotan doing the right thing, he is plagued with images of his siblings that once pleaded with him to do the right thing. This causes Lotan to freeze and become "disconnected" with himself in a sense, leaving him completely open to a strike. If one persists with Lotan to do the right thing, rather than taking the option to strike him, it may cause him to retreat.

The Balance Of Things: Typhon is a being of destruction, a monster that exists to create, destroy and recreate. Lotan is a trickster. His loyalty lies in whatever will bring him the most pleasure. He can be quite fickle, and will turn on anyone in a heart-beat in order to do whatever is most fun.

I AM THE STRONGEST: Pride or "Hubris" is Lotan's greatest problem. It was his pride that caused him to slaughter his borthers and sisters to become Typhon, it was pride that caused him to betray Chronos and the three chief brothers. Ultimately it would be pride to prove that he is the strongest child of Chaos that could manipulate him into anything.

Father Says: Whatever any Vessel of Yamm/Ymir/Chaos says, Typhon must obey. Is he is ordered to stop, he will freeze in place. If he says to leave, he leaves. If he is told to kneel he will kneel. This extends to any that Yamm/Chaos or his vessels have "Ordained" to command him.

Typhon Exiles: Typhon is physically weakened when he sees a depiction of himself or his name. The more images, depictions or styles he sees his name written in, the more it dampens his powers and makes it possible to harm him. Whenever he sees a visage of himself, he is actually incapable of being intangable, as it plays upon the pride of the being on standards beyond the third dimension.

Imagine Dragons: Lotan annd Typhon are at odds from time to time. Lotan's desires as a trickster will conflict with the collective Typhon's desire to destroy. However, Lotan is in charge...normally. If challenged to imagine, or help create something, Lotan's powers as an extradimensional being will cause him to begin melting on the physical plane, breaking him into little black creatures that run amok and cause Chaos, working to destroy or create whatever it is Lotan is imagining. The black creatures are only third dimensional, and their destruction will cause wounding and damages on a physical and metaphysical level.

Great Expense: Whenever Lotan has "too much fun" he will alwyas snap and undo all of his hard works of destruction and reset the scales. Everyone is still fully aware of what happened, but now everything seems to be back to normal. Whenever Lotan does this, he actually exasperates all of his energy to do so, making him incapable of utilizing any more of his powers for 48 hours.

The Price of Power Lotan's power bestowal and alteration is a powerful instrument of chaos, but it is also quite risky. Whenever Lotan bestows a power on someone, or alters their powers, he recieves 2 new weaknesses. One of them is physical, the other is mental. The physical will always be different, and it will be dependant upon the power he bestows. The mental weakness is always the same.
--------->The Price of Power: Rhabdophobia Lotan's power bestowal actually bleeds part of his essence from the extra-dimensions and actually houses itself within his target. As such this person in a way, becomes part of Lotan. ALL MENTAL/EMOTIONAL weaknesses they have are weaknesses Typhon has.
Secret's-Shadow: Lotan's shadow reveals much more than you may think, and ultimately interacting with his shadow can be just as effective as interacting with him.

Object of obsession: Once Lotan finds something (or someone) fascinating, he becomes obsessed with them, understanding them and connecting with them. It can be very distracting from any goal he had previously.

I just wanted a purpose...: Despite all of his power, Lotan is still just a "child" that made a rash decision and ended up with far too much power for his own good. Lotan is more powerful than many things he's encountered but has always strugled internally with not having a purpose, leaing a void within him. Lotan's greatest weakness is, in fact, his lack of as a creature that does what it wants only because it knows how to do nothing else. Lotan desires to be the strongest of his father's son, to earn his attention but he has no purpose. This makes him almost too easy to manipulate for anyoen who can show even the slightest level of empathy to him in this plight.

The Fluff

Resurrection Lotan's existence is beyond that of the third dimension, which means that any death his physical form suffers, will likely result in him simply "replacing" himself in a new thread.

Psycho-snap Attempting to read Lotan's mind is futile, and ultimately painful, as it begins to shred the telepath's mind and pull it beyond the three dimensions one is capable of interacting in. It will cause no severe damage unless persisted upon for a length of time.

The RP Sample

The man stood in a suit, his deep blue eyes scanned the surface of the world around him. Cars stood before him with their lights on, he eyed them cautiously as the lights began to flash and a loud noise was sent through the air. He turned around to see that the world had changed, all too much the world had changed. He felt a slight turn in the corner of his mouth, unsure if he was projecting the right emotion. This raw feeling was sending his heart into a frenzy. What a strange sensation to feel again. To be part of this primitive world, a land that could be molded by his sheer imagination. He started to walk away, towards the side of the street where he heard the murmurs. They tried to be quiet, but he was there... right where the words left their mouth. He turned to the women, they were several yards away but all it took was a snap of his fingers.

From the nothingness between the women, there was now a large creature with spide-like legs and the head of a yellow lab. The vicious creature lunged upon the woman and began to barrage her face with the furious tongue of spider-dog. Lotan hadn't expected such a strange creation as he began to laugh, a high pitched and almost childish laughter slipped as he took off running, the wind in his hair as he flew through the world as a whisp, unbound as he moved through the walls, looing about and seeing this old world...reborn.

He found himself running, but in truth he wasn't running...he was hardly moving but he randomly appeared in random areas throughout the world. The lands that his father met Alexander the Great. the lands where the humans hid behind their large wall. A frozen wasteland where alcohol was love, and alcohol was life. But finally he stopped, looking upon the Parthanon with a twitching upper lip as his face contorted into a smile. It didn't matter how you splice it... Jupiter, Zeus, as he preferd... this was the lands that once worshiped him. A small flash of light sparked, and imemdiately Lotan's head turned, a hundred and eighty degrees later and he witnessed a cyan streak zipping around faster than one could normally follow with their eyes. There was another color, a bluish streak that charged with electricity as they began to dance off one and other, their fists colliding as the people int he streets were entirely unaware at the hyper-paced battle before them.

With a snap of his fingers, Lotan watched as everything froze. He walked over to the super-speed duo, the one wearing a mechanical wait...that was his face? Lotan was so elated with what had happened to this world. His father truly was at work. He walked over to the other speedster, maneuvering his body through the two that were about to exchange blows. He looked to the young man's face with his care-free hair. Lotan finally saw it, around the mask of the youner one there was a small lens. He looked to it. He brought his arm up, wrapped it around the young man's shoulder. pulled him back and repositioned him so that he was pulled back into a slight style of hug. He lowered the constumed man's fist and then stuck his own fist out right before the metal-man's face. Within an instant time sped up, but for the human speedster would would likely have slowed down, greatly. Robot crashed into the man's fist and then went reeling back, sparks flying form it's face as it crashed through a building, and the young man was let to look at the finely moustached man who now had an arm slung over him.

Lotan looked to the young man, a sincere smile on his face as he clapped his shoulder. When he twisted the young man, leaning him back into his arms. Lotan seemed to dip and kiss this random stranger, fully acclimated and all the more pleased that he found exactly who he was looking for. Not the young man here, but the person behind the camera, someone who would be scared, confused and worried about what was happening here. After quick second the kiss broke and Lotan looked right into the camera.

"Hail to the King, baby" He said with a wink as he pulled the young man up and spun him around before quickly vanishing into a chaotic blue light that vanished quickly from sight.

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Typhon Empty Re: Typhon

Post by Chellizard August 7th 2018, 2:10 pm

Approved and moved.

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