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Nyxeria The Goddess of Destruction

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Nyxeria The Goddess of Destruction Empty Nyxeria The Goddess of Destruction

Post by Geist August 4th 2018, 2:42 am


"Life is just a journey, and death is the much awaited finale."

Nyxeria The Goddess of Destruction B5If2Q

The Bio

Real Name:  Nyxeria Nyx
Villain Name:  Lady Night
Title: Goddess of death, the night and destruction, The cruel black goddess, Lady Night, The Shadow of Death, Lady of the worlds
Alignment: Neutral evil
Age: Millenia due to time dilation (18 physically)
Gender: Female
Race: God
Hair: Black
Eyes: Onyx
Height: 5’7 ft
Weight: 117 lbs
Blood type: Nether

The Looks

The Personality

Sardonic, Nyx is the kind of person that always keeps herself poised despite the circumstance. She holds contempt for most mortal life, despite the fact that she can hide these things when it suits her. Manipulative, she can read a room and understand the thoughts of people through facial expressions. Holds what lofty ideals she does have to high standards and any that would look down upon the goddess would find there is hell to pay. Despises those that grow a little arrogant with a little power and holds little qualms with punishing them.

Otherwise known as a perfect bitch.
The Story

She was born within a time of peace, a time when his home realm was as prosperous as it could ever be.  A place where a race known by many as The Gods ruled with a benevolent hand, and all that followed them reveled within this time of peace, hell, they even loved their rulers, worshiped them and that was what allowed them to keep this rule cemented. In this realm, there were thirteen deities and atop them was the one who was said to have created everything, a being with power almost unparalleled. Yet this was a power that had gone unabused, as surprising as that may seem to many who had heard similar stories before.  Though i'm sure you're not here to hear about her parents and how their lives went, no, I bet you want to hear how this goddess of calamity was born midst this utopia.

Well, it all started one day, when The Creator god of this world was watching the mortals within their everyday lives and a curiosity fell over him. While it was true, that he had understood how it was to have siblings, he never truly understood what it was like to have a child of his own, an offspring even if he was immortal. Even with omnipotence, even with supposed omniscience, he still did not know what such a feeling was like and so he did what anyone with enough power to do was would do. Well, he didn't create new life, but rather sought out a person who's soul he thought interesting, pure enough to do so with and within a year he found one. This child was not born of your typical means, but through a long forgotten means of creation, a being taking a portion of their own soul and mixing it with another, to create a life that had never before been seen.

His fellow gods warned against this, and yet within his own want, he did not heed their warnings and went through with this. Mortal and immortal had been fused, forming something far different than either, yet it held qualities of both. Two children were born of this union, a young girl and her brother, fraternal twins as they were known otherwise. Yet the differences between them were striking. The girl had hair blacker than midnight, and eyes as brilliant as molten gold, while the other hair of snow, yet they shared eye colors, though as to why that was no one could really know. Despite their strange appearances, many of the people welcomed to birth's of the new gods, celebrating them with a festival that had lasted months on end, until they could no longer celebrate and so the mortal inhabitants went about their lives.

As was decreed by their father, the two would be raised as he saw fit, going through rigorous training overseen by their greatest of warriors, so that they would not be lacking within any area. The boy took to such training like a moth to flame, but his sister was not as skilled within the marital arts, and in fact she seemed to be unskilled within them. Nyx couldn't explain it but hatred welled up within her. Her parents both favored her brother, leaving her to the shadows as the hatred continued to grow like a cancer.  A bitter venom that welled up within her and eventually began to pour over into every action that she performed. Little things to spite the perfect son, eventually beginning to question the gods themselves. Why they favored mortals so and why they allowed such dangerous creatures to do as they wish. The story of The Eternal was something that she referred to.

A mortal that dared to reach for the power of the gods.

That was when a strange being calling herself The Good Sister revealed herself and offered to help. She directed the young god towards a power within the infinite void beyond the realm of the gods, towards a fetid realm of death. The Abyss as it was known and told her that she could use the death god there to help her. To teach the world a lesson about how they were just too soft, and so she lead an assault upon her home world. This lead to a counter attack, with her brother despising her the msot by the end of it when she slew his best friend. Standing over the dead demi-god, she spoke her final proclamation and left the realm entirely. Gather power and the means by which she could return to supplant her father and rule the world as a god should. Eventually this lead her to this universe in particular where she found her brother, and so many other interesting things. Humans with power that claimed to rivals the gods, and they needed to be put low.
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Scion of hate: Nyx has always known she was different than her brother, and it shows in the ways that others innately respond to her. She inspires hatred within others the same way her twin inspires love, and this empowers her just the same. The intensity of the feelings also dictate the amount of power that she can receive, though she has found ways to bypass the dimensional limiters that have layed the young god of creation low. This innate ability augments all the powers from her innate godly abilities to even her physical capabilities and even her ability to recover from injuries. (6 weaknesses)

Daughter of destruction: Despite being born to a deity associated with creation, she finds that her abilities are more aligned with destruction. With a wave of her hand, Nyx can release a wave of pure destructive energy that utterly destroys or begins to destroy anything that it touches. While she can channel this pure destructive energy through her fingers for an immediate effect, she best uses this by releasing pulses of destruction. (Permission based)

Blessing: She is capable of bestowing blessings upon people, typically those that pray to her. Usually this comes down to things such as curing a person of their ailments. There are many things she cannot do, such as simply killing someone because they prayed for it, or destroying reality, so he is more limited to simpler things, however she is also capable of bestowing curses in the same vein of bestowing blessings.

True Sight: Her eyes are imbued with the ability to see things for what they are, allowing her to see spirits, through most illusions, glamours and even the true form of a shapeshifter.

Shadows of The Void: While traveling through the void between worlds, Nyx had discovered a means by which to augment her umbrakinetic abilities she originally had. When taking control of shadows, she imbues them with the essence of nothingness that flows through her and allows them to lash at the very essence of a person. So while it mostly functions as normal umbrakinesis, it does a little more than that. Creating constructs of shadows that suit her imagination seems to be a common theme.

Maiden of The Void: Having spent much time within the great nothing between worlds, Nyx has mastered replicating the state of being nothing. This allows her to become intangible in a sense, where nothing can touch her. Allowing her to slip through objects without an issue, and even becoming untouchable by all things. A spot of nothing as it would seem.

The Weaknesses

Purity of silver: Something she’s noted, the touch of silver seems to burn her flesh and temporarily distort her control over her abilities.

The taint of mortality: Human blood is actually pure poison to her, and to inject her with it, or force her to ingest it would likely kill her.

The antithesis of hate: Strong positive emotions can temporarily weaken or even strip her of her powers. Having those emotions directed towards her have an even greater effect.

The light of day: Intense lights can cause the shadows that she wields to become weaker or not strong enough to do any harm.

Hatred never lies: Despite how she feels about this restriction, Nyx cannot tell a lie. She may twist the truth but it will never be a lie.

True name: Should someone know her name, they can speak it and request any one thing from her so long as it doesn’t involve her death or something so against her ethics that it would be considered evil by her.

A gift well given: Should one give her a gift, she cannot make an aggressive move towards that person until they do so against her.

Electrum: A metal that all who bear divinity seem adverse to. It seems to cut through the flesh of a divine being easier and their abilities hold no bearing on it.

Unbreakable bond: Once she has made a deal, she cannot break that deal.

Demon trap: A devils trap, or any demon sealing circle can hinder her movements. Forcing Nyx to stay within that spot for a few minutes or even longer depending on how well it is made.

Incompatible forms: When taking on a void form, Nyx cannot return to a solid form when her body interlaces with something that exists.
The Items

Tome of shadows: A thick leather bound tome filled with many rituals she has gathered from across her time between the myriad worlds.

The Minions

Cultists: Humans who curry for Nyx’s favor.

The Fluff

Corruption: Those that look upon Nyx typically find themselves filled with negative emotions.

Font of death: Wherever she walks, lesser life and small plants wilt and die simply by being close to her.

Lady of the worlds: She has shown the ability to create portals that allow her to move through the void between worlds as a shortcut between locations. (Out of combat travel)

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Nyxeria The Goddess of Destruction Empty Re: Nyxeria The Goddess of Destruction

Post by Zonkes August 4th 2018, 2:54 am

I think this is fine. Just make sure not to abuse it - which I doubt but I have to say it anyway - and you’re golden.

Approved until stated otherwise.
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