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The META Scale

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The META Scale Empty The META Scale

Post by Red on May 10th 2018, 1:23 am

Disclaimer: It is not my intention with this scale to put characters in neat little boxes of competence and power, but rather to provide an In-Universe method of metahuman threat estimation. This should not be used out of character as a way to say one character is more powerful then another, and should not be placed on apps as some sort of stat. Plain and simple, this is supposed to be a common in character scale to quickly communicate the likely ball park power level of a particular threat. Don't use it as a dick measuring tool, guys.

With that out of the way, i can explain what this is. The Method for Evaluation of Threat and Ability, or The META Scale for short, is a system for vaguely categorizing beings by how powerful and extraordinary they are. As can be guessed by the language, it is used mostly by Rise and the government of Belarus, but it has since been released to the public. I've referenced this scale a couple of times in threads and in chat, but i think It's time i put it in text. I encourage everyone to use it in-thread as they wish, but If you don't want to, hey, that's cool; you might still want to know what my characters are talking about when they speak of threat levels.

So without further ado, here it is:

"Human Level"


The META Scale 3097751-arm-fall-off_boy-edited

The Fallen are defective superhumans, essentially. Their powers either potentially cause a disability without being useful, or they actively harm the person who has them. A being of this level is essentially considered a non-threat on the opposing side, and a liability on the allied side.

These people are nigh useless, basically.


The META Scale Kick-ass-costume

The Ordinary are normal humans, basically. They have no superhuman abilities, and no hyper-competencies. These people are considered to be of little threat, but are still thought of as a factor, especially in high numbers. A higher tier being should not be so quick to dismiss them. In some situations, a strong will can make up for a lack of power. More usually though, dozens can be killed with a gesture by anyone with significant superhuman power.... Or even just skill with a machine gun.

Can do little to no damage without weaponry, and are only really a threat to those of their tier or below.


The META Scale 2-batman-the-dark-knight-returns-2012-unknow

Deviants are individuals that push the limits of what a human can do, or even have a power that brings them slightly beyond them, but aren't apparently superhuman. Whether it's highly attuned fighting skills, a genius level IQ, a minor enhancement to senses, or low level physical augmentation, these people have something special about them. Many 'street level' types of characters fit into this tier, human or not. These people are considered to be a real threat, but one that can be dealt with by simply focusing on it. Often members of this tier can use the fact they are underestimated to their advantage, so it is best to deal with them rightly when the opportunity presents itself.  

Unassisted, they can clear a room of those tiered below them or otherwise meet or slightly exceed human limitations.

"Meta Level"


The META Scale E3a6f7907cc419c046f6a97666615328

The Mavaricks are what most think of when they hear the word metahuman. They are your common powered individuals. Maybe it's an elemental manipulation, a readily apparent physical enhancement, or other formidable ability, but regardless, they have something about them that is beyond what any human can achieve on their own. These people are considered to be a threat human level people can potentially overcome on their own, but not easily.  

Unassisted, they can perhaps do enough damage to destroy a small building or otherwise overcome human limitations up to fifteen times over.


The META Scale 476?cb=20150729001942

The Risen are truly evolved individuals. Their powers are a sight to be seen. These are your exceptional metahumans—the uncommon of the uncommon. Maybe they throw trucks with a gesture, make dozens submit to their will, or kill groups of humans effortlessly, but whatever it is they are undeniably beyond your run of the mill superhuman. What they do can't be considered normal by any stretch of the imagination, and human level Individuals have nearly no chance of overcoming them unassisted.

Unassisted, they can do enough damage to destroy large buildings or otherwise overcome human limitations up to fifty times over.


The META Scale Magneto01

The Paragons are incredibly dangerous and rare individuals. These guys can shift the outcome of disasters by their lonesome, shrug off the most powerful of conventional weaponry, or bring an entire city of humans to it's knees. To overcome them, undoubtedly superhuman force is required. Some abilities held by people in this tier might even challenge what is thought to be true by science, seemingly breaking the laws of reality, though not actively manipulating them. These are your big bad villains, and your city protecting heroes.

Unassisted, they can do enough damage to destroy a city block all at once or otherwise overcome human limitations up to a few hundred times over.

"Hyper Level"


The META Scale Latest?cb=20160107200711

Those in Zenith tier are often mistaken as gods. Their abilities are so powerful they could, in theory, overcome anything physical brought against them. These people laugh in the face of what is thought to be possible, and actively break or in some circumstances bend the laws of physics to their whim. The only thing that separates them from the gods above is that they are still very much made of matter, but they have nonetheless reached the zenith of what is possible for a purely physical being.

Unassisted, they can potentially destroy entire cities all at once and have surpassed physical human limitations an absurd amount of times.


The META Scale 884

These are your actual deities, at least in the practical sense. They have either reached a nigh infinite level of physical power, or have gone beyond matter itself. Either way, these are your cosmic, potentially meta-dimensional types. They can, with some limitations, manipulate aspects of reality, impose their will on entire populations, or otherwise do what even the more metaphysically minded would call godly. They are at the very top of observable existence, and can really only be challenged by powers similar to their own.

Unassisted, they can destroy nations all at once, perhaps more, and have gone beyond physical limitation itself.


The META Scale Maxresdefault

It is tough to say if these beings even exist, elusive as they are. These are your primordial concepts, your omnipotent Gods, and your omnidimensional eldritch horrors. If the one above all, with a capital G, exists, he is this tier. Transcendent beings are beyond existence itself.  

Unassisted, they can do whatever the hell they want.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below. This is open to change if ya'll are interested enough to leave suggestions.


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