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The Swagman

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The Swagman Empty The Swagman

Post by Duo July 15th 2017, 5:44 pm

The Swagman

"It's Nothing Personal, Just My Job."

The Bio

Real Name:  John "Johnny" Goodman
Villain Name: Swagman
Title:  "The Boogieman of the Gangitanos"
Alignment:  Lawful Evil
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Hair:Dark, dark brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'
Weight: 220 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

Dress is dependent on job. May wear skin-tight black if trying to be stealthy. When casual, he will dress-up like picture.

The Personality

Swagman believes in doing what is best for the family. Before friends, before blood-related family, before himself even, is the Mafia. There is literally nothing that stands between his devotion to his 'family '(led by Don Gangitano). His beliefs are odd, as he doesn't feel any connection to the individual members of the gang, rather their operations as a whole. He looks for their best business decisions. If that means killing a member who's taking more than his cut to pay for their child's surgery, so-be-it. Shouldn't have crossed the mob.

When his devotion isn't ruining his social life, he's actually a decently friendly guy. He's the man at the bar who will strike up conversation with anyone, just to have it. Aside from what he was taught once (network to everyone), he doesn't have any ulterior motives. He's a decent human being outside of his work. The problem is, his work interferes with most of his daily life. Even if he's not doing a 'job', he will always be on the lookout for connections and tools that could be useful.

When it comes to his beliefs on fighting, he will always try being smart about it. In a world filled with metas, it's NOT smart for a normal man to run in, guns blazing. However, if there are no other options, he will gladly charge into a fight. Any time he can use his weapons and/or mess someone up, he will. This does not mean he picks fights, however if someone picks one with him he WILL respond.

Being forced to fight for rankings in the mafia with metas, he's grown a bias towards them. As soon as he meets one, he hates them until they prove themselves as good people. In fact, most of his fighting is geared towards identifying a meta's powers and learning how to fight it. "The Boogieman of the Gangitanos" will almost always take a job that requires killing or injuring a meta.

In fights, Swagman will aim to cripple opponents. Whether this is a knife to the leg before the fight starts, or shooting at the most used part of the body on the foe, he always tries to weaken before he kills (unless his job is to directly assassinate, in which case he changes his fighting style to go for critical points). Some of this method is to torture mob members who escaped and it just stuck, though at other times it has proven to be useful to gain information.

Swagman's goals are simple. He wants to make the Gangitanos grow, and maybe one day even be in charge of the operation.

The Story

Johnny Goodman was born to Australian Immigrants who did their best to provide for him, but couldn't. Being financially unable to provide for a family of three, they turned to less legal means to make extra money. Johnny's father became a low-ranked enforcer in the Gangatino mob. While organized crime wasn't at the height it once was, the organized crime gang was making a return in New York, and Johnny's father was responsible for extorting businesses and making sure they paid bi-weekly for protection. While his father was away, Johnny and his mother became very familiar with the higher-ups at the gang. His mother understood it was a means to make money. Johnny saw these larger than life gangsters as role models. They were crooked, but organized. Classy, but tough. The gang treated Johnny well, too. The big, bad enforcers who broke bones were fantastic with kids, and Johnny grew up in admiration.

When he was 16, he got in with the Gangatinos. His parents, especially his father, begged him not to. He disobeyed them, and joined anyway. Within a year, he had risen above his father, and had gotten into more dangerous stuff. He was a top ranking henchman for quite some time, until the Don found out about the reputation he had gathered. What started as a joke aimed at his parents had become the last name a victim would hear before their death. "The Swagman". After this, he was pushed to a much higher status, to where he has gained a good bit of respect in the gang he worked for. He wasn't nearly at the top, but now had choice in the jobs he did, and he wasn't just someone who guarded arms deals or bullied businesses. He was a killer, a high-end burglar, and many more. He was the Swagman.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Strength

The Powers

  • Regeneration: Despite having a bias towards Metas, he is actually one himself. His power is nigh undetectable to himself, though. Being born with a mutation, he heals from injuries slightly faster than the normal human. While this isn't enough to make limbs grow back in a few days, or even stop a major wound from impacting his fighting, he still gets back to normal shape quicker than most. Rather than months, broken bones and major flesh wounds will heal in weeks. Small cuts will scab up almost instantly. These are just some examples of what his regeneration does. It's not fantastic, but it does help as someone who gets cut up and stabbed quite a bit. His body also fights off natural infection, meaning that while poisons will still work, his cuts that he doesn't tend to will never get infected, and he fights off most common diseases and sicknesses.
  • In-Depth Training: Since the age of 14, Johnny has been training his body for the mafia, and he's been working for the Gangatinos since age 16. With this has come training from a few ex-military, as well as a few dojos and gyms. This training gives him experienc e and knowledge in a few fighting styles (more specifically Boxing, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Judo, and introductory MMA), most typical guns (especially Sniper Rifles and handguns), and very advanced knife techniques. Overall, he's a very skilled fighter, and while not any 'powers', it is at above-human levels. This also includes misc. skills, such as extreme car driving, auto theft, interrogation, and baking.

The Weaknesses

  • Addiction: Goodman is an alcoholic. His tolerance (possibly due to his mutant genetics) is high, and thus he isn't always slurring his words or stumbling around like a fool, however if he goes too far without alcohol, he starts to experience severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • Devotion: Goodman has a full-out devotion to his gang. That means even if it means endangering his own life, he will do whatever needs done to complete the job and benefit the mission. This oftentimes will get him in trouble with others, though at times it CAN put himself in danger. If something needs done but he would be walking right into a near-death situation, he will still do it.
  • Reputation: While able to physically stay undetected (as only stories of the Swagman's appearance have gone around), in any area once word that The Swagman is there, people will freak out and start a hunt, causing people to go on full-alarm.
  • Affiliation: Due to being a member of the Gangatinos, and a proud one, he can easily create an enemy in an authority figure or an opposing gang/cartel/mob.

The Items

  • A beat-down Volkswagen Van that holds his near-military collection of guns, and at times his motorcycle.
  • Ducati Panigale 1199 R. His trusty black bike that can get up to 195 mph.
  • On his person, always two CZ75 fully automatic pistols, as well as a pocket knife, four throwing knives, and his trusty Smith & Wesson .500. He keeps these hidden actually pretty well, whether at his sides, hidden in his suit, or even strapped to his arms/legs.
  • IN HIS VAN: Four sniper rifles, six pistols, three shotguns, twelve knives, five different outfits for different occasions,

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample


No one planned for this. It really didn't have to go down like this. Of course, the duo didn't plan for it end this badly either, but when guns and superhumans are involved, of course someone is getting hurt. It's just a question of how hurt.
    The scene was set at a bank, to be specific, the Citizens Plus Bank in Brooklyn, New York at 27th and 4th. On the outside, the busy city was completely fine. There was traffic, there was arguments, and there was the feel of a constant rush hour. Nothing was out of place. Inside the bank? Two desperate men who wanted, no, needed money taking control.
    About six people were on the floor, lined up at a wall. An average sized man, possibly a bit "short" but nothing out of the norm stood with a pistol in his hands. He was trying to think of the model, but he didn't know guns. He stole it from a police officer about two months ago. Besides, it was empty.
     Across the room stood a taller man with long, messy black hair standing by the counter, gun and bag in hand. He pointed it at a young lady, no older than 35, and she was making movements sloppily, quickly and hurriedly pulling out stacks of twenty dollar bills and putting it forward, where the man swept the bills off the counter with his hand, placing it into the open bag.
      The door opened with a kick. Swinging open, the entrance revealed a squad of policemen, each armed with a handgun.
     "Shit! Let's just get out of here. A few punches to a wall and with my speed and we're gone. We can get the money elsewhere."
      "No way. Two days with no food and no water was too much. I don't care about anything else, everyone in this bank could die. Everyone in this city could die. But today I'm eating. I'm sick of scraps and one dollar cheeseburgers with spare change. Today we feast. Even if it's at these people's cost."
      "Fine. Fine. Nicholas, just stay calm. No one needs to get hurt. We take the money and run. They can't hurt us. We have no need to hurt them. Got it?"
      "Just stay out of my way, Jason."
      "Answer me Nicholas."

     "Put your hands up, drop the money and the guns, and no one gets hurt."
     It was ironic. Someone was going to get hurt, but the guns weren't a part of it. Jason, the smaller of the duo, dropped the gun. Nicholas had different plans. He kicked the counter, breaking it with his massive strength. He walked by the lady and held the gun up to the side of her head. She freaked out, like someone should in this situation, and a war of words happened verbally between Nicholas and the policemen. Mentally was a different case.
        "Let her go Nick. She's innocent."
       "Nothing bad is going to happen. Just let me do this. Use this as a distraction. Grab the money and go outside, and then I'll teleport."

      Jason ran, and quickly. The bag of money was swooped up, and bullets shot at him. They hit him in the stomach, head, and leg, but the bullets bounced off of him. He kept running, and went outside of the bank, quickly running down a street alley. He dropped down, and he hid in the shadows of the buildings around him, and he focused on his link with Nick. He now saw things through his eyes.
      Nick saw the police officer mouth something.... "I'm sorry".... Nick's eyes moved down to the trigger of the gun... It was being pulled slowly. Nick stood, his body completely covering the woman. He felt the bullet hit him in the small of the back, and then more bullets, an entire barrage, swarmed onto his back. It was as if it was raining bullets, he felt them, but they did no harm. After a while they stopped, and Nick turned around, fuming. The woman stood, her mouth gaping from shock and awe and confusion, and Nick started to shout.
       "You monsters! You were going to kill this girl to protect a few thousand dollars? You would take a life just so you could say that you saved the days like heroes? Just praise yourselves and remind your conscious not to be sad because it's just a casualty on a battlefield? Do you feel good about yourselves because you almost saved green slips of paper in exchange for a human life? DO YOU?! You.... All of you.... Monsters! Monsters!!!"
        "This guy just survived about fifty shots.... You're the monster! Don't hurt us!"

        That phrase.... You're the monster.... Triggered Nicholas. He ran, and with one fist forced an officer out onto the streets, a dismantled face as a result of a simple punch. Nick grabbed another and flung him into a wall, and then with the remaining police officers, a charge knocked them all down. Nick picked up the one who said all that... The man who called Nick a monster.
       "It's a monster you want? It's a monster you'll get..."
       "Nick No!"
      It was too late. A barrage of punches left the officer on the floor in a pool of blood. Nick didn't stop though. Suddenly, Jason popped in, teleporting in, and he grabbed Nick and pulled him off. Nick looked on at the mess. The police officer wasn't moving. At all. The blood.... It was too much... Was he? No, he couldn't be, right?

4 Hours, 37 Minutes, 24 sec-... 25 seconds later, 2 Dominoes Large Two Topping Pizzas and 4 Shots Later....

        The Duo sat on bar stools, a crowd around them. They appear to be in the middle of the joke, and it seems we, the narrative viewers, only can hear the punchline.
      "And the bartender said, 'Well, no ma'am, we don't serve that here.'"
      The crowd started laughing, and the duo looked at each other, each turning to the bartender at the exact same moment and with exactness ordered the same thing, Whiskey On the Rocks.
      "Tonight is going great! But we need to start thinking about leaving. We got the money, but we can't stay still for too long. Someone might find out about us.
      Nick nodded at his twin, and the duo grabbed their drinks and both swung the small glasses back, taking large 'sips' before going back to telling another stupid joke which everyone is going to laugh at because they're drunk and it's late. Of course, no one here knew about the Duo's powers. And no one needed to.

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The Swagman Empty Re: The Swagman

Post by Super Cutie July 16th 2017, 6:14 pm



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