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Siren's Advancements

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Siren's Advancements

Post by GamerXZ on June 18th 2017, 7:39 pm

Character Advancement Name: Absorption

Character Advancement Description:  Basically, the evolved form of Fusion and gained from combining with the rest of their species. This gives them the power to absorb almost anything they desire, such as various forms of energy, metals, plant material, and in some cases living organisms and then use that to augment their own selves, which is usually done through simple contact and intense focus.

This means they can absorb an electric attack and gain temporary electrokinesis which can be applied to their weapons, or absorb fire and then use it as a type of pyrokinesis. Assimilating metals can give them a more durable exterior that augments physical attacks and durability. Also, absorbing living organisms gives them the target's skills, traits and knowledge.

Character Advancement Weakness(es): Although powerful and flexible, Absorption does have a number of weaknesses. For one thing, they cannot absorb PC's that are alive and even when dead requires special permission (from the owners) to do so.

Also, the absorbed powers, regardless of where they come from, are NOT permanent, and will gradually fade over time. Said powers also do not transfer from one thread to another. Also, each power comes with two additional weaknesses such as being dowsed in water makes it nearly impossible to use pyrokinesis, becoming metal limits mobility so an inability to fly, etc.
They can also only retain one copied power at a time and acquiring a new one "overwrites" the current ability.

On top of that, they are NOT immune or anymore resistant to the enemy's powers and can still be harmed like normal.

Finally, they have a minor allergy of sorts when exposed to extremely cold temperatures which causes them to break out into itchy hives.

Item/Character Advancement Price: 5 XP

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Re: Siren's Advancements

Post by Chellizard on June 21st 2017, 3:46 pm

Did you set up an experience sheet yet? Can you please attach it in a link to this advancement?

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Re: Siren's Advancements

Post by Drifter on June 25th 2017, 1:49 am

Ok, because this is similar to the way i set up Gamma, and because you get two weaknesses per power, I'm approving it. Keep in mind absorbing player items also needs permission.

Also good that you only get one power at a time. Nicely balanced.



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Re: Siren's Advancements

Post by Sponsored content

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