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Starboy Empty Starboy

Post by Rowan Eldraine June 6th 2017, 6:37 pm


"Haven't you noticed that i'm a star?"

Starboy 2de5182a7b0d420f942009220438988a

The Bio

Real Name:  “Starboy” [doesn’t have a true name] 
Hero Name: Supernova
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: Old enough
Gender: Appears male
Race: Star being
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue tinged with white
Height: 6’4
Weight: However much a star weighs
Blood type: Plasma

The Looks

The Personality

Personality is something difficult to define for a being like Starboy, because his personality does not really work like a human, because he isn’t even close to human. Yes, he can act, feel and consider things from a human perspective but some things he does separate him from humans in certain ways. In a sense, he is what you would call a good persons, not going out of his way to cause undue harm to those around him and actually he prefers not to deal with conflict. Whether that means stopping said conflict himself or avoiding it all depends on his mood. He holds a deep fascination for things such as heat and warmth, equating them to life in a sense as they were the first things he saw when he became truly aware of himself. He will help people, and tends to do so a lot, but will never really fashion himself as a hero, mostly because he doesn’t quite understand the connotation of such a title. Many can describe him as almost innocent in a sense, even if he isn’t in the traditional one.

The Story

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, so the pursuit of it must do the same as well. The story of Starboy’s birth is not the most typical one, as he was more created than simply born. This is not just his story, but rather the story of a people that destroyed themselves in grasping Absolute power corrupts absolutely, so the pursuit of it must do the same as well. The story of Starboy’s birth is not the most typical one, as he was more created than simply born. This is not just his story, but rather the story of a people that destroyed themselves in grasping for power.

It was the greatest source of power they knew that was up for grabs, the power of a star itself, a large blue one that was by no means near the end of its life cycle. It should’ve lasted a good few billion years, but that’s all should’ve rather than what happened. The plan had been simple, to find a way to tap into the energy that a star had produced, but what happened was far different than expected. They had calculated wrong and there was a price to pay for their folly, though not as dear as it should have been.

The device that should have tapped into the power of the star did something far different, causing the collapse of it and after that something else happened. Rather than going through the usual motions, the star began to shift into something strange. Not much is known about what happened after that, and even Starboy is not fully aware, and he’s not even aware of how he was born really. His first sensation within the universe was coldness, and the vacuum of space which left him in darkness. A soundless void that he drifted through in a humanoid form. He wasn’t aware of his shape or form, save for the fact that he existed, and this sense lasted until he first saw light. It was drifting within the range of a star, it’s light cascading off of his own skin and giving him two new sensations, both light and heat. 

Even within the unforgiving vacuum that was space, he could feel the furnace that was the star and it woke him from the torpor that had taken hold. It was then that he was made aware of his own form, hands with grasping fingers on them and a body shaped as it was. He became aware of himself and what made him unique, and within that realization came a spark of intellect, consciousness. A drive to act when he had no reason to do so for so long, though the time meant nothing to him within the hell that many called space. Within that stillness, he discovered the will to move, all it took was a thought and his body could propel itself through space, at a speed he could not even have conceived before, not that he thought to begin with. Possibilities were endless with him, and soon enough he came upon the first planet. 

It was a dirty, barren place but life survived there much like it always did, adapting to any harsh environment it could find. To him, the planet baked by three sun’s was a sort of paradise, the heat so different from the cold of space that he had to learn more. He wanted to learn more, despite the inability to properly bring these thoughts together, and so he watched over the planet with half interest. There were so many beings in the planet, ones that he wanted to learn more about, to get to know more of. Eventually however, his interest dwindled and he moved on, having learned everything that he wanted before flying through the void once again.

However, the universe was endless and eventually he found himself upon a strange blue ball known as earth. What made it different was what drew him, as well as the people that thrived on its surface. They looked so much like him, and so he took an interest in them, trying to understand why they resembled him so much. Adapting to their culture, while difficult was something that he would try anyway.

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

Might of a star: Due to his anomalous nature, Starboy is naturally mighty in the realm of the physical. He can lift heavy objects with seemingly no problem, and tear apart titanium like wet tissue paper.

Nigh-Invulnerability: His body is a star compressed into a humanoid form, thus it is capable of withstanding far more punishment and pressure than the average meta-human. In essence, he’s really hard to hurt, but not by any means invulnerable.

Flight: Starboy produces a field around his body that seemingly defies the very laws of physics themselves, allowing him not only to avoid destroying planets by touching them but also allowing him to propel himself through the air as flight, reaching hypersonic speeds easily, though his speed is less restricted when moving through a vacuum such as space.

Energy manipulation: The manipulation itself isn’t as fantastic as other manipulations and in most ways it appears more like a projection than anything else. He can produce white hot plasma from his eyes, hands as well as even his entire body in a sort of wave. Where the manipulation comes into places it drawing the energy around limbs to increase the potency of his fists. When manifesting this energy over him, it takes the form of a bluish white fire.

The Weaknesses

Magic: While his body may be tough, things of a magical nature have an easier time hurting him than non-magical things.

Darkness: Being an entity of the nature he is, Starboy is weak against pure dark energy, or energies associated with the dark. Dark magic, that’s another story.

Magnetic Fields: Strong magnetic fields can be used to weaken his energy projection as well as him.

Ignorance is not always bliss: While he knows some things, for the most part Starboy knows nothing about this planet and can be manipulated by the right person.

Like a moth: Sources of heat or light fascinate and draw him towards it, typically calming him. This could be used to soothe him should he get angry or get on his good side. It also serves to distract him should the heat be sufficient or the light bright enough.

Soothing sound: Melodies such as music can calm him down, preventing or stopping combat situations altogether.

The Items

The Minions

The Fluff

Self Sustenance: Starboy is the embodiment of a star itself, meaning that his body is self-sustaining in a sense. It produces its own energy, allowing him to go without sleep, food or any sort of nourishment.

Intelligence: Barring the potential comment of him being bright, Starboy is pretty intelligent considering his lack of education and can figure out most things rather quickly. This allows him to learn certain languages enough that he could converse with someone, but even then come concepts he finds harder to grasp than others. The best human equivalents would be a genius level intellect, but specialized.

The RP Sample

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Starboy Empty Re: Starboy

Post by Chellizard June 6th 2017, 9:43 pm

Approved and Moved.

Welcome back, Starboy. <3

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