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Aria Murakis

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Aria Murakis Empty Aria Murakis

Post by Cerek April 15th 2017, 5:24 am

Aria Murakis

"I'm going to start beating your face in... don't know when I'll stop"

The Bio

Real Name: Aria Murakis
Hero/Villain/Renegade Name: Project Artemis
Title: Project Artemis
Alignment: Bounces between chaotic evil and true neutral
Race: Herbarium perfectum hominem
Hair:Jet black
Eyes:Jet black
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

The Personality

Aria is at the best of times a an arrogant punk with a cynical world view unwilling to have an ounce of faith in humanity. At worse she's a  juggernaut of chaos and destruction, wrath that would tear through the heart, mind and body of the common person. Aria despite her abilities prefers to use her physical talents to overcome challenges much the opposite of Cebra. She's extraordinarily proud of her abilities and her body often bragging how she'd take on any challenger. She's all to eager to start a fight especially with those that underestimate her because of her height. Under those punk like clothes she's built solid as steel with the combat training to back it up. Most of the time Aria is a pretty neutral chick with a quiet yet obvious disdain for humanity. But sometimes when she catches wind of one of Orions schemes or some other crime against innocents or the natural world she starts to sink into her hatred and rage. When this happens she can react in many way, targeting an individual for death, murdering a whole room of people, destroying a building or just a rampage somewhere. She's also a bit of a sado masochist, taking pleasure in the pain of combat. Rather than ending a fight against a weak opponent quickly she might allow them a few hits or far worse torture them throughout the fight with painful lasting injuries.

The Story

The alternative project to NEA-71 Hephaestus class cyborg AKA Cebra Ulkenne Aria was not only meant to be a weapon but one capable of subduing Cebra. The data on the creation of both Cebra and Aria is spotty but part of the process was the creation of an artificial womb and plant proteins to build DNA strands. During the attack on the facility where both Cebra and Aria were stored Aria was stolen away by mercenaries and was being transported away. During the transport however the craft the mercenaries used was hit by pirates, the mercenaries were killed and Aria taken. Aria ended up mentally in a neutral state only responding to commands of a superior, when the pirates took her back to the port where there hideout was something terrible happened. Her last standing orders from her training administrator was to eliminate any hostile bearing a rifle. When she awoke that's when the hell started, the entire port and village where she'd been taken was razed to nothing with not but burning corpses and shanty huts.

Her secondary objective was to return to the closest HQ and await orders, unfortunately the closest one was in Canada near the U.S. border across the ocean. Fortunately her powers permitted her to easily slip aboard a fuel tanker headed for the west coast of Canada. Some time after her arrival and in the middle of her journey to the Vancouver HQ the personality suppression program failed and she regained her identity and all the memories. In her first fit of rage at how she was used she rampaged through the city tearing apart anything and everyone in a deep hatred for humanity. This was the first time sh encountered Cebra as he tried to stop her, the fight they had was long and brutal but in the end both were completely destroyed. Both however were designed with a means to reconstruct even a completely destroyed body

The Priority

1. Strength
2. Agility
3. Endurance
4. Reaction

The Powers

Solid body: Aria's molecular density is more concentrated than any humans, though you may not suspect it in that small body is the power of bus. She can take a lot of punishment before the pain begins to get to her and she can put an enemy through a wall if she wanted to.

Telepathic skills:

-Telekinetic control: You've seen it before, the ability to move objects with the power of ones mind. Aria can use her mental abilities to move around or throw objects and people. She does have some limitations with that power however, for one if her concentration breaks the object will drop obviously. Another is simply strain, if the psionic energy she's using to hold something or someone is less than a resisting energy field she can lose her hold. This ability however can be used to set things ablaze via creation intense friction in the air and igniting it

-Molecular cohesion field: When she's killed even when her body is completely destroyed the very cells that make her up will try and reassemble. If cells are destroyed then all that's needed is one survivor to multiply and regenerate into a full new Aria. It's very much like every cell in her body is a magnet for the others as well as simulating mitosis

-Mind invasion: The ability not to read a mind but to see images being displayed at the time, this ability cannot see anything that the person isn't currently thinking about . The ability is broadcast so in order for her to zero in on someones thoughts she needs to be alone with them or have some time to concentrate and weed out the others.

The Weaknesses

Solid body: A body that strong requires a lot of energy, if she were to eat the amount of energy she needed in normal food she'd blow up to the size of a house. Aria has a supply of a special Orion product called Hirilium that she steals when possible. She needs to consume them quite frequently and even more so after a fight otherwise her strength will disappear quickly and she will faint.

Telepathic skills: As she uses her telepathic abilities it starts to hurt her brain, as time goes on the pain gets worse. The stress on her mind by using experimental mental abilities can cause her brain to hemorrhage. Though she will always heal and regenerate the pain of her abilities is enough for her to heavily rely on her physical prowess.

Molecular cohesion: The cohesion eventually always works however there are things that can keep her molecules apart for a sustained amount of time. If she is separated in multiple parts in different areas then there is no way for her to be reconstructed, she will remain in pieces until all her parts can contact each other.

The Items

Hirilium tablets: An Orion invention disguised as a simple chemical additive for fuel but is also used to sustain Arias energy

The Fluff

She's not much for personal space, often making others very uncomfortable with how "hands on" she can be. Not hesitating to reach in someones pocket for something or lift someones shirt to look at a wound there's nothing she wont violate. The times where she is more docile and able to be comfortable around Cebra and even hang out he's commented on how forward she is with the touching

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Aria Murakis Empty Re: Aria Murakis

Post by Super Cutie May 31st 2017, 12:00 am

Just know that the mind invasion is permission based, and this is approved. Spidey


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Aria Murakis Empty Re: Aria Murakis

Post by inquisitor May 8th 2022, 12:49 am

Archived copy:
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Aria Murakis Empty Re: Aria Murakis

Post by Sponsored content

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