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Inconvenience in OTR

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Inconvenience in OTR Empty Inconvenience in OTR

Post by Blaze March 18th 2017, 8:33 pm

size=16]BRIEFING HISTORY[/size]

Cincinnati for the last 15 years has been one of the key cities for drug trafficking, and gang violence. With the fall of New York City, it has escalated and the gangs of NYC have came into the Nasti Nati territory. The NYC gang “The Latin Kings” have started a turf war with the “Dirty Dozen” in Over The Rhine. The violence has gone past police control, so they have called in “The Ebon Speedster” and “The Enraged Assassin” to stop the violence and to return the district back to the people.

A black streak comes to an abrupt halt at the Washington Park. The dark skies have hidden much of the landscape. A few lone lights guide you towards the path to the “Memorial Hall”. Standing across from the hero speedster “Blaze” is the vigilante “The Berzerker”. The two walk towards each other and meet at a park bench, being barely lit by a sole beacon of light, known by the citizens as a “street lamp”. They sit next to one another as Berzerker anxiously keeps watch of the entrance to the Hall.

“You know, if they were to go in there, it wouldn’t be through the main entrance.” Blaze says carelessly.

“Shut up and look for cars’” The Berserker responds with a level of frustration in his voice.

Blaze begins to smirk as three lowrider vehicles pull towards the front entrance of the Memorial Hall. Ten members of the Latin Kings gang hop out of their vehicles. A man in a black hoodie appears from the dark in front of them. They stop for a short second, and then began laughing as they all walk into the Memorial Hall. As the doors shut, gunshots begin to go off, easily heard throughout the entire park. Beams of lightning come from the top of Blaze’s head as he darts towards the front entrance, but he forgot that the doors were glass. He crashes through, setting off the silent alarm as Latin Kings members attempt to scramble and leave the scene of their crime.

“Son of a bitch,” The Berzerker mumbles under his breath as he sprints towards the Hall, unholstering his duel M9 Berettas and begins to mark his targets. As shells fly from his M9, but Blaze jumps to his feet, and darts, stopping the vigilante from killing the gangsters. As he is grabbing speeding bullets and throwing them to the concrete. He then runs through and hits each member attempting to run away, right from left. The Speedster then makes his way towards the vigilante, but forgets about the gunshots. Two shells pierce his skin as he falls face first in front of “the Enraged Assassin”.

“Holy shit that hurt!” Blaze yelps as he grabs ahold of the bullet wounds. He quickly begins to shake himself, making the shells leave his skin. He then gets to his feet, and pats the Berzerker on the back. “Maybe next time buddy.”

“What the hell was that for? The police instructed us to stop them no restrictions!” The Berzerker screams out in frustration as he unsheathes his blades.  

“They said stop, not kill. Calm down there bud. Next time I’ll start throwing them at you.” Blaze says with a large smirk on his face. He attempts to hold in his laugh, but fails as he falls to the ground and begins to “bust out” in laughter on the ground. Just as he does so, one of the Latin Kings run out of the Memorial Hall, obviously behind the others and fires his glock at the Berzerker, knocking his mask off of his head.

“Shit!” The Berzerker yells out as he charges towards the thug and exclaims “No witnesses!” Blaze attempts to dart at his maximum speed of mach 1.5, but in attempting to do so he trips on his boot and rolls down the hilly road as the Berzerker takes his katanas and chops of the hand of the Latin King, disarming him and sending him to the ground, writhing in pain. “Should’ve thought twice about this bitch!” The Berzerker yells as he lets gravity do it’s job and removes the head of the Latin King with a single slice. He reaches down and picks up the head from his hair and punts it into the Hall as a warning to the other members. Blaze sprints to the top of the hill and takes down the Berzerker using his speed. He then runs around the gang members and puts them all in handcuffs against a flag pole. He dangles the keys in their faces and then forces them down their throats.

“I really hope those were shiny enough for ya.” Blaze says laughing as he dusts off his pants, glaring at the Berzerker. “I should lock you up here too, vig.”

“Yeah and I should remove your head from your scrawny shoulders for getting in my way,” Berzerker says as he sheathes one of his katanas.

“Whatever. The job is done, let me check on our Dirty Dozen members in the Hall.” He darts into the hall and then back out with a disappointed look on his face. “Dead, dead, dead. Can’t ask questions to someone who refuses to answer. Because they can’t. Also, I should do this!” Blaze runs towards the Latin Kings members and puts duct tape on their mouths. He then runs towards the Berzerker and rips his katana from his hand and sheathes it. “There. Now they can’t talk without those petty mustaches being removed.”

“We need them to talk you halfwit!” Berzerker exclaims as he walks towards the cuffed gangsters. Just as Berserker gets in range to do any damage to the gangsters, sirens go off as a police squad car pulls up.

“Get on your knees Vig!” the officer yells at Berserker. Blaze grabs Berzerker and darts from the scene of the crimes, leaving the officer there with the gang members.


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Inconvenience in OTR Empty Re: Inconvenience in OTR

Post by The Berserker March 19th 2017, 10:40 pm

Blaze stops at the Bengals former football stadium, Paul Brown Stadium. The metal is now rusted, and the new roof overtop seems to be shaking as Blaze glares at Berserker. Berserker storms off in an enraged temper tantrum as Blaze begins to pace back and forth.

   “I can’t believe this! My reputation, ruined! That back there? Was a set up! How did they know we’d even show!” Blaze yells as he continues to pace back and forth. Berserker glances around the area and notices a police car light. He quickly puts his mask back on and runs into the tunnel going towards the stadium. The car’s sirens go off as Blaze darts towards the tunnel as well, but he clicks a button on the way in and a solid gate shuts from behind him. The two run through the tunnel and into street where the police have surrounded the exit. The Berserker unholsters his M9s and prepares himself for a firefight.

“Drop your weapons!” the chief of police exclaims as they all ready their weapons fixing their aim on The Beserker. Blaze darts in front of Berserker and shows his teeth with an amazingly large grin on his face.

“If you want to get to him, you’ll have to go through me.” Blaze shouts readying himself for battle. Just as he shouts those words gunshots go off as the cops focus their attention onto the gang members shooting them. “Run!” Blaze shouts as he begins to sprint at maximum speed of 1200 mph, but again it doesn’t last as he falls face first and hits the tunnel floor. He gets up and looks at Berserker with an uneasy expression on his face. “What can I say, I haven’t mastered my abilities yet.”

“I can tell now get the hell up cause the way it’s looking we have two options and those are to fight or run it’s your choice bud.” Berserker says as he holsters his weapons and seeks cover from stray bullets.

   “This won’t hurt, but you might vomit, okay? Great!” Blaze says as he grabs Berserker by the arm and darts out of the room. When he stops running, they are behind the cops and gangsters who are firing shots at them, but they aren’t the Latin Kings, they are the Dirty Dozen. Blaze looks at Berserker and then charges at the gangsters. He begins to punch down the members, but doesn’t pay attention and is stabbed in the gut. Blaze drops to the ground and is kicked in the rib cage by a Dirty Dozen gangster. The Berserker gets up and unsheathes his blades as he witnessed Blaze getting his ass kicked by the gangster.

   “Oh fuck!” Berserker exclaims as he charges into battle, slicing the right arm and leg off of the gangster who stabbed Blaze sending him to the ground as he finishes off the thug with a stab in the heart. Blaze attempts to stop him, but is too hurt as the rest of the gangsters begin scrambling, leaving the area. The police officers glare as they attempt to pursue the Berserker. Blaze jumps from the ground and stands in their way.

   “Woah, woah, woah! No need to shoot stabsy here! He is just going a bit crazy because someone got stabbed! No reason to start shooting us! We’re the good guys!” Blaze shouts as he turns around and points at the Berserker. “Please, now can this all stop? This blood bath has gone on long enough, scarface!” Blaze yells as he points at Berserker, poking him in the shoulder blade.

   “You are one smart ass comment away from getting punched in the mouth, but I suppose you are right,” Berserker says as he sheathed his blades.

   “Really? I think I’m one smart ass comment away from the bonus prize!” Blaze says with a large grin on his face. He begins to laugh as he smacks his kneecaps. He looks up at Berserker and notices he isn’t laughing. “What’s wrong? No sense of humor?” Blaze says in between laughs. “Are you, some kind of machine? Does feeling not compute to you?”

   “That’s it you little shit!” Berserker yells as he throws a haymaker, but Blaze dodges and makes Berserker trip and lands face first on the concrete. Blaze helps Berserker up and then grabs him by the back of his katana holsters and carries him up to the top of the PNC Tower, which stands at 495 feet. He holds Berserker off by the edge and smiles at him.

   “Ready to apologize, robot man?” Blaze says with a smirk on his face, trying not to laugh and drop him.

   “Fuck off,” Berserker says calmly and continues, “we both know you don’t have the balls to drop me.”

   “Oh yeah?” Blaze says with a smile on his face. After a few seconds he let’s loose his grip on Berserker letting him fall, but at the last second runs down and catches him, bringing him back up to the top and holds him out by his neck. “Do you apologize now, robot bitch?”

   “Once again. Fuck! Off!” Berserker yells as he spits in Blaze’s face.

   “Okay.” Blaze says as he frowns at Berserker. Blaze darts with Berserker in his hand straight up into Indian Hill territory. He stops and tosses Berserker down into the gravel. “Welcome to Indian Hill, bud. This is also known as “Vice Lord” territory. And you’re going to take them all out. I’m not going to stop you from killing, but will record every death so that if and when you betray me, I can turn you into the authorities and have you thrown in the metahuman super prison in NYC. Got it?” Blaze explains with a large smile on his face. “Oh, and no guns. All katanas and fists for you bud.” Blaze says as he quickly takes all of Berserker’s firearms from him.

   “Really? You won’t get in my fucking way?” Berserker looks at you with puzzled look. “ Well never know when you would let me slaughter again so why the hell not.” Berserker pulls out his katanas and begins to sneak towards a house on the right, known by many as the gang's meth lab and drug trafficking building. He stealthily makes his through the yard and enters through the back door. As he enters through the dim lit room. Three gangster members are noticed in the kitchen. As Berserker glances more throughout the room, the basement door seems to be locked from the inside.He makes his way towards one of the gang members without making a sound he quickly gets up unsheathe his blades and stabs one of his katanas through the spinal cord of the thug. The gangster releases a scream of pain and agony, drawing the attention of the other two gangsters in the room they turn to see their comrade severely injured and a masked vigilante standing over his now paralyzed body. The Berserker turns to them and quickly lunges towards them screaming out as he swings his blade cleanly decapitates the gangster closest to him and slashes the other in the knee forcing him to collapse on the ground. The Berserker stands over top of him and slowly pushes his blade into the man’s chest. The Blaze darts inside the room and glances the perimeter. He comes running back to the Berserker, but accidentally runs through the front window. The noise of the crash is heard throughout the area, as Vice Lords begin running out of their homes checking the area, including the main boss Vice Lord, the Mayor of Cincinnati, Bryce Storms.

   “Who the hell broke a window?” Bryce yells at the top of his lungs. Blaze glances at the Berserker with a smirk on his face.

   “Whoops.” Blaze whispers to the Berserker. The Ebon Speedster quickly sprints out and looks at the mayor with a large smile on his face. “I did, you thug scum! I am Blaze! The fastest man of the mid-” Blaze says, but before he can finish his statement the men starts firing glocks at him. He runs over and pulls the Berserker outside and taps his shoulder to start shooting them. “Hurry, take them out!” He yells as he hands the Berserker an Ak 47.

   “Where the hell did you get this from?” The Berserker asks with a puzzled expression to his face.

   “Let’s just say a friend owes me a favor. Now SHOOT!” Blaze yells as he continues to stop bullet shells from hitting the Berserker.

   “If you insist,” The Berserker responds with a devilish grin as he starts to unload a heavy clip into the Vice Lords, taking seven of them down in a mere instance. Blaze runs up and goes to hit the mayor himself, but he quickly clotheslines Blaze to the ground.

   “You don’t think I can see you 420 Hippie? I am the fastest man alive and I don’t need speed or any powers for that matter to have you both arrested and executed.” Mayor Storms yells with a hearty laugh.

   “Not the point of that.” Blaze says as he slips a lit piece of dynamite into the mayor’s boot. Blaze quickly darts himself and the Berserker out of harm’s way as the mayor explodes into the air. “Sometimes, killing is the only answer. Right Berserky poo?”

   “What the hell was that? You sent me into a suicide mission because I wanted to kill, then you pull that shit?” The Berserker screams in a mix of frustration and confusion.

   “Because I got that all on video. I just got my youtube channel up to 1,000,000 views with that shit alone! Don’t you understand the money I make from that?!” Blaze screams with a large smile on his face. “Admit it, that was bad ass of me?”

   “Fuck off I could’ve done that and made it look way better, that was amateur hour,” The Berserker responds with a smirk due to his witty response.

   “But you didn’t. I did. And also, if not for me you’d be dead. I saved you from about ten bagillion bullet wounds. You’re welcome by the way robot man. So, I’ll call you if I ever need some help? Yeah? Great? Sweet bye!” Blaze says but before Berserker can say anything he darts away. Berserker looks at the mess they caused as Blaze darts back over. “Oh, by the by, I could so kill you if I was a bad guy.” Blaze says as he darts away again.

   “Fucking meta-humans I hate them,” the Berserker mummers in a tone of agitation as he discards the AK-47 given to him and collect a pistol from the gang member he shot for a trophy.
The Berserker
The Berserker

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