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Jersey Devil

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Jersey Devil Empty Jersey Devil

Post by Jersey Devil March 3rd 2017, 6:14 pm

Blake Greyrose

"Sometimes, looking on the bright side - although extremely difficult - is the best thing you can do for the world. "

The Bio

Real Name: Blake Greyrose
Hero Name: Jersey Devil
Title: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Demon, Half-Warlock, Caucasian
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Orange
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 164
Blood type: B-

The Looks

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The Personality

Blake is a very optimistic person, preferring to look at the world in the best way he can. Thus could be just a coping mechanism for dealing with his screwed up life. Between an overbearing mother, and a father who disappeared he had to develop an outer shell of optimism to keep himself from breaking down. The quote unquote “Gooey Center” inside of Blake, is likely more akin to a deep bubbling cauldron of red hot tar.

He does his best to remain cool headed, but it seems as though any sudden changes in his stress levels could cause a meltdown. He does seem to be a bit of a hothead when it comes to hard situations.

The Story

19 years ago, a witch in New Jersey became enamored with the demon lord of Hell Fririn. She was almost obsessed with the prospect of meeting the demon herself. Her coven went so far as to kick her out at the prospect of sacrificing humans to her dark master.

18 years however, Fririn finally took notice of her works in his name and was impressed. He came to her, and told her that if she kept this up; she'd be blessed with a healthy child. But if she ever stopped, the child would become his to control forevermore. So the witch began a killing spree, only evading cops and vigilantes by not technically doing the acts herself. She possessed people's minds and committed the crimes using their hands. No one found out what she was doing, and the spike of crime was attributed to economic crisises. The witch had succeeded. Fririn was pleased. However, as the woman found herself in the delivery room; Fririn made himself known.

“You did well,” The demon said shaking the halls of the hospital. “The child is strong, and healthy. Your child will grow to be a worthy successor to MY domain.” Said the Hell King. The witch almost sobbed with joy at this prospect, the nurses seeming frozen in time. “But if you wish to keep this child, you will have to raise him until his 18th birthday. At which point, if he is a worthy successor, you will be escalated to status along with him. But should you fail in your duties; or ever stop with your monthly sacrifices to me, your son will be dragged to hell to perform his duty with me; and you will be wiped from existence all together.” The woman nodded, and finally the demon disappeared. The baby was born, and thus began Blake Greyroses life.

The life of a young boy is a difficult one. Especially when you are being raised by a single mother. A single mother, who in addition to being unemployed and living off disability, was also a practicing Wiccan. The boys in school constantly pestered him about being a witch boy, as strange things would happen around him. Fires starting seemingly for no reason, reports of ghosts appearing from nowhere at his feet, and of course. His orange hair and eyes were a source of constant suspicion.

At age 11, he found his mother practicing her craft. According to her, she was casting a protection spell for him. He accepted this, and even assisted her in the spell. It did not even occur to him that his mother might be lying to him. Nor did it occur to him that he had just aided and abetted a mystic murder.

For the next 4 years, strange things would happen around Blake. Those who lay hands on him, would break out in boils and blisters the next day. When he signed up for Hockey, the ice melted under his feet. No one could explain it. But at 16, Blake found his mother once again. This time, in the middle of a pentagram was a demonic figure. Cloaked in scarlet with flames pouring from his eyes. And Fririn spoke. “My son.” He said and grinned. A pitchfork with flaming spokes and a blackened wooden handle appeared in front of him, before it dug itself into Blakes chest. The weapon sunk deep within his chest, and it awoke in him power. “It's about time you learned how to use your powers.” But instead of staying, he ran. He ran as fast as he could. He didn't know how, but he knew what he had to do. He had to become a superhero. He had to use Infernus for good. He couldn't let his apparent father win. He didn't like to believe that it could possibly be his actual father, but in his heart he knew it to be true. He ran away to become the hero that the world needed. He became the Jersey Devil.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

1. Infernokinesis - Jersey Devil is capable of commanding Hellfire on a whim. This flame burns at around 5,134 degrees Fahrenheit and cannot be put out with normal water.

2. Necromancy - Jersey Devil can summon a group of 5 semi-corporeal flesh eating ghosts he has dubbed “Ghombies”.

3. Wing-Manifestation - Jersey Devil manifests a pair of large leathery red bat wings when in mortal peril.

4. Demon Form - As a completely last resort, Jersey Devil is capable of becoming a full-fledged demon. This demon has leathery black wings, the body of a stag, a spade tail, lions arms, a dogs face, and stag horns. This form has peak human speed, durability, and superhuman strength able to lift up to 2 tons.

The Weaknesses

1. Jersey Devil requires his pitchfork to control both his Necromancy and his Infernokinesis. Without it, these powers are widely uncontrolled and tend to turn on Jersey himself.

2. Objects of faith tend to make his powers weakened immensely, dissipating his fire on contact and causing the ghombies to become incorporeal. In addition, when in his demon form; Jersey experiences extreme pain when he comes into contact with the object in question. Be it a piece of putty you truly believe will absolutely save you, or a Star of David hung around ones neck for ones god.

3. Jersey Devils wings are rather flimsy, and are easily pierced. This obviously negatively affects his ability to fly.

4. Jersey can't control when he goes into demon form, though it is usually when he's highly injured. In addition, Jerseys wings only appear when his adrenaline and heart rate levels are indicative of danger.

The Items

A Pitchfork AND a Torch? - The main weapon Jersey Devil holds is his flaming pitchfork, a gift from his father. It acts as both a focus for his active abilities, and as a stabbing weapon. The fork disappears into his chest, and reappears when he needs it.
• Weakness: Calling upon it requires activation through speech.
• Weakness: Saying “Infernus” in Blake's immediate vicinity allows anyone access to this weapon.

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Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil

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Jersey Devil Empty Re: Jersey Devil

Post by Samael Christensen March 3rd 2017, 6:16 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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Samael Christensen
Samael Christensen

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