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The Good Devil

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The Good Devil Empty The Good Devil

Post by Apeking4 on November 16th 2017, 8:27 pm

The Good Devil"

"My father wouldn't approve so I approve"

The Bio

Real Name:Michael (has no last name)
Hero Name:The Good Devil  
Title:Michael Damon(the name on his fake passport)
Alignment:Neutral Good
Race:1/2 human 1/2 demon
Hair:black,texture fine (in human form) thick (in demon form),short  
Height:7 foot 6 (in human form) 9 foot 9 (in demon form)
Weight:250 ibs(in human form) 1 ton (in demon form)
Blood type:unknown

The Looks

Michael appears to be skinny with a goatee and often wears dark cloths.In his demon form he is large and completely covered in hair.He has large wings that sprout from his back and look batlike.He has countless sharp needle-like teeth.He has talon like claws on his fingers and toes. He has large horns sprouting from his head and his eyes glow a red color.  

The Personality

  He can be very patient however if he is made mad he is very hard to calm down.He can also be very understanding at times.He dislikes breaking his morals and tries his best to abide by them but will break them if absolutely necessary. Most of what he does he actually only does because its the opposite of what his father would do.  

The Story

 Michael himself is a miracle as human DNA and his fathers DNA do not mix well and there was only 1/1000000 chance he would survive birth. Michael's mother was kidnapped and raped by his father and died when he was  born. Michael's father taught him how to use his powers when he was young. Michael was raised by his cruel father who tortured him in almost every way known to man and a few not known to man.One day Michael finally decided to kill his father using his father's own sword on him while he was asleep.
   After his father died Michael took his sword and castle as his own. At first Michael tried to live on his own however after the food ran out and he grew tired of having to eat whatever animal he came across he decided to leave the island he lived on and explore the world.Michael was confused at first by how different the environments were from his home but soon began to enjoy the strange places. He often enjoyed listening to tales of superheroes  who defended the weak. One day he decided to become one of  these superheroes as they were called.
   He started out simply sending anonymous tips to the police about pickpockets and thieves. Later he began to stop thugs while they were committing crimes. He would usually stop the criminals before they even realized he was their. He usually left before the police came but rumors quickly spread about him. What he is and why he helps people is unknown to most but what they can be sure of is he will protect then from any criminal.      

The Priority

2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Reaction

The Powers

Fire Ball: he can create balls of fire that explode upon impact with solid  objects the larger he makes the fire ball the larger the explosion
Flight: using his wings he is capable of flying incredible distances
Enhanced Senses: his senses are incredibly enhanced compared to most humans
Super Strength: he is much stronger then the average human
Super Speed: despite his size he can move incredibly fast
Fire Wall: he can create a wall of fire any where within his vision
Fire Breath: he is capable of exhaling fire
Demon Form:he can change into a more powerful demon form
Regeneration: he regenerates from most wounds instantly  

The Weaknesses

Fire Ball: if he isn't careful he could harm his allies with his fire balls by mistake
Wings: if his wings are damaged he is incapable of flight
Enhanced Senses: he has all the weaknesses that come with enhanced senses
Silver: silver is very harmful to him
Water: water does not harm him but it feels like acid to him
Limited Time: the fire wall only stays for 6 minutes and to keep it any longer requires most of his concentration
Holy Objects: any object can ward him off if the user has some religious belief in it like if a Christian found a way to associate a lamb chop with his god it could ward him off
Human Form: he can not use his powers in his human form
Magic: his regeneration does not work on injuries caused by magic.
The Items

His father's sword is almost indestructible and came be summoned to him at anytime he can also light it on fire with his thoughts.
Weakness: if it gets wet it becomes a normal sword for 1 hour.
The Minions

The Fluff

He is usually in his demon form when away from his island.

The RP Sample

It was stormy on the island as usual so Michael decided to go for a trip. I think I will go to New York today he said then went down to the dungeon. He preceded to open the secret passage and walked through the cave-like passageway. At the end of the tunnel there was a opening at the edge of the island. He took off his cloths and then transformed into his demon form he picked up his cloths and flew off to the direction of New York ready to fight whatever thug he encountered.  

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The Good Devil Empty Re: The Good Devil

Post by Chellizard on November 27th 2017, 2:04 pm

So long as you stick to the "he cannot use his powers while in human form" this is approved.

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