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Outbreak Empty Outbreak

Post by Outbreak October 25th 2016, 2:24 am


"The world has taken from me, so I'll take everything from the world"

The Bio

Real Name: Celeste Zoll
Villain Name: Outbreak
Title: Ms, Crazy, Rubix
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Circumstantial Mutation
Hair: Light Brown, Short
Eyes: Emerald
Height: 5'3
Weight: 57kg
Blood type: Liquid Plastic

The Looks


The Personality

Despite her beautiful and cute appearance, Celes is actually quite the bitch to people in general regardless of being in costume or not. She comes off looking quite nice and is even been known to smile on occasion, though this is usually fake though not always noticed as such. Most times she stays silent when in public, so as to not cause trouble for her civilian self though she does have the odd outburst. When enjoying herself Celes can almost seem normal, one of the things she likes doing is making knick knacks.

In her civilian life Celes is a librarian, which allows her a great deal of time to have peace and quiet allowing her to read, write or do a little creating. She still grieves for her lost love and blames the heroes for his death, as such she plans to use her powers against them and turn them all into her. The rest of the world is also on the agenda but she's not big on planning too far ahead without some way of knowing she'll succeed, her preference though in dealing with the heroes is to find their loved ones and use her clone powers on them.

The Story

Celes grew up in a normal household with a lovely family who adored her, as she grew Celes was taught all the necessary life lessons under the caring nature of her parents and older brother. Going into gymnastics at a young age, Celes became quite skilled at it and won trophies all over the city and state. As time passed she made friends at school, and fawned over her school sweet heart Lane. Who after months of psyching herself up to it, she asked him out and he said yes. They went on a date and it was all she could hope for, soon they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

As they both entered middle school, luckily going to the same school they still remained a couple despite the odd conflicts and girls trying to snatch him. She got less popular as she progressed through school, as she was more content reading and making things then following the sheeple of the school. But Lane stuck by her all the way through high school, even proposing to her in their senior year with a nice ring he'd saved up for. Of course they hadn't quite reached the age of marriage but they were fine in waiting, As they graduated and went into university, the pair moved in together and started making a home for themselves and saving up for a nice wedding.

About halfway through their respective studies, Celes and Lane were out on the town like all the other couples in the world. When a fight between a superhero and a super villain broke out in the streets, Lane rushed Celes to safety of a nearby alley. But as things started flying everywhere, a fire hydrant thrown at breakneck speed came towards Lane. As Celes looked up to the love of her life, she saw the fire hydrant fly through Lane like a hot knife through butter. His blood and organs blasted all over her, as she screamed and cried in shock. After Lane's corpse fell to the ground Celes looked over towards the fight, and saw that it wasn't the villain that'd thrown the fire hydrant but the hero.

The villain had dodged the attack and it resulted in the death of her lover, Celes stood up but with streams of tears coming from her eyes. She yelled out to the hero, telling him that he'd killed her fiancé. The villain couldn't help but laugh and tried to fire on Celes with some funky techno ray, all it did was piss her off as a Rubik's Cube came out of her chest in place of her heart. With it in her hand, Celes instinctively called on plastic to attack the two who'd wronged her. Sending them both hard against the wall, with brutal force and pinning them there as she berated them. She made them suffer for as long as she could before she eventually left, with a heavy or make that plastic heart Celes returned to her life albeit grief stricken.

Celes went through the motions of Lane's death, shedding crocodile tears for him now that she'd effectively lost her emotions. It wasn't that she didn't love him, she did with all her heart weather it real or plastic but she couldn't show any emotions anymore at least not real ones. Celes finished her studies and became a librarian, where she could have peace and quiet for as long as need be. In her spare time she decided to become a villain, in hopes of ridding the world of heroes and their like. So that no one had to go through what she did, although it was more out of revenge then worrying about others feelings. Finding a way into the underground world of villains, Celes found someone to teach her to use a rope dart and incorporate it with her powers if need be.

The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Celes has a strange ability that allows her to touch a person, having to keep in contact for three minutes and a maximum of five for stronger people. Once the time ends, the person in contact becomes an exact copy of Celes down to her powers, if the one being copied has powers the copy will also have those. But only if they’re within in the genetics of the clone, thus the best parts of said person are given to the copy. It doesn’t matter if the person in question is metahuman, mutant, superhuman, god or alien as long as their abilities lay within their genes, those powers go to the clone. Each copy is subservient to Celes, and will do her bidding via speech, mental contact or other directions.

Once a person has been taken over, there's no going back. Their mental contact which is like a hive mind with Celes as queen, there's no limitation on range and they can think for themselves but basically in the same way Celes does. Often times her subconscious makes the choices when she's not directing them herself, they can't go against her orders. There's no limitation to her clones in regards to amount, but the Rubik’s Cube can get too large to remain within her. One can disrupt their psychic link. Which will make all clones inert and thus not able to work or move and the link can be disrupted psychically or via messing with the electrical impulses in her brain.

A clone can switch itself with Celes' original body encase of fatal injury, making Celes take the clones position while the clone take hers. The way the switch works is not a transport type of effect, but more like a kind of mental body swap. With Celes being the Queen mind, if she’s in fatal danger that Queen mind, personality and status is automatically switched with a clone. Leaving said clone, to take the deathly injury in her stead.

On Celes' person at all times is a Rubik's Cube, this cube is an item that connects to her Infectious Cloning ability. It changes size depending on the amount of clones she has; it acts like her heart in both a metaphorical and literal sense. Due to an emotional issue in her past, Celes' heart became a plastic Rubik's Cube. Bringing it out into the open allows her to have greater control over her clones, for specific duties and lets her jump into a clone and takes direct control. This leaves her body vulnerable; as it goes lifeless once she leaves it to jump into a clone.

This essentially allows her to jump to each clone regardless of distance; however any fatal damage done to her clone brings her back automatically/instantly. If one is able to take the cube from her, which actually resides within her when not in use. They'd effectively hold her life in their hands, and be able to command the clones to do anything aside from harm her they'll also protect Celes if she's in danger regardless of who’s in control. When a clone dies, Celes feels its death as a corresponding pain albeit temporarily.

Celes can also control plastics, this may derive from her Rubik's Cube heart or something else she's uncertain. But she can control plastics, even generate them which usually comes from her Rubik's Heart. She can create constructs such as toys, though she can't create anything bigger than her person as it becomes too much for her to handle. She can create plastic copies of herself, but they are void of thought and must be controlled directly and she’s unable to jump into them.

She can meld it and make it move under command, change into missiles, flows, increase or decrease the strength and sharpness of plastic, repair plastic objects and control existing plastic objects. Because of this and her Rubik's heart, Celes is quite affected by heat, cold and fire.

The Weaknesses

Infectious Copying - Takes time to take effect, three minutes in general and five for stronger people and she has to stay in physical contact with her target to make the change possible. To take a person's power while copying said power has to reside within said person's genes otherwise it won't work, though if it's an item or outfit then it's possible to keep those. When jumping, she won't keep any powers she gains within a copy as said power resides only in that body. Any clothes a person is wearing or items they’re holding will remain, when there are copied.

Heart of the Puzzle - Celes' rubix heart is a major weak point for her as getting hold of it weakens her considerably. While destroying it will end her life instantly, though one can gain control of any copies she has with her heart in their hands. They can't be sent against Outbreak because they're designed to protect her down to their very being, as such even if one gains control of them they won't be able to hurt, harm or kill Outbreak weather it's directly or indirectly. While she doesn't have a top range of clones she can create, the cube changes in regards to the amount she has and will become quite large and massive if she has too many.

This makes it impossible to keep inside her body, as it's too large to be held there. Her ability to control her clones can be messed with via psychic manipulation, like cutting off her hive mind or the psychic connection she holds with her clones. When jumping to another clone to control them directly Outbreak's original body becomes lifeless, and if the clone gets fatally hurt or destroyed she'll be returned to her original body. If her original body gets killed or fatally injured she'll jump to a clone and become the queen in that body, however if the psychic link is disrupted then this won't occur.

Plastic Manipulation - A major part of this power relays on her rubix cube heart, so taking that from her will limit her powers to existing manipulation and won't allow her to generate plastic. The clones she makes with plastic are hollow and have no life of their own often only used as distractions, they’re quite easily destroyed as well. Apart of this power and even her person itself is deeply affected by extreme heat or extreme cold as plastics have an issue with both. Even her blood is plastic and in her civilian form, she has to be careful when being injured as he blood is thick and black.

The Items

Rubix Cube - Not exactly an item at least only when outside of her body, this item is essentially Outbreak's heart and can be used against her if taken by another. It resembles a normal Rubix cube however it moves constantly, changing colours and directions also it grows with the amount of clones she has.

Rope Dart - Celes carries a Rope Dart on her person while in costume or not, it's a hard but flexible plastic fibre rope with a hard and sharp plastic dart on the end that has a red plastic fibre scarf tied under the dart.

The Minions

None yet...

The Fluff

Outbreak is a girl that just wants to get revenge on the world, for the love that she lost and the heart that was turned to plastic because of this. Now she wishes the whole world to be her, and feel the endless pain and lonesomeness that she does. She'll stop at nothing to accomplish this, and not only has she lost her emotions but her moral values essentially don't exist at all.

Celes is a skilled gymnast in acrobatic gymnastic, ribbon and rhythmic gymnastics which makes her quite agile in her movements and not easily hit as she can evade quite well. She almost went to the Olympics but tragedy struck and Celes pulled out; afterward she decided to learn how to defend herself using a rope dart.

She was trained by a skilled user and coupled with her already proficiency in gymnastics, Celes became quite skilled in the use of the Rope Dart. She also covers hers in a covering of plastic with a plastic scarf at the end, which is used to see where the dart goes and to increase her range.

The RP Sample

It was a quiet day in the library where Celes worked, she was at the front desk doing some reading of her own only looking up when she was talked too. These days most people didn't even need to go to the librarian to borrow a book as digital scanners had made it so people could do it themselves, but even then people still tried to take advantage of the open policy. Celes was always on the lookout for those types and because of the scanners by the door they didn't get out without being noticed. So far things had been quiet most of the day, she'd read a couple of books and did some writing and even made a few knick knacks. Sometimes she'd keep them other times she'd put them in the children section or just give them to random children, as they were the one type of people she didn't want to see dead and buried at least not yet anyway.

As Celes went to get up to go to the bathroom, on her return she noticed a young teenager boy looking very suspect by the entrance. He was looking around and checking where people were and hadn't noticed her watching him just yet, so he then thought he was safe and stepped through the scanners. Of course they went off and the boy freaked out and started to bolt, so Celes went after him as the security guard was on the other side of the building. Chasing after the teen, she yelled at him to come back with that book. The teen turned into an alley and waited for Celes to go past but she wasn't stupid, as she past the alley she elbowed the teen who was hiding just by the entrance. Knocking the wind out of the boy as he fell to the ground and dropped the book he'd taken, the one chosen was a fairly valuable book and something that would cost her job if Celes didn't get back.

She picked the book up and grabbed hold of the boys collar, pulling him up to her face she whispered in his ear "Be grateful I don't feed you to the sewer gators" she threatened though it was mostly to just see the boy squirm. She dropped him as the security guard finally caught up, Celes told him that she'd return the book and he would do whatever was necessary with the teenager. So Celes returned back with the book in hand and put it behind her desk, writing up the report for the library as she sat down at her desk. She was so tempted to clone the boy or outright murder him but she liked her peaceful job, so she figured it was best to stay within certain moral limitations even if she didn't believe in them.

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Outbreak Empty Re: Outbreak

Post by Samael Christensen October 28th 2016, 1:11 am

Application Checklist

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Comment: None

2. Does this application's Look section have at least one photo, or six sentences detailing their character? Yes
Comment: None

3. Does this application have adequate personality information listed? Yes
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4. Does this application have a detailed history with plot oriented information? Yes
Comment:  None

5. Does this application properly use the priority list? Yes
Comment:  None

6. Does this application have the proper 1:1 ratio for Powers:Weaknesses? Yes
Comment:Powers look good!

7. Do the items on this application have adequate weaknesses?  Yes
Comment:  None

8. Does the Minion on this application have the proper 1:2 Powers:Weaknesses? (Yes/No)
Comment: Not applicable

9. Do the RP Mechanics actually qualify as a role play mechanic? Yes
Comment:  None

10. Is there an RP sample? Yes

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