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Adelaide Zollern

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Adelaide Zollern

Post by The Grey on August 7th 2016, 12:53 pm

Adelaide Zollern
"Do you want to know what I did to the last person to betray me?  I made sausages from his family's intestines.  He said they were delicious."

Basic Biography

Name: Adelaide Zollern (Legaly registered)
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name:
Title: Queen of the Dead
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: 526 years (appears to be in her late 20s)
Gender: Female
Race: Undead/Revenant
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Amber
Height: 1.75m (~5'9")
Weight: 64.4 kg (~142 lbs)
Blood Type: Ichor

The Look

Adelaide is a classic beauty.  With alabaster skin and a youthful complexion, she easily draws attention whenever she enters a room. A straight, narrow nose sits in the center of a perfectly symmetric face while large eyes hint at a piercing intelligence.  Thin lips, usually stained scarlet, often pull into a minimal smile.

She bears an idealized hourglass shape, exaggerated by her preference of corsets. In fact, she has adopted many aspects of gothic fashion, favoring lacy dresses, either black or dark red, cut in Victorian styles with skirts falling to her ankles. Ornate chokers are often worn to hide the bruises around her neck.  Severe looking stiletto heels and lace gloves complete the look.

Her blonde hair is kept waist length, consequence of it no longer growing.  It can be styled up but Adelaide tends to wear it down and loose.

The Legacy

Personality: Adelaide is a sociopath.  Everyone around her exists to serve her needs and when she no longer needs them, she throws them away.  She also has a sadistic streak, few things exciting her more than watching that last bit of light leave someone's eyes as they die.

Still, in all of her 500+ years, she has learned to hide her..."eccentricities."  Though some might question whether her monstrous nature is too a result of her 'immortality.'

History: Born in the Holy Roman Empire near the end of the 15th century, Adelaide was a spoiled child of privilege.  Born into a prominent noble house, her parents tended to dote on her.  Nothing was out of her reach and she grew selfish and vain.

When she eventually came of age, her marriage was arranged.  Unsurprising, considering the culture of the time and she willingly married into the rival family in order to secure peace.  However, she did not expect her husband to be abusive and young Adelaide found herself the target of repeated beating.  Driven to dispair by her mistreatment, the she took her own life, her body found hanging in a nearby orchard.

Suicide was still considered a sin in those days so the girl's body could not be burried in hallowed ground, allowing her restless spirit to wander, haunting her husband's home for years.  Then, one night, things took a sinister turn on the night of a lunar eclipse.  Sometimes called a "Blood Moon," the phenomenon was long considered an ill omen.  The entire manor was quiet the next morning.  It remained quiet for days until a man from a nearby village decided to investigate.  What he found chilled him...

The entire household had been massacred.  Soldiers, servants, pets and children. None had survived.  The village later discribed hordes of black flies clinging to the decay, buzzing so loudly the man felt he would go mad.  He was traumatized most by the lord of the manor.  Adelaide's husband was found naked in his bed chamber. He had been hanged by his own intestines.

The undead horror that had been Adelaide remained in the house, retreating to the basements and sealing the doors, but early on, knocking sounds were said to eminate from below and no one bothered to claim the building.

In time, Adelaide found that her body was beginning to fail.  Her decaying arm fell off one day, unable to mimic life any longer.  Desperate to solve what she know would become a more serious problem, Adelaide poured over whatever obsure lore she could find in her late widower's study until she began finding clues about what she truly was and began to discover her powers.

In the ages since her death and return, Adelaide has built a small empire in the criminal underworld, specializing in human trafficking.  And when some of her merchandise goes missing, no one really seems bothered.

The Powers and Weaknesses


Undead: Being that she is already dead, Adelaide is cannot be killed by conventional means.  Injuries to her body are rarely effective and she does not bleed.  She is also immune to poisons and illness.  Only damage to her corrupted 'heart' can can break her possession.

Strength: Revenants have above average strength.  Adelaide can lift and throw grown men twice her size with relative ease.

Will o'the Wisp: Adelaide's body can shift from a physical form into an ethereal one.  In this ghastly state, she takes on a mummified appearance composed of wisps of pale smoke. In this form, she is weightless, able to fly about with practiced ease. She can also pass though solid matter unobstructed.


Pentacles: Any number of spiritual talismans can act as a ward against this Revenant.  When in close proximity to one of these symbols, Adelaide will grow weak and clumsy.  Even a well drawn figure on a wall can sap her strength.  Note that not all pentagrams act as pentacles nor do all pentacles bear pentagrams.

Salt: Salt is said to ward off evil spirits.  In her wisp form, she is unable to pass lines of salt, useful if placed against walls in order keep her from entering a room.  Also, if salt is thrown into her Wisp form, Adelaide is driven back, left stunned and she loses control of her thralls.

Spirit Magic: As Adelaide is a spirit possessing a corpse, techniques meant to target her on a spiritual level are uniquely effective.  Exorcisms, even simple incantations, can instantly shatter her hold on her body instantly.

Will Without Ability: As useful as Adelaide's wisp form is, she cannot attack from this state.  Instead, she must completely return to a corporeal form before launching an attack.  She also cannot reform while still inside a solid object, meaning she cannot attack while inside a wall.

RP Mechanics

Necrotic Heart & Ichor: Adelaide's possession is centered around a corrupted heart and the oily black substance it produces in place of blood.  If this substance is disrupted at its source, via damage to the heart, Adelaide loses control of her body.

Assimilation: By injecting Ichor into a dead bodypart, Adelaide is able to replace her own damaged body parts over time.  These parts gradually reshape into more recognisable forms with no outward sign that anyhing is off.  In similar fashion, she can control full cadavers by injecting ichor into their heart.

Wealthy: Adelaide has accumulated substantial wealth, both in life and after death.  She puts this money to work for her in a small but growing criminal empire.

Bilingual: Adelaide can speak fluently in either German or English.  However, her English tends to carry a German accent.

Fencer: Adelaide is rather proficient in Historical European Martial Arts, having lived when many of these techniques were being developed.  These skills come into play when she decides to get her hands dirty.


Pappenheimer: A German take on the rapier.  This one-handed sword bears a 43 inch blade optimized for thrusting; however, it still has two edges suited for cutting.  The Hilt is significantly ornate.  While the base is simple: narrow crossbar above a handle wrapped in black leather, round pommel holding everything together, a gently sweeping knuckle guard merges with a pair of shells that meet above the ricasso tend to steal the show.  The scabbard has been fashioned into a parasol, letting the weapon hide in plain sight.

Anchor: An enigmatic item kept hidden in the basement of Adelaide's mansion.  Kept under lock and key, whatever it is, it gives the revenant's spirit a place to return should the 'worst' happen.

Physical Priority
1: Reaction
2: Power
3: Endurance
4: Agility

Cory Jardin (The Grey)[XP]
Agent Sarah Jardin
Heather Jardin (Feral Violet)
Antonio Ramirez (Guerrero)[XP]
Samantha Rees (Velocity)
Adelaide Zollern

*Personality quiz
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Re: Adelaide Zollern

Post by Samael Christensen on August 14th 2016, 8:55 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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