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Vega Hawk

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Vega Hawk Empty Vega Hawk

Post by AnTyep July 3rd 2024, 7:53 pm




"While the big leagues handle the giant monsters and stuff, who's watching the little guys? Don't worry. I'll watch them like a hawk."


The Bio

   Real Name: Dawn Wright
   Hero Name: Vega Hawk
   Title: The Winged Star Ninja
   Alignment: Neutral Good
   Age: 18
   Gender: female
   Race: Human
   Hair: Red
   Eyes: Blue
   Height: 5'7
   Weight:  127 lbs
   Blood type: O+

The Looks

Vega Hawk Vf0nLZS
Vega Hawk 7JggfUo

As for her suit, the name Vega is the name of a star and the next important one from the sun, and also, when designing the emblem, the wings almost looked like a V, so...yeah.

The Personality

Dawn is a bright-eyed girl, always eager to help even if she's not in the spotlight, fighting big-time villains with big-time heroes. Fame doesn't matter to her, but helping people like her mother does. Yes, Dawn is a mama's girl, modeling her superhero life after her. The memories of her mother bring her courage.

This makes her serious when she's out in costume—almost no-nonsense. Defending people from harm is her top priority, and she will not let them share the same fate as her mother. She's very focused. But she's so no-nonsense that she doesn't care if she breaks some bones of criminals or instills a little fear into them. Maybe it's the potion's influence, but she doesn't have any superpowers to fool around with scum like a certain spider.

But outside her costume, she's a dork, for she likes games, anime, cartoons, and most of She enjoys tinkering with machines and software, wanting to learn how they're made to add that knowledge to her gadgetry techniques. She also likes to fix things for people when they need them.

The Story

Dawn was just an ordinary girl, but she was hinted to have a brilliant mind since her childhood when she took apart electronic appliances just because she was curious about how they worked, even her dad's computer. She would've received that belt if she had not only put them back together as before but also improved on some of them, including the computers. Though technology fascinated her...

...her mother's dedication to helping others always drew her attention. She worked as a paramedic who braved dangers just to help the injured. Her mother's bravery inspired Dawn and her need to help others. Also, her mother met many superheroes there, and Dawn loved superheroes.

But then,  Project Perfection attacked New York City when she was eleven. Though they lived in Jersey City, her parents felt it was too dangerous for Dawn to be at home since the city is next to Manhattan. So, their neighbors brought Dawn to the evacuation while her parents braved New York since her father is a police officer.

But when the event ended, only her father came back to her.

Dawn grew angry the older she got, bottling herself in her room, tinkering and building random devices. She hadn't eaten right, gained a bit of a belly, or made many friends. All she had of her mother was a necklace with a star, representing their time watching the stars whenever they visited her grandparents outside the city.  The few things that brought her joy, however, were superheroes righting wrongs and saving lives. After all, they at least saved her father's life. They helped people just like her mother.

Dawn wanted nothing more than to do the same, to carry her mother's legacy, even if she was not a paramedic.

Well, that became possible, for on her way from dumpster diving for parts, she was unaware of ninjas fighting on the rooftops over her. A vile of green potion fell from one of the ninjas' pockets and shattered near her, unleashing a green mist all over her. It made her feel sick, and she barely managed to return home before passing out on her bed.

When she woke up, her body was a little chubby, as mentioned before. But now, her fat had thinned into petite muscles, making her look like an Olympian. She had what this meant to her, but she knew that the green potion did this to her. So she went to a nearby park to jog...and she found herself out-running even the more athletic joggers in the park. When she passed by a Japanese antique store, she wasn't sure why, but she needed to buy ninja stars and kunais, which she hadn't yet done.

But on her way home, she was pulled into an alleyway by some muggers threatening her with knives to give up her money.  Before she knew it, her body gripped one of their wrists and twisted it hard. She then unleashed fighting skills on them, knocking them out before she came to her senses. She ran off up a fire escape, not wanting to be accused of jumping off a wall to reach it, then up the roof without breaking a sweat. She was able to parkour off rooftops as if she trained it all her life.

Why that potion came to her, she didn't know, but she knew that she could use this physique to be a superhero and help people. So, using her kneen mind to build gadgets, she bought some ninja stars and kunai on the internet, now believing that potion was a ninja potion.

Now if only she knew where that potion came from.

The Powers

Ninja Potion- the potion Dawn was affected by toned her body to the Olympian physique, enough to handle her basic ninjitsu skills. The key word is Basic, for Dawn still has to master her skills and learn techniques she has yet to know. There's a chance that she'll develop ninja magic. But she'll mostly need to train in discipline. The reason why for later on weaknesses. Details of her physique in Fluff.

The Weaknesses

Ninja Potion side effect - The potion she was caught in was used by evil ninjas to 'recruit' new ninjas, saving a lot of time in training them the basics. However, this potion makes them susceptible to something that will brainwash them that doesn't work on those who haven't taken the potion. Dawn is no different.

Also, the potion enhances everything, which includes one's morality. That's not a problem for Dawn since she's a genuinely good person; the potion gives her ninjitsu skills and instincts... ninjas are mostly known to be assassins, and the potion programs one's mind to be a killing warrior, especially those with a weak and/or cruel morality. While her morality keeps those killing instincts in check, if her morality tips to the opposite side, the temptation to kill will grow stronger.

Human and inexperience- Well... self-explanatory. She's still not super strong, super fast, or super durable...or anything. Also, she's still new to the hero biz, so taking on heavy hitters will only get her killed.

The Items

Grapple Gun - Dawn built a small grapple gun that can attach under her glove easily while traveling on rooftops. It shoots a sharp hook onto high ledges for her to reach areas she can't on her own. She can also use it to snag enemies trying to flee. The grapple gun can pull her away so fast that it can launch off the ledge, giving her a boost in gliding speed.

Smoke Bomb - Self-explanatory; it blasts a large bank of smoke she can use to escape from danger or get the drop on her enemies.

Ninja Stars and Kunais - The standard weapons of the ninja. The ninja stars she uses only to disarm her enemies of their firearms or weapons, and yes, they're very sharp. The kunai can do the same, but Dawn prefers to use them to defend herself.

Glider Cape - Normally, capes are too dangerous for unskilled heroes (and villains) to wear around, but when jumping on rooftops, Dawn needs hers, especially when it's specifically built. Her gloves emit a strong electro charge that stiffens the exo-structure in the cape to spread like wings, allowing her to glide.

  • Weakness - Her gloves run on batteries. She can't glide with her cape for too long or she'll drain them.

Smartphone and tracking bugs- it may be a standard phone, but in Dawn's hands, it's a powerful weapon against computer electronics, thanks to her hacking knowledge.  She also made tracker bugs that she can tag on someone in case she loses them to track them on her phone in a 100-yard radius.

First-aid kit - It is always important to have one handy, let alone know how to use it. And thankfully, her mother taught her before she died.

The Minions

The Fluff

Ninja Physique details
- She can run faster than the fastest Olympic runner (whose average speed is 27 mph, so her average speed is 30 mph), and she has the stamina to help her go on for hours. She can easily parkour on rooftops with her enhanced agility and reflexes. Flipping, rolling, and dodging...dodging gunfire, that is.

As a ninja, the darkness is her best friend, and she prefers crime fighting at night. After all, she's still human. She can stalk a person and strike without being seen or heard. She could even vanish quickly before anyone could see her.

Tinkerer and Hacker- Dawn has been curious about how gadgets and machines work since childhood. Her skills in taking them apart are as great as those in putting them back together. This also applies to her knowledge of software. Learning so much about them taught her how to be a hacker. Because of this, she can develop gadgets and apps needed for her life as a crime fighter/ninja.

She also has a photographic memory.

The RP Sample

New York City. It's wild that she's here after fearing coming to this city when she was little. She feared that she'd find her mother's dead body somewhere here, and she wouldn't be able to bear the sight. But that's silly; even if some places have yet to be rebuilt, her mom had a proper burial. But this was the city that...well, it felt like this was the city where she was unable to finish her help people.  But Dawn guessed that her mother would disapprove of her new life if she was alive.

Heck, she knows her dad would if he found out. The man doesn't like superheroes anyways. She's sure that he blamed them for not saving her mother's life. But there was so much they could do, fighting the villains responsible for the attack. Someone needed to look out for the little guy...

...and she signed up for that job...well, not literally, but you get the idea.

Standing on a rooftop's edge under the night sky, Vega Hawk looked around for...maybe some explosion or sounds of gunfire...

...speaking of gunfire, she can hear...muffled sounds of them in the distance? Why was...?

Right right...she installed a police scanner into her phone. She can find out through it.

"Units in Hell's Kitchen, SWAT team is en route to your location. ETA: one minute."

SWAT team? That must mean that something big is going down. She can't let the cops see her, but if there's anyone in trouble in the area, then...

Shooting a grapple on a tall building, she let it pull her away, fast. It catapulted her over the building, giving her enough speed for her glider cape to fly.


Crooks took cover behind an armored truck they tried to steal. But the cops shot its tires, making it lag hard, so escaping with the cash wasn't an option. Now, not getting thrown behind bars was a priority...

...except they had cops shooting at them. It was a war zone and-

Just then, a canister landed near them, spewing white smoke on them. Their eyes felt like they were burning as they collapsed to their knees, trying to endure the tear gas. SWAT team moved into the smoke with gas masks, forcing the crooks on the truck to snap cuffs on them.

Vega arrived on a nearby rooftop, seemingly too late, but thankfully, the cops stopped the assault with no casualties. That's a huge win in her book. She wouldn't know what to do if the gunfire kept going. Maybe unleash smoke on the crooks, then take them down swiftly while under the cover of the smoke so the cops won't see her. Yeah, well-

"AAAH!!" a woman screamed.

Vega gasped, spotting a crook who had managed to escape from the tear gas and had taken someone who was hiding behind a newspaper vendor hostage. He vividly aimed his gun at her head for the cops to see before heading to an alleyway. No way would the cops risk that woman's death...

...but they can't sneak in through the darkness, and it's nighttime.


The bearded man pulled the woman through the alleyway, which had one light, keeping his gun at her. She screamed for help, "...yeah, keep screaming! Let those pigs know that I still have you!" Scowling, seeing her trying to move her legs toward his crotch, "You even think about that, and you'll get a bullet through your skull!!"

Shuddering, the woman stopped.

"That's better!" Pulling her back...


Suddenly, something hit the only light, putting it out.

"WHU?!" Startled, the crook aimed his gun around, trying to find the cause in the darkness...

...until something pierced through his hand without warning. "AAAAAAAGH!!" The shock made him fire his gun before he dropped it; thankfully, it shot a wall. His hand was bleeding, unable to focus on the woman who ran off. But when he saw her try to break it, he reached for his pistol with his good hand...


...but someone from the dark grabbed his wrist and twisted it.

"AAAAAGH!!" he screamed in pain...


...until someone swung a kick right across his face, knocking him out.

"FREEZE!!" The cops aimed their weapons into the alleyway, now that the woman was safe...but instead of the crook making a move, he was on the ground with a bleeding right hand. Whatever did this to him was nowhere to be found.


"Ugh... it's a good thing these stars are black, or the stain..." Grumbling, Vega cleaned her ninja star with tissue. Sure, she doesn't care for rewards, but some cash wouldn't hurt. After all, these ninja stars and parts for her gadgets aren't cheap.

Looking off from the roof, she can see the hostage being tended by the paramedics despite her being physically well.

But the important thing is that women are safe. That's the only reward Vega Hawk asks for.




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