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Arlandria Vega - ”Prism”

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Arlandria Vega - ”Prism” Empty Arlandria Vega - ”Prism”

Post by Quixotic on July 6th 2018, 1:20 am


"Those afraid of darkness have not witnessed the power of light."

The Bio

Real Name: Arlandria “Arla” Vega
Hero Name: Prism
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Blood type:AB+

The Looks

At 5’10”, Arlandria is a tall, African-American woman who seems to be mainly comprised of coiled, black hair and lean muscle. She has dark skin and brown eyes the color of strong black coffee. Her face is round with a dramatic pair of dark brows and plump lips that both act to embroider her face with vivid emotion. Though she is not overly buff, her limbs and torso have a certain thickness that marks the existence of muscle.

The Personality

Arla is warm, compassionate, optimistic, and joyful. She has a richly jubilant laugh and voice, and she wants to share the richness and happiness possible in life with everyone through generosity and sincere empathy.

Arla’s strong compassion is both an advantage and disadvantage. Believing there is good in all people, Arlandria is gullible, overly-trusting, and all too loyal. She puts herself at risk to help all people, even those better left to die. Arla is also known to be awfully quixotic. She has yet to come to the realization that bad sometimes wins, and will not back down until good prevails. She often over-exerts herself so as to fulfill her unrealistic goals. Her spirited optimism is rarely hindered, but, when it is, she’s devastated.
The Story

Adam and Carla Vega, a rich, conceited married couple, wanted more than anything to have a child as perfect as themselves, so, when the opportunity to test human child engineering for an experimental study presented itself, the couple was the first to volunteer. The experiment recommended only choosing simple traits like the baby’s eyes, skin, and hair color, but, with a little funding to the program, the genetic engineers behind the project capitulated to allow Adam and Carla complete customization. After nine anxious months, the perfect baby, Arlandria Vega, was born, and, as the lights of the delivery room began to pulse with her newborn screams, her parents were convinced she was born a freak. The couple happily left her in the hands of three genetic researchers, all skilled in many areas that did not include parenting.

The team of three quickly recognized the hero potential in the child and raised her to believe it as much as they did. They also recognized the impact that Arlandria’s potential success could have on the future of human engineering. Because if this, Arlandria was trained from babyhood to be not only a  superhero, but the romanticized American hero of literature— innocent, compassionate, optimistic, naive, simple, and free-spirited. More simply, Arlandria was trained to be science’s best ad yet.

Arlandria spent the first 20 years of life training to be a hero, both within and beyond the scope of her powers. At 21, the hero was finally allowed to fulfill her duties as a heroine, which she continues to do today.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Power 1: Photokinetics

Arlandria has the power to manipulate existing, visible light. The primary applications of this power include the concentration of light like a magnifying glass, the bending and redirection of light, the splitting of visible light, and the absorption of light to be stored and reused shortly after absorption time. Arlandria cannot destroy or create light.

When Arlandria absorbs light, she can either use her precious manipulation skills when relaunching it into the atmosphere, or she can form the light into throwable, solid chakrams. The rings are 8-inch diameter discs of solid, white light that remain solid until they either contact a surface or exit a range of 75 feet of their throwing point. When solid, the chakrams have a sharp outer edge and are thrown with the flick of the wrist. When they make an impact, the rings dissolve in a physically harmless but possibly distracting explosion of light.

The Weaknesses

Weakness 1: Power Limits: Like a solar panel, Arla’s capabilities depend on the amount of available light. As the light dims, so does her power.

Weakness 2: Mortal Body: Besides an immunity to high concentrations of light and heat, Arla’s body is human and mortal, leaving her vulnerable to many physical threats.

The Items

1. Wallet - a small wallet containing a cash allowance from her researcher “parents” and identification
2. Journal - a field journal in which Arlandria must record any health problems and developments in her powers for genetic research
3. Photobook - a mostly empty photo journal with a photo of Arlandria’s true parents and another of her and her researcher “family”

The Minions


The Fluff

A life of isolation has caused Arla to be out-of-touch with history and technology from her birth to her entrance into society. There is a 20-year hole in her knowledge of the world.

Arlandria believes that her parents may still want her if she only proves her worth to them.

Arlandria’s hero work involves her not wanting to harm anyone. She also believes everyone has good in them.

The RP Sample

The sounds and smells of the fair faded away as Prism stalked down the dark streets of the sleeping city. She stayed near to the streetlights, stopping under each one to listen for some sign over the insectine hymn of the orange lights. She shivered in the darkness. The warmth of the summer day had faded away into a cool autumn night. Leaves tumbled with a low rattle down the street.

A tiny scuff against pavement, too heavy to be merely a leaf, immediately alerted her. Her head swivelled toward the sound as she raised her right hand up slowly toward the lamp above her. She clenched her first and mimicked a throwing motion forwards towards the source of the sound. The orange light surrounded her dimmed, instead illuminating the area she had thrown towards as if she had thrown a flashlight. Frozen like a deer in a headlight beam was a masked man.

With a wave of her hand, Prism bathed part of the street in darkness as the orbs of light in each lamp rushed towards her open palms. For a moment, the light was completely gone. Prism’s silhouette flicked its wrists down against the far-off, spinning lights of the fake behind her, and 3 rings of white light ignited with a whoosh in each of her hands. In the dim light being projected from her hands, a small grin flickered across her face.

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Arlandria Vega - ”Prism” Empty Re: Arlandria Vega - ”Prism”

Post by Chellizard on July 6th 2018, 1:24 pm

Approved and moved.

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