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Ti'amat Empty Ti'amat

Post by Tiʼamat June 19th 2024, 2:16 pm




"Evil? Reductionist Nonsense Designed To Bring Me Down To Your Level."


The Bio

   Real Name: Ti'amat'aleru'devetae
   Villain Name: Tiamat
   Title: Goddess of Ruin & Destruction
   Alignment: Chaotic
   Age: Appears 22
   Gender: Female
   Race: Primordial, Dark (Demon)
   Hair: Black
   Eyes: Red
   Height: 5' 10"
   Weight: 185 lbs
   Blood type: Black

The Looks




The Personality

Loud and unapologetic. If it weren't for The Artificer's Rules, Ti'amat would be tearing the world apart with her own two hands because it was there. At night, you might even find her staring up at the sky hoping to find a moonless and star-free void -- calm, serene, with nothing to destroy in it. Not that 'Paradise' would last long since Ti'amat would just find some way to find a new existence to terrorize, but there'd be a little time for a vacation between eons of toil.

Forced to remain on a single ball of dirt and rock, Earth, alongside The Artificer, Ti'amat finds her entertainment where and how she can. With rules like 'do not senselessly kill' it makes wholesale destruction of the world... challenging. Unfortunately, for the Artificer, Ti'amat's primary source of amusement is finding ways to abide by the Rules while vexing the man to no end at her interpretation and pseudo-adherence to them.

If she comes off as rude and uncouth, it's because she never had a reason to learn manners and etiquette when she was prowling the universe ensuring Entropy was doing its job. If she violates every law and custom known to Humankind, it's... because she never knew them, and couldn't be bothered to learn the ways of a species whose existence is so short Ti'amat can't even fathom a proper unit of measurement.

What would a Dark Primordial -- some would say Demonic -- entity like Ti'amat like most? Right now, she'd like to be released from The Artificer's service in order to return to wanton destruction and the endless pursuit of cosmic ruin. Until that occurs, an excuse to punch someone would work. As long as they don't die, the Rules weren't broken.

The Story

Consequences? Of course there were consequences, she was their Arbiter, their Executive, their Goddess. The consequences resulting in ruin, destruction, and annihilation anyway. Every time the universe's little gears started to wind down, or grind something between their cogs, there Ti'amat would be to give them that little extra 'push.' It brought a great deal of satisfaction to watch things spin out of control, or explode in an array of waveforms that radiated throughout all of creation. Like skipping pebbles across the surface of an endless pond. There was always something to destroy, and Ti'amat enjoyed the show every time.

It was a delightful Day of Annihilation like any other when Ti'amat's intangible self drifted near some backwater planet or another with tiny creatures crawling all over it. Plenty of things to crush and stomp out on its surface, but there was one event in particular that caused her to itch. Another dark entity was at play causing their own ruin without informing Ti'amat. There was no appreciation for someone skipping a rock across your throw's path; it could ruin an otherwise serene ripple.

She 'arrived' on the scene as the house had begun to collapse in on itself, and the responsible fiend had just skittered away. With the destruction already well under way, Ti'amat left to pursue the intrusive creature that thought to take the pleasure for itself without permission.

A lifetime later, long after she'd forgotten all about some stack of sticks on one of countless balls of dirt, someone or something reached out to her. Ti'amat found herself forcibly drawn to a particular ball by an ancient power. A summoning performed by Occultists waylaid by The Artificer...

The Powers

Immortality: Ti'amat has the physical make-up of a athletic and muscular Human female body, but it is merely a shell created to manifest an otherwise intangible entity. Destroying the vessel would not result in her permanent demise; but it is not impervious to damage.

Regeneration: Minor or major trauma alike are healed without the need for Human medicine. The extent of the damage corresponds to the time needed to regenerate; with lost limbs usually requiring a minute or two. The separated parts of her person evaporate and began to rebuild themselves attached to the whole. If her entire body were destroyed then it would regenerate seemingly out of nothing, but would require an extended period of time -- ideal conditions that might be several minutes, while hostile conditions (e.g. consecrated ground) it might be delayed hours, days, or even longer.

Strength: As a creature of Ruin and Destruction, Ti'amat's vessel possesses superhuman strength capable of punching holes through solid rock and sheets of metal. This power often affects a wide area with little room for fine-tune control (such as sniping an enemy as they hide behind a hostage). It also enables her to jump considerable distances. The ability to endure the inhuman physical strains that come with exercising such physical prowess seem to manifest when she's using her strength, but does not make her invulnerable to physical attackers (see weaknesses).

Stamina: She could punch a hole into a mountainside all night if need be. There's always ruin to be had, and the universe never catches Ti'amat laying down on the job.

Mental Defenses: Ti'amat is absolutely certain of her own metaphysical 'shape' as it were; the mere hope of successfully coercing her using an ability or power would require someone or something of considerable power. Honestly, it'd probably just be easier to convince her using words given Ti'amat's disposition toward destruction.

Manifestation (Alter Self): As her Vessel was magically formed to give shape to a shapeless creature, Ti'amat can alter its appearance. Usually this is used to hide the pronounced horns that tower over her head, or to make her hands appear like Draconic claws -- something to declare her emotional state for all to see, in case the wicked, hungry grin wasn't enough. Her appearance can range from Pure Human to Demonic or Draconic Horror of roughly the same height.

The Weaknesses

Human-like Vessel: Physical trauma can hamper the vessel's ability to move (e.g. severing an arm or leg) or perceive her surroundings (e.g. damage to the ears or eyes) until the regeneration kicks in, if not completely immobilize her. However, as the corporeal body is a mere shell, its destruction does not result in Ti'amat permanent demise -- though it will significantly delay her recovery. If environmental conditions require it, she will reappear somewhere that won't result in the vessel's immediate destruction. Timings and locations of which may not allow her to rejoin a fight or stop an opponent from accomplishing their objectives.

Boundaries: As a 'Dark' Primordial being that may be equivalent to or exactly related to Demons and other negative entity forces, Ti'amat can be barred from entering certain areas protected by 'Light' magics (what some call 'Holy' power). These powers would also negate her ability to physically destroy protected surfaces, which could be useful in restraining Ti'amat herself or at least her movements.

Restraints: When The Artificer bound Ti'amat to the physical, a set of constraints were placed on her similar to the code Benjamin himself follows: 1) Ti'amat cannot kill The Artificer (no breaking the contract by breaking the contractor), 2) Ti'amat may not kill others (or allow monsters to kill 'innocents') without The Artificer's approval, 3) Ti'amat may not commit crimes (of which The Artificer would be inclined to stop). Naturally, the pair are constantly at odds regarding the by-the-letter adherence to this agreement that Ti'amat follows.

Shackled: Ordinarily, Ti'amat has the power to crush stars, grind planets into dust, and smash blackholes together like a child with magnets. When not trapped in a humanoid Vessel by an Occult spell, which manages to keep her essence bound to a single spot and only let's a faint crack of her power through to Earth. It's a sore subject. Best not mention it where Ti'amat can overhear. If someone were to mention it, to survive it might be a good idea to talk up setting her free; whether she believes you or punches you is all in how forked your tongue is.

Single Minded: Ti'amat has always existed to bring ruin and destruction to the cosmos. She destroys and annihilates, and the universe finds a way to take all the pieces and make something new with them. It's a delightful song and dance of the Ages she has little interest in disturbing. It's also practically her only motivation short of The Artificer somehow convincing her participating in something nondestructive would lead to a favorable outcome later.

Sensory Overload: The chaos of a wild party helps her ignore the piercing music, but ordinarily, when Ti'amat isn't enjoying the moment, exceptional stimulation of the senses is an easy way to piss the Dark Primordial off. In her ideal world, everything is still, and silent, and formless... and when she finds this ideal, Ti'amat expects to tear a hole in it to find another one in need of her services.

Thine Own Self: Despite being able to alter her appearance, Ti'amat's form is always her own -- at least the same ones. Her eye color as a Humanoid is always red, for example, and isn't changed to blue because The Artificer asks nicely. This flaw isn't an inability to do so, more just a lack of attention or interest on her part. Obviously blue eyes exist, but the thought of adopting the appearance never surfaces; and if asked her rebellious nature refuses to play along. After all, who would she be trying to impersonate or impress? Easier to punch them in the face.

Short Fuse: When you're an immortal Dark Primordial with the power to tear planets apart -- at least when not trapped in a Humanoid Vessel -- what need is there with calm and restraint? If Ti'amat sees a punchable face, it gets punched... unless The Artificer can somehow convince her not to, but that's its own challenge.

Bad Role Model: Not someone you probably want to Babysit for you. Ti'amat wouldn't engage in any cliche experiments, but she won't be attentive or much care what really happens. Sure, kid, let's see what happens when you light the curtains on fire. As for the adults out there, she'll gladly drink you under a table or join your indulgence in illegal narcotics; whatever floats your boat, doesn't affect her in the long-run.

The Items


The Minions


The Fluff

Weakness: The Artificer. Seriously, why is this Human clinging to Ti'amat and going on and on about no killing people or destroying their homes? Shouldn't he be working to release her, or kill some demon he's hunting, or something?

Black Miasma/Smoke and/or Red Flames can roll off Ti'amat when she starts adopting more demonic or draconic traits. They're just for show; a little extra of her essence manifesting, but not with any extra power/ability inherent to themselves. Even the flames won't burn (though they are warm).

The last set of clothes she wore before they were destroyed along with her body, or shredded because she took on a less Human form, return with the rest of Ti'amat. Where? How? Doesn't really matter to her; she assumes it's part of the whole manifestation shtick of one of her kind being made all squishy-like.

The RP Sample

A woman in a short, leather jack with both hands shoved into her black jeans strode down a damp alleyway. Her shoulders were relaxed. Her chin high. Red eyes burned in the shadows when the scarce lighting didn't try to hide their true nature. The night's cool air pricked her flesh; the only protective layers for her upper body being to loose jacket and a wrap-around breast-support -- a bra, Humans called it?

Ti'amat hated it. All of it. The buildings looming to either side. The damp that splashed under her boots every time she stepped in it. She hated the boots. She hated having a body to need boots! And most of all, she hated the three punks that blocked the way ahead.

One of them carried a bat. He looked pleased with himself. Arrogant. Cocky. It was the way he smirked with a lifted chin as though he were above her. Ti'amat stopped ten feet away and met his gaze.

The color of his eyes? What kind of jaw did he have? What was he wearing? Ti'amat had heard The Artificer and other authoritarian figures on this ball of dirt and rock ask such questions. Identify the perpetrator! We have to find the right one. Right one? Why not kill them all? It was what Ti'amat was good at. Thing of it was, she could never remember. Even there, in that moment, as the gnat said something condescendingly, she couldn't be bothered to notice.

"Ahh, shut up." Ti'amat tsked. "You're ruining my mood."

No they weren't. She was always in a mood. Ever since she'd been conjured to this waterlogged planet called Earth. Why did she have to stay here? The Artificer needed to hurry up and release her; Ti'amat had galaxies to destroy. They had no idea how long the Need to Destroy list got every millennia she was away from making sure enough ruination was occurring. The universe was a chaotic place, and it was her responsibility to make sure it stayed that way!

"Haah?" Her chin lifted higher in turn. Two of the goons that flanked the first were in motion. Suddenly the dark, petulant look twisted into a face-splitting grin. Now they were asking for it. Now The Artificer wouldn't be able to yell at her about not avoiding an unnecessary confrontation. All she had to do was make sure nothing was fatal, right? They didn't need all those limbs. Maybe tonight wouldn't be a complete wash.



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Ti'amat Empty Re: Ti'amat

Post by inquisitor June 30th 2024, 9:38 pm

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