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When it cries

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INV ONLY When it cries

Post by drazukeloski June 10th 2024, 8:53 pm

It was around 6 or so. The sun was on it's way down as the cool Colorado air was beginning to become quite a few degrees colder. In the parking lot of a rundown gas station was a single car. A black. classic dodge charger . Within it was none other than Benjamin himself. In the driver's seat, leaning back with a blanket about his shoulders, he was catching up on what could possibly be weeks of missed sleep. Not even audible outside of the vehicle, his snores were gentle. Suddenly, a screeching began emitting from the dashboard. Alert in an instant, he sat up, gaze darting about. His eyes came to rest on the band scanner he used to avoid police...which didn't seem to be picking up anything. His eyes shifted slightly to the left, drawn by a hint of light. No. Not the police scanner. His teeth gritted as he locked eyes on the other scanner fixed on his dashboard. He reaches over, turning a few knobs and then pressing a button. The screeching changed in tone slightly as he did so. His brows furrowed. He turns the knob again. More screeching and static. "That...that doesn't...." Words trailing off, he opens the console and pulls out what seems to be an ipad. Not a new one either. Old. First models they ever released old. He takes a cord that's hanging from the scanner and plugs it into the device. The screen soon lit up with a map afterwards, and his eyes went wide as saucers. "That's....Oh fuck. Wouldn't that...." He presses one more button on the scanner. it begins to release a low hum. Almost as if by reflex upon hearing it, his fist crashes into the scanner, causing a moment of static as it breaks against the dashboard. He stares at the broken device, eyes still wide, skin pale as the grave. Instantly, he reaches over to the passenger side and pulls his mask out of the backpack that's sitting there. Once it's on his head, he turns the keys in the ignition to stat the car. He pulls out of the parking lot with a loud tire screech, instantly speeding down the road afterwards.

It was around 7 now now. The sun was rising. Not that it mattered. It was already a rundown area of no renown. Most of the buildings were mobile houses, and those that weren't were old, wear and tear easily showing in the rotted wood on their porches. More a hamlet than a town. I single road went through the town, the rest of the paths and driveways were gravel. A thick fog had descended upon the mountain in which it was located, obscuring it in an eerie silence, save for the sound of radio static coming from any devices in the homes that happened to be still running. The inhabitants of the town seemed either absent, or hiding, too afraid to even turn off the static. Yet, should one listen closely, there was another noise amongst it all. Skittering and skulking upon the gravel with an inhuman pace, silhouettes flashing about the thickly laid mist.

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INV ONLY Re: When it cries

Post by ghost June 17th 2024, 9:58 pm

Rolling down the road in an old 1960s Ford Fairlane was Amanda and and officer of the renown I-4. She hadn't seen anyone for the agency in years, and remarked at the honor of participating in such an event. Usually the agency resorted to letter passing or some antiquated way of communication. This time it was a straight up knock on the door conversation. Something was going on that concerned the agency so much they sent a field agent to escort her.

Going from New York to Colorado in a way she would have never expected. Usually people would drive or fly. How I-4 stumbled upon it is unknown, but one minute she was following a man into an old beaten up looking telephone booth, the next moment she found herself wearing a 1960's trench coat, slacks, a button up shirt with tie, complete with a detectives wide brimmed hat bumping down the misty road in some god-forsaken town in the middle of Colorado.

"The signals are sparse. But take this." The field officer handed her a large boxy 1960's Geiger counter. Though, it was only that in appearance. Amanda knew as soon as he pulled it out that it was a radio frequency detection device with a sassy attitude. She took it without hesitation. "It should help narrow down the location of the source. We need it neutralized as soon as possible." The officer said.

The vehicle pulled hard to the right and started to climb the lone mountain. Mist began to fall. The early hours of the day started to look like perpetual noon as the light bounced off the particles of water. Then she was there. In the middle of the road, stopped at a light that no longer worked, on a road lined with beaten motor homes and old houses.

"This is where I leave you." The man handed her a paper map, and a loaded colt 1911. "Be careful. I'll be here when your done." He said.

Amanda had questions, but somehow she knew that the man was telling her all she needed to know. There was a signal coming from somewhere deep within the town that she had to stop. It wasn't only interfering with radio traffic, but also had pulls on the magical realm that she didn't understand quite yet.

She gathered her things and excited the vehicle. As it pulled away her clothes quickly turned back to normal. Long Jeans, a long sleeved shirt, a leather bag on her back with her suit and equipment, and a high-tech radio-radiation monitor in hand. She quickly nestled the 1911 in her bag. After sweeping the monitor a few times through the air, it finally picked up on something, then she started her lonely trek down the gravel road, trying not to jump at the lurking noises she heard hidden in the mist.

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