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Glowerdown J. Searchlight

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Glowerdown J. Searchlight Empty Glowerdown J. Searchlight

Post by Searchlight March 12th 2022, 11:59 pm

Glowerdown J. Searchlight

"Oh dear... Thou art an unsightly beast..."

The Bio

Real Name: Glowerdown Jakoben Searchlight
Hero Name: Searchlight
Title: Pumpkin-Head
Alignment: Orderly Good
Age: 464 years
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Demon Infused)
Hair: N/A (Fire...?)
Eyes: N/A (Fire...?)
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 170 lbs
Blood type: AB postitive

The Looks

The Personality

Being both ancient in spirit as well as age, Glowerdown maintains a gentlemanly demeanor and a refined sense of taste if a tad old fashioned in both. He is quite confident in himself and his abilities,  often cracking wise at those that would challenge him, perhaps even underestimating them at his own peril. He dresses quite formally, as any self-respecting gentleman would and finds it quite... disagreeable to see other people of otherwise respectable demeanor dressing up in ridiculous costumes. Despite his lack of need for mortal sustenance, Glowerdown takes a certain amount of time each day to enjoy a meal, often consisting of a glass of wine, a loaf of bread and a shank of lamb. He is quite particular about his food choices and will not hesitate to politely point out when his meal is not up to snuff. Glowerdown has a strong sense of justice and a drive to protect others, this chiefly stemming from his former role as the mayor of a village. He cares greatly for those he perceives as "under his governance" and will put himself at great risk to ensure their survival. After all, he did not lop off his own head to watch his fellow Americans die! He is also quite religious and faithful to the Christian god, carrying a cross over his neck. He believes he is doing the work of the lord, despite his peculiar circumstance, and seeks nothing more than to do right by the people, and his faith.

That being said, Glowerdown has a cruel streak about him. Should a fight carry on too long or if enough of his energy is expended, Glowerdown could fall under the influence of the demon inside and attack with a more sinister intent. His intentions for fighting will fade away into a pure desire to torture and return the pain done unto him and will drop his concern for collateral if it means getting a better shot at his target. He will begin to hunger for the souls of humankind and will fast upon them, be them innocent or guilty, if he gets his hands on them! Glowerdown resents this side of himself and does his best to fight against it but, like any mortal man, sometimes he falters.

The Story

Glowerdown was one of the earliest English settlers in the Americas, establishing the colony of Roanoke alongside Sir Walter Rayleigh. However, the colony, despite Glowerdown's best efforts in governance, would quickly fall to ruin with a lack of supplies, attacks from natives and botched harvests accelerating its downfall! Desperation would drive Glowerdown into the worship of foreign and mysterious entities and ideas when all else failed, the people of the town rallying around him! It would be, when the last of their food ran out, that a voice would touch the mind of Glowerdown, promising him and his people bounty beyond their wildest dreams should they worship it and it alone.

...And without a second thought, Glowerdown agreed.

Over the next several months, the colony of Roanoke would see marked improvement, their crops growing at a magical pace, the weather turning favorable at the most unexpected time of year and the natives, mysteriously, disappearing from their expected ambush spots. This progress drew more to the colony and, as a result, the now growing cult expanded the two further, worshiping at the idol of a large pumpkin, that with a face carved into its front.

One day, Glowerdown would receive a message from the entity, requesting his aide. While the growing worship helped revitalize the spirit to some measure of strength, even now its energy had begun to wane. If the prosperity of Roanoke was to remain assured, a blood sacrifice was to be performed at the first alter at the last midnight of October, the lifeforce of this sacrifice assuring the presence of the spirit forever! Glowerdown new that the responsibility of the town rested on his shoulders and so he took the responsibility for the dark deed. He spent the months leading up to the assigned date preparing a successor, slowly inching his way out of his position. On the last night of October during a bright full moon, Glowerdown departed to the edge of town, a lanturn in one hand and a massive wood-cutter's axe in the other. He would kneel before the alter and, with one last prayer to the spirit, would SLICE off his own head with the axe, the blood spilling into the mouth of the pumpkin-shrine as he collapsed to the ground! ...Suddenly, a dark laughter would echo over the town, the lights of all lanterns burning brighter and hotter than ever before! Suddenly, from the alter, a massive GOUT of flame EXPLODED out and RUSHED into Glowedown's body, the flames forming around his neck into a pumpkin-shaped head! His form burned at the edges as if he had walked out of a volcano, a twisted, self-satisfied smirk carved across new face! Glowerdown's spirit, trapped in his body alongside that of the harvest, would watch from within as his body marched into town and, with a wave of its hand, laid waste in FLAME to his people! As the spirit now mocked him, he and his whole band had been tricked! This "spirit" they had worshiped was nothing but an ancient pagan demon, hungering for the blood and worship of men! Now that it had Glowerdown's body, it would FEAST on this town and then this whole landmass! The former mayor watched in horror as the colony of Roanoke, and all the good men and women who lived in it, burn to less than nothing, the colony disappearing in a feast of flame and screams until it all fell silent. The demon, satisfied with himself, would then turn on Glowerdown's soul, aiming to consume it as well but it had underestimated the grief and rage of the governer! The two would fight a battle of wills for many nights, and ultimately, the weakness and arrogance of the demon would see to its defeat! Instead of Glowerdown being consumed it was the demon that was bested, the man ripping away its powers for itself and leaving it a mere voice a.... craving in the back of his mind... Glowerdown was alone...

Centuries would pass and a myth would begin to crop up across the now United States and England, of a pumpkin-headed figure in old, dapper attire, flames burning from the mouth and eyes of a pumpkin-head resting atop his shoulders. Some say he was a guardian spirit, here to take away those who have committed truly evil deeds. Others say he is a demon sent by god to destroy the truly unrepentant.

Glowerdown, though, knew his purpose was none of these... Fore he had too much blood on his hands to call himself a holy being nor would his faith allow himself to. He  was a man paying for his mistakes until such a time that God decided to call him home... His duty until then...? To protect those of America he could not save in the past.

The Powers

Pyrokinesis: Glowerdown is capable of summoning, shaping and controlling fire in various shapes and forms! He can fire flame from his eyes and mouth, summon it in his hands, manipulate it from foreign sources such as candle/torchlight and snuff it out just as easily! This applies to Hellfire as well, though he cannot generate it. He can only manipulate it.

Fire Resistance: Being a demon-infused entity, Glowerdown has a natural resistance to fire and intense heat in all of its forms. From tiny campfires to inferno-blazes, Glowerdown can walk right through them with only the slightest twinge of discomfort! The only exception to this is Hellfire and fire created by VASTLY more powerful entities. Hellfire bypasses all of Glowerdown's defenses completely and Fire from more powerful entities simply overpowers his defenses.

Telekinesis: Glowerdown possesses rudimentary telekinesis, able to lift and throw moderately sized objects (large couch-sized or smaller) with his mind.

Mist-Body: Glowerdown can turn his body into fog to avoid blunt-force attacks! Bullets, punches and strikes will pass right through him if he wishes it... but attacks of an elemental nature will still cause damage. Freezing cold and lightning, while still passing through him, still fills Glowerdown with pain and drains his stamina. Staying as mist for a long enough time will also drain Glowerdown's stamina rapidly!

Mist Manipulation: Glowerdown fades into mist before dissipating and reappearing elsewhere. This is usually used to travel long distances or overcome environmental obstacles such as rough terrain or uninhabitable environments. This move can be used in combat to avoid mighty attacks but will very quickly drain Glowerdown's stamina. He can also create smoke-screens of mist either for dramatic affect or to blind targets if he focuses. Within the magical mist Glowerdown creates, no sound can enter  from outside or escape, creating an eerie silence whenever it is present.

Pumpkin Generation: Glowerdown can create giant pumpkin-like vines from the earth around him to whip at, snare or crush his enemies! He can even summon a giant jack o' lantern pumpkin to explode in a firey burst over large crowds of enemies!

Super Strength: Glowerdown possesses greater strength than the average man, able to lift up fully grown men with just one hand.

Super Durability: Glowerdown is remarkably durable thanks to the demon inside of him. He can survive buildings collapsing on top of him and being smashed through concrete... though with noticeable damage.

Soul Consumption (Permission Based): Glowerdown has the ability to consume the souls of the dead to fuel his flames! The more he consumes at once, the more powerful he becomes!

The Weaknesses

Holy Water: Specifically, Holy water can render Glowerdown's pyrokenesis useless. Splash it on his flames to put them out or on Glowerdown directly to keep him from summoning his flames at all for a significant period of time.

Holy Weapons: Blessed swords, bullets and other such things completely negate Glowerdown's enhanced durability and renders him as vulnerable to damage as any mortal man. After being in contact with the business-end of a holy weapon, it takes Glowerdown a notable period of time for his enhanced durability to return.

Poison: Despite being a demon-infused man, Glowerdown is still remarkably vulnerable to poison. if struck in his pumpkin head specifically, he will suffer the full effects of the poison in seconds if not instantly. Poison must be injected into him directly to affect him.

Rot: Glowerdown's demon grows weaker in the presence of rot and decay, especially in the vicinity of large fungal blooms. As a creature of harvest and bounty, decay and rot is the antithesis of what his powers standfor! Any pumpkin-themed attack Glowerdown casts in the presence of fungus will quickly decay after summoning, creating more rot and fungus in the area!

Iron: Glowerdown, as demons often are, is weak to coming in contact with pure, cold iron. Much like holy-weapons, iron will negate his natural durability AND, in addition, prevent him from fading into fog for a significant period of time should he come in contact with it.

Seals: Glowerdown can be trapped within basic wards (a salt circle) or more complex seals (pentagrams) and would take a remarkable effort to break out of if at all.

Blessed Places: Despite Glowerdown's faith, he is forbidden to enter places marked by the lord and will suffer extreme pain in the presence of holy iconography. Upright crosses, statues of the Lamb and the holy book all cause Glowerdown more pain the closer he is to it. Defacing/destroying these icons, however, does alleviate his suffering somewhat.

Demonic Iconography: While in the presence of satanic imagery, defaced Christian iconography or in an unholy presence in general, Glowerdown feels the demon inside grow stronger and excitable, determined to take over the man and return to its destructive roots! Glowerdown can fight the influence but will slowly become more aggressive, brutal and merciless, slowly falling to the demonic hunger of the beast within!

The Items

Lantern: Glowerdown possesses a lantern from his days as mayor of Roanoke colony. He tends to use it as a medium from which to cast his pyrokenisis, as a fragment of the demon inside him powers the flame within the lantern.

Silver Rapier: Made in the old English style, Glowerdown possesses a silver-bladed rapier with a blessed edge that he keeps sheathed and hidden within his coat. This rapier is able to harm ghosts, undead and demons should the edge touch their body. This rapier cannot be harmed by infernal or eldritch magics as its blessing wards against such evil magics.
Downside: Glowerdown can be harmed by his own rapier if he is cut by it the same way any other man would be harmed by the swipe of a sword.

The Minions

The Fluff

The RP Sample

The robbers turned in circles as the bank around them seemed to fade away to nothing, fog flowing in from the vents, the windows, the cracks in the floor, wiping away all they could see! They shifted anxiously as they raised their firearms, turning this way and that, their eyes desperate for any sign of movement as all faded to white! The sounds of their hostages, the pleading, their breathing, even the rustle of their clothes faded along with the world,  as if they had been consumed by the phenomena! A chill went up each of their spines as they caught sight of a light in the distance, flames in the shape of a smile slowly growing closer! The soft *clack* of shoe on tile echoed through the haunting mist, pounding into the ears of the men as they turned their guns upon the light!

"How grizzly and unsightly thou hast become..." A haunting rasp echoed through the fog! " turn thine own forces upon the meek... Truly, thou toys with thine own fate and the patience of the Lord."

Slowly, a figure would be unveiled from the fog, that of a man in a suit carrying a lantern, his head... a flaming pumpkin! Their blood turned to ice as the being drew closer, whisps of blazing energy dancing around his lantern erratically... hungrily. The robbers scampered back, RUNNING in a desperate attempt to flee the figure but no matter how fast or how hard their shoes stamped the ground, they would not seem to carry them anywhere! In fact, the creature only seemed to grow closer!

"Fret not, fore I have come to assuage thine burden and return thee to the righteous path... Lay down thine arms and thine judgement shall be... considerate."

"LIKE HELL!" The leader roared, WHIRLING around and firing upon the figure,  unloading the whole of his clip into the mist! As the bullets past through, the figure would fade away, a low rumbling chuckle throbbing within every inch of the surrounding mist! They could hear it everywhere, from the walls of the fog to the cells in their blood, strumming upon their nerves like a musician would the strings a fiddle!

"'Tis a pity, thine choice..." Suddenly a hand SHOT out from the fog, grabbing the man's throat! The pumpkin-headed figure stepped out from the veil, pulling the man in close enough so the blazes from his mouth and eyes could caress his face. "...Thou hast condemned thineself and thine kinsmen..."

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Glowerdown J. Searchlight Empty Re: Glowerdown J. Searchlight

Post by Zonkes March 13th 2022, 1:46 pm


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