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The Frozen Emperor

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The Frozen Emperor Empty The Frozen Emperor

Post by Zonkes February 8th 2022, 5:46 am

"Forgotten. Frozen. Broken. I am alone."

The Bio

Real Name: Regulus Amitale
Renegade Name: The Frozen Emperor
Nickname: The Broken Emperor, The Forgotten God
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Age: 2100 Y/O
Gender: Male
Race: Descendant of Grief
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Glowing Cyan
Height: 6’9”
Weight: 246lbs
Blood type: No thanks

The Looks

A mountain of a man, the Emperor stands at an impressive height and musculature. His right arm is entirely missing, a glowing cyan stump where it once was.

Regulas has a handsome face, marred by a near permanent scowl. When he isn’t wearing his Divine Tool, one would see a bald man with a scar cutting his right eyebrow in half. His face is extremely well structured, with angular cheek bones and a sharp chin. His eyes are a piercing cyan color, with enough darkness to turn the top of the iris teal.

The Personality

What trait best exemplifies the Emperor? Arrogance. With an ego a mile wide and a head inflated just above it, there’s not much that you can do to make the emperor believe himself lesser than another. He will make rude comments, pose himself as mighty, and fail to back down without a good slap to the head.

The Emperor is also equal parts intelligent and petty. If someone he needs were to insult him, he would simply wait until they were contractually obligated to stay on his side to sucker punch them later.

The Story

How to describe the rise and fall of a King?

Lost paintings and pottery from the island of Corsica reveal the imagery of a sort of God-King. The figure, an imposing sort with glowing blue or perhaps cyan eyes was obviously a powerful man, sitting at the head of some sort of empire, stretching from the coasts of the Roman Empire at its height to Iceland in the north.

This is, of course, impossible as the land it would’ve contained is well documented to have been ruled by other entities.

The Emperor’s life began in the late years of the Roman Empire, born to poor wine sellers, his descendancy manifested early. From the time he was 12 forward, Regulus could take on legions of the Roman army by himself.

By 40, he had started a war with the Roman emperor to declare the island of Corsica as independent. Rome couldn’t get a foothold on the island with Regulus’ protection. It wasn’t long until the Roman Emperor had to cede control to Regulus.

From here, Regulus established the Frozen Empire. He spent the next 900 years fighting off invaders and grabbing land, using the incredible power of his constructs, he was even able to create advanced weaponry.

Everything changed when Shiwa Kodomo and Blanche Pendergast entered his life.

Shiwa told him to stand down, but the Emperor refused. After 900 years of conquest and protecting his people, he had no doubt he could repel any threat. His people likewise believed that he could repel any threat to the island.

So when Shiwa threatened to wipe all life from the heart of his empire into the mind of every man woman and child, the Emperor merely laughed.

He met them on the beaches the next day. The fighting was brutal, with the Emperor having what appeared to have the upper hand, using his array of abilities to his advantage in defeating the Valkyries and Blanche, but when Shiwa finally came to fight, the Emperor finally met a man that he couldn’t destroy with ease.

Shiwa’s word rang true. He destroyed the island before he even touched Regulus. What few survivors there were, had barely managed to escape in the night on rowboats. Regulus watched the fall of his people and bellowed with rage, shoving his fist, covered in the cyan constructs, right through Shiwa’s eye.

That was when Shiwa snarled. He used his own constructs to melt the Emperors right arm clean off, and began slinging spells as the dark energy where half his face once was started healing.

The Emperor was astounded by the ferocity as Shiwa’s spells destroyed every bit of him, until he was nothing but a torso. With that, the Black Descendant stood over him.

“I win, o’ Broken Emperor.” And placed his hand on Regulus’ chest. “Pride be your downfall.”

For the next hundred years, Regulus couldn’t remember what happened. He couldn’t see or here, and had to crawl the weeping ward with his one arm.

Finally, his head regenerated enough that he could start working on his plotting. Shiwa needed killed. It was obvious. But… he had no chance as he was now. For whatever reason, his God refused to find him and avoided him like the plague. Fine.

Regulus spent 500 years planning and training his broken body, before reappearing in modern Corsica. No one remembered him. No one except a fallen angel in violet.

The Powers

Giant Physiology

Magical Absorption - Giants have the amazing ability to absorb mana from the surrounding environment, however, the Emperor has a genetic anomaly that allows him to pull mana directly from constructed forms of magic like spells. When he does this, his physical attributes are increased by a small amount permanently.

Primal Form - All giants possess two forms. The Human Form and the Primal Form. When the Emperor takes his primal form, it is difficult to tell where the blizzard starts and the Emperor begins. A hulking form of ice and power.

When the emperor transforms, it takes the majority of any mana he has absorbed over his long life. As such, he only accesses the primal form as a final measure. However, when he does activate it for the first time, it creates a localized ice age for that area.

Ice Manipulation - The Emperor has some level of control over the element of ice from his giant heritage, able to create freezing winds and shards of ice.

Giant Strength - If the Emperor weren’t enhanced by his descendancy, his base strength would be enough for him to pull massive glaciers from the ocean, throw massive hunks of incredibly dense metal miles into the distance, and lift nearly anything he wants to.

Enhanced Durability - Due to the magical energy the Emperor has amassed, his durability is easily on par with some of the most difficult to destroy things on planet earth.

DESCENDANTS CROWN: GRIEF The Emperor has the same abilities that all descendants have.

Cyan Mantle: “I will weather the storm.” (Naivety) - His Naivety allows him to take punishment from external sources to such an extreme degree that he can continue to fight even long after he has been reduced to nothing but an arm and a torso. Nothing short of destroying every piece of him will kill him. Grief is an all consuming cold. It will persist until every vestige has been destroyed.

When the Emperor “dies”, his Naivety fully activates taking him to the Weeping Ward. There, his physical form will heal over a period of time equal to the damage taken. The worse his injuries, the longer it takes to heal. While dead, all memories of the Emperor are locked away inside the mind of those who remember him.

Cyan Reignment: “Your pain will be short, but devastating.” (Curiosity) - The Emperors curiosity allows him to create constructs of pure Grief energy. These constructs can be nearly anything the Emperor can imagine, from vehicles to energy blasts. Like all descendants, these constructs have a unique property. In this case, these freezing cold constructs can phase in and out of a solid form.

Additionally, any person hit with these constructs will become frozen in their worst memories and hit with the pain that comes with them. (PERMISSION BASED FOR THE FINAL EFFECT)

Cyan Hood: “The willows are calling your name, child. Go to them.” (Studied) - The Emperor creates a small ring of Cyan weeping willows. These beautiful trees come with a truly deadly ability. While you stand in the middle of these trees, they show you memories of your life. Everywhere you look, bittersweet memories of a loved one long gone or a dark time that paralyzes you just thinking of it. This is the Emperor's most terrifying ability.

You see, while you stand in the middle of this grove of trees, utterly consumed by memories, the ice crawls over your skin. In ancient times, the Emperor used this ability to execute prisoners. It is equal parts cruel and gentle. [Permission Based]

Cyan Armor: “In ancient times, the Spartans used spears and shields to destroy their enemies. They are nothing but a memory now. Soon… you shall be as well.” (Awakening) - The Emperor dons the Wailing Armor. This aspect of his power creates a full cyan and teal, almost black, spartan armor complete with a spear and shield that shares the aspects of his constructs. However, additionally, this spear gives the Emperor the ability to touch the person on their face and completely turn them into nothing but a living memory. [Permission Based]

Cyan Scepter: “Diana is a good friend of mine. She will take care of you.” (Searching) - The Emperors Eidolon is a beautiful elephant with cyan tusks. She wears heavy Roman elephant armor, with a box on the back to protect a rider from incoming attacks.

Diana, the Eidolon, has similar stats to the Emperor in terms of strength, but does not benefit from his mana stealing capability.

Additionally, Diana has the ability “Etched in Ivory”, which allows the Emperor to call on her power to walk through memories. Whoever the Emperor is touching will also be able to walk with him if they so choose. [PERMISSION BASED]

Cyan Crown: “Once the world was clay in my hands. Now it is nothing but pain.” (Transcendancy) - The Emperors transcendency allows him to transform the area in a mile radius into a sort of memory.

This memory can be either the memory of a person, or a memory of the land. When the Emperor interacts with this memory, he changes it. This change is then reflected in reality, causing entire swaths of changes. From a new dynasty rising and falling in 1406 to a grove of trees being planted where there was once desert. This power is wide sweeping, and can change history.

Dark Cyan Corruption: EXTINCTION

Hand of the Reaper: “The world is broken… I shall fix it with my touch. Cleanse everything…” (Naivety) - The Emperors corrupted Naivety gives him a hand ability, the ability to grasp one with his left hand and steal the mana out of them. The longer they’re in his grasp, the harder it is to escape. If they stay in his grasp too long, they become his servants in undeath. [Permission Based]

Pale Turquoise Corruption: DISSOCIATION

Move only on my command: “You will move only on my command. No other time!” (Naivety) - When one gazes into the eyes of the Dissociation corrupted emperor, they lose cohesion between thought and movement, causing them to struggle and flail when moving like a drunk. [Permission based]

False Construction: “You bounce around like a fly trapped in a jar. Foolish. (Curiosity) - The Emperors corrupted construct ability creates constructs that project illusions of themselves. You think you dodge one construct, and run directly into another without fail.

These constructs are incredibly dizzying, and one may never be able to tell fully where an attack from the emperor is coming from. [Permission Based]

Hall of Mirrors: “Now you see how I defeated the Legions they sent after me. I am legion.” (Studied) - The Emperor’s studied ability builds off his constructs, creating physical mirror versions of himself. These mirror images share none of his durability, but all of his strength. They can be defeated with one hit, but he can summon up to 15 of them at a time.


Enhanced Speed - The Emperor can reach speeds of up to mach 4 with little effort, and is capable of transferring that speed to his reactions and reflexes.

Enhanced Durability - The Emperors base durability is genuinely insane, with bullets and bombs doing less than nothing. Injuring him is a feat in and of itself, taking highly charged energy blasts or incredible strength.

Permanent Constructs - Through a ritual available to transcended descendants, the Emperor is able to make his constructs permanent. Allowing him to create everlasting cities or items.

Base Strength - The Emperor’s basic strength allows him to push over small buildings with ease, launch objects miles into the air, and hit like a truck.

The Weaknesses

The Curse of Pride - A curse placed upon him by the Death descendant over a thousand years ago, it locks all of his descendant abilities above his studied from being used without truly horrific pain. This pain is enough of a deterrent that the Emperor cannot and will not use his abilities.

Emotional Manipulation - A side effect of being pure emotion, the Emperor can be physically harmed by the manipulation of his emotions. This bypasses his durability. The more he uses his corruptions, the more this weakness comes into play. Additionally, fighting through the pain of the Curse of Pride leaves him even more susceptible. Additionally, the more power he uses the worse his weakness to this gets.

Mental Manipulation - Similar to emotional manipulation, Mental Manipulation can also physically harm the Emperor. This bypasses his durability.

Concentration - In order to use his higher level abilities, he has to be able to concentrate on them. If he can’t concentrate - say because of unimaginable pain - the abilities will flicker and die.

Missing Arm - Lost during a fight with Shiwa, the Emperor has no right arm. This means that he is completely physically handicapped when trying to do anything that he could do if he had two arms.

Curse of Pride 2 - Going beyond his base strength causes him immense pain. Equally, his enhanced speed is only able to reach Mach 2 before the pain becomes overwhelming. Additionally, attempting to activate his primal form will cause this pain that would effectively make it not worth it.

The Give and Take - Trancendant abilities are incredibly dangerous. If the Emperor is killed or severely injured while using his Cyan Crown, he will permanently lose access to the highest 2 abilities of his descendancy until the cosmic source repairs itself which could take hundreds if not thousands of years.

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The Frozen Emperor Empty Re: The Frozen Emperor

Post by Katrina A. Russel February 11th 2022, 12:42 pm


The Frozen Emperor OJcI0xe
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