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Colorful bandaids

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Colorful bandaids Empty Colorful bandaids

Post by Demonhunter August 29th 2021, 9:12 pm

First thing as the dragon wakes up, he gets accosted to go deal with a hostage situation, next thing he knows he’s been smacked in the face with a chopper blade. This of course earned him a nasty cut from his ear, across his cheek bone, and to the corner of his lip. It was nothing a hot shower wouldn’t help to sooth his rising grumpiness.

It stung as the warm water of the shower hit it, blood circling the drain from Deimos’s face. At least his mother had set out a nice big bandaid for him when he got out of the shower. Part of him was rather disgruntled about basically being guilted into going all the way to New York city, getting bashed up in the process and then having to flee news reporters. The other half of his mind was just happy he was able to prevent the escape of a group of dangerous cultists, even if it did earn him a harsh whack to the face.

Giving a harsh twitch of his wings to knock the residual water off and folds them tightly against his back. Examining the damage in the mirror, he realized it felt a lot worse than it looked, it should be gone in about a week as if it never happened. Deimos peels the back off his mom-supplied bandaid, only to laugh when he realized it was a very large bandage with blue stars on it. Seemed he could never remember a time a bandaid his mom provided was ever non-colorful.

He pulls on a soft pair of grey cotton sweatpants, pulling his wings around himself to shield himself from the rush of cooler air from the rest of the house. He attempts to tread lightly as not to wake his parents, as it was very likely they were already in bed.

Scruffing his hair with a towel the half dragon plops onto his bed with an exasperated sigh.

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